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Eighty Percent Of Life Transformation Happens In The Mind – Interview With Kapil & Rupali Apshankar

Kapil and Rupali are Amazon's 1 bestselling authors and globally respected business and life strategists. They are founders of Blissvana, a boutique personal development, self-growth, and success studio. Their coaching methods have been proven at the highest levels of success in every dimension of human life. Kapil and Rupali's lives revolve around love, happiness, abundance, and bliss ‒ at home and work. Kapil and Rupali's purpose is to create the highest possible quality of life they can for themselves, and the people they love while helping others around them do the same.

Dr. Kapil and Rupali Apshankar, Life, Business and Relationship Coaches

Tell us about the establishment of Blissvana and its vision and mission.

Blissvana was established in 2017. Since 2000, both of us had spent significant time in US, Europe, and India ‒ and had worked with entrepreneurs, business leaders and high-performance teams during that period. One common thread that started becoming very evident to us was the left-brained, dog-eat-dog, rat race to accomplish work goals and meet business milestones. These were the same individuals who had great careers but were often struggling in their personal and family lives.

We realized that a heart-centered, right-brain focused approach to achieving personal and professional goals would help these individuals create an extraordinary life for themselves. We had already worked with self-love, mindfulness, empathy, and compassion in our own lives. We knew this approach was very gentle, yet highly effective ‒ and could be customized and adapted to individual needs, preferences, and traits. We had already created our own extraordinary life, had transformed all dimensions of our lives, and were living our dreams. We wanted to take this radically new approach rooted in age-old wisdom to these entrepreneurs, business leaders and high-performance teams. Out of this desire, Blissvana was born.

Blissvana's mission is to empower entrepreneurs, business leaders and high-performance individuals discover, create, and live their dream life, a life full of bliss. Our vision is to transform the lives of a million families in the next 5 years by leading them on the path of discovering, creating, and living their bliss.

How has your life experience made you the leaders you are today? Tell us about your career so far.

Both of us have extensive technology and entrepreneurship experience. We grew up in India and were privileged to have early insights into ancient Vedic wisdom. Most of our professional work was done in the USA, with additional stints in Europe and India.

Rupali: I am a lawyer turned product manager turned coach. I have formal training in Indian classical music and sound healing. I am a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher, and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. And in the next few months, I will also be a Board-Certified Coach, the highest professional credential in the coaching space. I am a certified Relationship Coach based on the Activation Method of coaching as taught by Mark and Magali Peysha. I also love to guide meditations for people and am a Certified Music Therapist.

Kapil: I am a licensed and certified hypnotherapist with affiliation to National Guild of Hypnotists and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. I am also a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher, and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay. I also have formal training and experience in a variety of eastern and modern energy healing systems.

As life coaches, what challenges do you face? How do you overcome those challenges?

First and foremost, we need to practice what we teach our clients. Eighty percent of life transformation happens in the mind. Being able to inculcate a moment-by-moment awareness to work with thoughts, feelings and emotions is the first step to creating a life of bliss. This needs inner work, or Blisswork the way we call it. Simple and powerful affirmations, journaling, forgiveness, meditation, gratitude, and visualization practices are the building blocks of all transformation. Making time for these practices is essential, but not always easy in the humdrum of daily life. We have built effective and powerful personal routines, rituals, and habits to incorporate these practices into our daily schedules. Self-love is the key that helps us jump into this Blisswork without falling prey to the resistance of the body and conscious mind. And over a period of time, this ends up reprogramming the subconscious mind, which is the foundation of successful life transformation.

At Blissvana, how would you determine the needs of your clients? Take us through the process of customizing programs for each client.

At the core, every client is both similar and unique. All clients who work with us share the same big goals in their lives. They desire professional success and happy relationships. They are looking to create financial abundance and prosperity in their lives. They desire good health and a healthy body. Yet every client brings in their own life experience into our programs. They have unique sets of beliefs, challenges and constraints that need to be overcome in order to get them to their dream life. Our Live Your Bliss Life Transformational Framework (TM) starts with the premise that all power lies within our clients. The answers they need to live their bliss are theirs alone, our role as coaches is to hold a loving and non-judgmental space for them and allow them to get in touch with their higher, sacred selves. We work with a variety of psychological tools and frameworks to create differentiated coaching approaches that are deeply meaningful and relevant to each client.

How do you structure the contents of a program? What methodologies do you employ as life coaches?

We believe that every individual has unlimited potential to create and live the life of their dreams. As coaches, we are catalysts to help our clients discover what their purpose is and how they can fulfill it. Working with us, our clients learn what makes them unique. They learn to love and accept themselves just the way they are ‒ with an awareness that they will need to be willing to grow.

We help our clients identify what is stopping them from achieving their goals and help them remove those limiting beliefs, blocks, and limitations. Through the coaching techniques and healing processes, our clients learn skills and strategies to deal with their energy and emotions.

Our aim is to help our clients integrate everything into routines that really work for them. As a result, they establish sacred rituals creating new habits along the way. They embrace inspired action every single day towards achieving their goals.

Our soon to be launched Live Your Bliss Retreat is an experiential program that offers transformational self-growth and accelerated personal development for anyone needing time to decompress, declutter, and detach from an über-busy lifestyle. In this program, our clients will experience a renewed sense of vitality, freedom, self-trust, confidence, inner peace, and a newfound love for themselves and their life.

Our heart-centered coaching helps clients to slow down and awaken to what life can look like when they become present to people, places, and all things around them ‒ all while suspending disbelief and embracing all possibilities.

There are four specific outcomes that we help our clients achieve through Live Your Bliss:

  1. Get Crystal-Clear About Your Life: Create an exciting vision for the 4 dimensions of a blissful life ‒ health, wealth, relationships, and career, along with the foundational inner core. Discover everyday bliss by embracing every dream, every desire, every goal, everything that they really want in their life.

  2. Shatter Old Blocks and Limiting Beliefs: Identify emotional blocks, beliefs, and barriers – and overcome them. Permanently rewire the brain for success: love happiness, abundance, and bliss – easily and effortlessly.

  3. Build Daily Momentum: Turn life vision into a reality. Set intentions based on life vision. Align habits with life vision. Build routines and rituals for happiness and success. Celebrate real progress every day.

  4. Master Emotions and Energy: Embrace Blisswork through meditation, visualization, and affirmations. Establish a strong spiritual connection. Practice energy work to for physical and emotional healing and becoming the best self.

Describe your most successful training initiative. How do you know if your training was successful?

Live Your Bliss is by far our most successful program. It is also our signature program, and one that is close to our hearts. Live Your Bliss coaching is unlike any other life coaching program in the world.

We have distilled decades of personal experiments and experience into this program ‒ and have created and perfected a no-fail system that can help clients achieve their seemingly impossible goals using a set of life transforming principles, strategies, and tactics for creating an extraordinary life of dreams. We know that our program is successful because our clients have created a life of their dreams for themselves and know what it entails.

At Blissvana, there’s no judgement. Only love, empathy and compassion in a sacred space that is yours to embrace and explore. Live Your Bliss helps participants create a life full of love, happiness, and abundance – and becomes the new foundation for every aspect of their life.

When you live every moment in bliss, your entire life is filled with bliss. At the outset, participants often have self-doubts and question the real value of a program like Live Your Bliss. When they see the results, however, they are truly amazed at just how much is possible for them with the right coaching, guidance, and support.

Tell us a little bit about your education and life as a student. What lessons have you learned in your childhood/college days that helped you become the leader you are today?

Kapil has undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and software engineering, plus a graduate degree in software engineering. Rupali has an undergraduate degree in social law, a professional degree in law and a graduate degree in business management. Both Kapil and Rupali are certified life coaches and have formal training in a number of eastern and modern complementary healing systems.

We discovered early on in our lives that people only focus on improving the material aspects of their life ‒ and ignore the other dimensions. In reality, there are four dimensions to our lives plus an inner core that shape our success, happiness, and true fulfillment.

We put into practice what we discovered and learned along the way into our own lives. And out of this experience, Blissvana was born. Our signature program, Live Your Bliss takes participants on an eye-opening deep dive into all the dimensions of their life, and empowers them to thrive in each of them: without sacrificing or compromising one area for another.

What have been significant milestones during these years of your journey as a life coach? Why?

We have celebrated many significant milestones in our journey together. Some of the memorable milestones that come to our mind are we navigate down memory lane are:

  1. The day we decided to work together and launch Blissvana. Not a lot of couples do coaching together. Tony and Sage Robbins, Jon and Missy Butcher and Mark and Magali Peysha work together and are not only our role models but also our mentors.

  2. Walking the path of Louise Hay's Heal Your Life philosophy and being internationally licensed and certified as Heal Your Life teachers, workshop leaders, teen trainers, life coaches and business coaches.

  3. The close professional associations and personal friendships that our work has allowed us to foster over the last decade with some of the most prominent thought leaders in the personal development, self-growth, and life transformation space: Marc Allen, Shakti Gawain, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Vishen Lakhiani, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Michael A. Singer, Eckhart Tolle and Dr. IIhaleakala Hew Len.

Describe a training initiative that didn't go well. What was your learning from it?

In the early days of Blissvana, we had a lot of challenges getting our clients to commit to the entire coaching process. People wanted the results but were not willing to spend the energy or effort required to get to bliss. That really does not work. The law of the farm always and actively applies to our lives. We can not do the sowing and tilling and watering and protecting the crop and expect a bountiful harvest at the end of the process.

This experience early on allowed us to tinker with our coaching framework, change the way to structure our programs and educate our clients on their personal accountability, commitment, and investment to both the process and the outcomes.

As certified coaches, we have gone through intensive study and training in strategies to handle the whole range of human needs and life challenges. Most life coaching programs focus on one type of result such as goals, beliefs, or steps. We focus on the wide range of human potential and obstacles.

Being trained in Heal Your Life philosophy as well as Activation Method Coaching, we are trained to identify every type of obstacle that may be holding a client back (such as their internal beliefs, their communication patterns, their relationship beliefs and practices, their life stages) and prescribe practical strategies to create results in each of these areas. We provide practical frameworks to our clients to understand their options, and then offer them strategies and actions for bringing about the changes they want.

Our coaching encompasses goal setting, communication skill-building, relationship work, high performance, meaning/purpose discovery, and uses creative modalities to help clients put their dreams into action. They are able to expand their ability to think creatively, see potential in every part of life, expand and deepen all their relationships, and overcome the fears which have limited their joy and progress.

What does your typical working day look like? How do you handle pressure and stay calm all day, and how do you unplug from work?

Our typical working day is an even split between Blisswork, coaching, and working on new projects. We love to practice what we teach our clients. Blisswork is the foundation of our personal growth and professional success. It is the single element that has allowed us to discover, create and live our bliss. The Blisswork that we do includes affirmations, mirrorwork, journaling and a practice of active gratitude and forgiveness. We focus a lot on meditation and visualization. In addition to these Blisswork practices, we also bring in a lot of eastern and modern energy practices into our life and our workday like tapping, priming, pranayama-breathwork, yoga, chanting, mantras, sound healing and energy work.

Our focus on Blisswork is what empowers us to stay calm all day, deal with everything that comes our way and live in the present moment now. We have a son and a daughter. We love spending time together as a family every evening, including our three cats. We also actively and intentionally disconnect multiple times through our workday ‒ including a window to disconnect in the afternoon and another big window late in the evening extending into the early night.

Through Blissvana, what is the change you want to bring into people’s lives to help their families and communities?

Live Your Bliss is a complete life design system for creating your very best you ‒ and your very best life. We will guide you, step-by-step, as you define your ideal future and create a detailed plan to accomplish it. Our vision is to help a million people take control of their own destiny using ‒ and help them Live Your Bliss.

Blissvana began with the two of us. We refused to live an ordinary life. We are lovers, artists, entrepreneurs, and adventurers who have designed and are living a life most people might call impossible. We want to empower families and communities worldwide to break free from narrow mindsets and limiting beliefs that hold them back, to become their best selves and live their authentic, dream lives through Live Your Bliss.

What projects or goals are you working on or leading currently?

While both of us love coaching, there is another side to our talents and expertise. We are teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs at heart. Rupali loves singing and making music. Kapil loves to write and work on his books. Both of us share the big picture, the 5-year vision of Blissvana. We want to take Live Your Bliss to a million people worldwide and empower them to create more love, happiness, and abundance in their lives. We also have some exciting short-term projects going on, including publishing Live Your Bliss as a book, launching a Blissvana growth platform and leading research on the power of meditation, visualization, sound healing and mind-body connection. Apart from coaching, we are working on launching online programs on self-love and creating a happier life which are easily affordable and more accessible so that we can impact more people and take our vision beyond what we currently do.

Using the principles of success and happiness outlined here, Live Your Bliss is a Transformational Lifestyle Design System that we created which empowers you to DISCOVER, CREATE, and LIVE your very best life. On your own terms, and nobody else’s.

Join our global movement at Blissvana, take charge of your life and start living your bliss today. We’d love to help you become the Michelangelo of your own life and create a masterpiece of your life.

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