Effective Leadership Practices to Emulate

Written by: LaToya Larkin, Executive Contributor

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A leader has a significant impact on the life of the people they lead and an extraordinary impact on the people who aspire to be like them. I consider a PACTful leader to be an amazing leader. What is PACTful leadership? P is for “Passion.” Where the person is passionate about their purpose and reason for doing what they do. A is for “accountability.” The willingness to hold their followers with the same standard of accountability as they hold themselves to. C is for “Caring.” There’s a deeply vested level of caring genuineness of how they care about the people they lead and taking things to the next level within the organization. Last, T is for “Tactful.” The way a leader carry themselves and deal with the adversity that will come. Will they take the graceful road and go high when someone says mean, low things about them, or will they distastefully respond and handle things in a petty manner?

Four Characteristics of a Leader

To be taken seriously in a leadership position, exemplify certain characteristics and qualities. Without the following four things being fulfilled, then you can believe that no one will follow someone who doesn’t make a difference, isn’t credible, that has no values of commitment, or doesn’t admire.

1. Making a Difference

Leadership is accessible to anyone who has a passion and purpose of changing the way things are. The leader who has the most influence over your desire to stay or leave, your commitment to the organization’s vision and values, your ethical decisions and actions, your treatment of customers, your ability to do your job well, and the direction of your career, to name but a few outcomes, is your most immediate manager.

2. Credibility

If you are not credible in what you know, commitments, actions. Then you would be known as someone that can’t be trusted. In leadership, there has to be a level of trust because no one will follow someone they can’t trust.

3. Values Drive Commitment

You cannot fully commit to something that isn’t important to you-no one can. You can’t fully commit to something that doesn’t fit with whom you are and how you see yourself. To devote the time, expend the energy, and make the sacrifices necessary, know exactly what makes it worth doing.

4. Admiration

The primary reasons for admiration in leaders in leadership positions are positive and fair. No matter what, engage and interact with your employees and make them feel important as they count regardless of your title and status. Get to know your employees on a personal, relatable level. When you walk past your employees, always smile, speak, or ask how their day is going. Versus walking right by your employees, lock eyes and not say one word.

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