Do You Wake up Happy – And The Next Morning Feel Overwhelmed – But Nothing In Your Life Changed?

Written by: Lynn MacDonald, Executive Contributor

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Magic tricks always seem to amaze me. Being an observant and watching with wonder can feel so bewildering and exciting at the same time. I gasp while watching with a keen eye when the assistant willingly enters into a box and the magician carefully slides swords that pierce through the opposite end. The magician opens the box, and the person pops out unscathed, smiling and waving, of course. Wink!

The illusionary nature of magic, the best-kept secret that keeps you curious as you watch in amazement as though it’s real.

Speaking of secrets, I have a secret. It’s what no one tells you. It isn’t anyone’s fault. Most people simply don’t know it. They aren’t aware of it. As always, we don’t know what we don’t know until we do.

It’s hidden; no one talks about it. It’s unbelievable, a miracle, actually revolutionary, in my opinion. This secret comes with tremendous unlimited benefits. It’s like hitting the lottery! Metaphorically speaking, of course. I must confess, I feel like I’ve struck gold with this secret.

I can no longer hide it. It’s a tragedy that more people aren’t aware of it. If they were, more people would thrive living in their innate mental health, living their dreams, having their desired prosperous business, etc. Oh! Before I forget, non-serving habits would fade naturally. Yes, it’s that potent. It actually has the potential to transform the world, one person at a time.

I describe it for me as though I’ve gotten astonishing amounts of freedom. Awakening genuine, authentic innate feelings of happiness, joy, peace, calm, contentment, wisdom, resilience, confidence, courage, creativity, enthusiasm, love, and understanding. The list doesn’t stop there, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

I know you will be perplexed and doubtful at first as you innocently initially go straight to the intellect to try to analyze and figure it out. No worries, you’re in good company. I did too, and my clients did too. You see, it’s a matter of the heart. As you know, knowing something from an intellectual level doesn’t have the power to transform your life.

Just like that magic trick. I know when you gain your very own insights and realizations, you’ll have the keys to the illusion.

You will no longer feel stuck and wondering, “How do I become more motivated?”, “How do I have less stress?”, “How do I stop hearing sugar call my name?”, “How do I have a better relationship with money?”, “How do I become more confident and procrastinate less?”, and “How do I stop feeling anxious?”

Those big scandalous questions fade when you see that you too were living an illusion. Simply because of a misunderstanding of where your experience of life comes from. It’s through this misunderstanding you felt stuck, like something was missing, lacking, or wrong.

Secretly, you’ve been overconsuming self-help books, free webinars, and googling to find out the mystical, magical questions. You know the “magic formula.”

I’m curious, do you know where your experience of life comes from?

Have you had a situation in your life where you responded very differently than someone else in the same situation? Do you feel happy on a sunny beautiful day but moments later feel sad? Do you wake up one day so excited then the next morning feeling overwhelmed and absolutely nothing in your life changed? Did you go through a difficult situation in your life feeling upset one minute, then later laughing with friends?

As you continue your reading journey here, these questions will become crystal clear!

I won’t keep you in suspense. Allow me to pull back the curtain just a bit so you can see some light.

I will share what I have come to see by understanding through insights and realizations how our experience of life is created. I must warn you. It’s nothing like you’ve been living.

I’ve come to see from a new level of understanding that my feelings give me absolutely zero information about my past, future, lacking confidence, money, weight, bank account, procrastination, imposture syndrome, things I haven’t done yet, my relationships, sugar, “difficult people,” habits etc. I know, a shocker! What?

Feeling simply give me real-time feedback to the quality level of thinking I'm in at any given moment. That's it. There's nothing to analyze or figure out.

I’ve come to see when I have a craving, when I don’t feel confident, or when I feel depressed. It’s because I believe my thinking in that moment to be true. The feelings I am experiencing are a result of my thinking. It doesn’t mean I have to feel like something is wrong. It’s simply coming from how I am using the power of thought, my psychology, in any given moment.

Here’s the gold, when I know it’s my thought, it changes much quicker, I can get over it. When I don’t know and think it’s because of a person, situation, traffic, weather, the scale, dwindling bank account or circumstance, it’s harder for it to change easily. That’s it, nothing more. It’s ok to have the experience when you see it’s thought moving through you and knowing it will pass in the next moment. When I see what it really is, I am not hooked, I am not living in the illusion. The illusion of looking for a cause as we humans love to do.

I simply notice being with the experience as it flows through me. I am soon connected back into my innate capacity of well-being, confidence, strength, courage, resilience, wisdom, creativity, power, etc. I’m back in the flow of life where I can create again, feel calmer, feel more peace, and navigate life with resilience.

When I realized that something greater than me was responsible for generating thoughts within me moment to moment, I experience feelings in a whole new way never known before.

I saw it was NOTHING like anything I've read in books or learned in classes. These books and classes were missing the spiritual nature of thought.

Here’s what I’ve come to see. By understanding where my life experience comes from, I no longer need coping strategies such as reducing stress, top 5 tips on how to be more confident, and how to stop emotional eating, etc. As I wiped away the misunderstanding, clarity occurred. It’s from this place you have power. You live more from your truth, a place where you have all you need.

What a relief! Pure freedom!

You too, are being lived by the "powers that be," whatever thought is being generated, you will experience. You will continue to experience it until your thinking changes.

What an illusion! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this? That’s why I am sharing this with you!

Actually, this is GREAT news! Imagine if everyone in the world experienced these realizations into how our experience of life is created? I know we wouldn’t focus so much on trying to change what we think is a problem. More people would suffer less and thrive more.

What if we just knew that our bodies feel feelings that move through us because thought creates those feelings, all temporary, passing, and fleeting? There’s nothing to do but gain an understanding. Those feelings we experience are simply a barometer of how we are thinking in any given moment.

It’s from this understanding transformation occurs from the inside-out.

What if we just allowed our feelings to point us back into the flow of life instead of looking for causes to blame someone or something?

Sit with this and consider this without judgment. An open mind is primed for awareness, insights, growth, and evolution.

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Lynn MacDonald, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

I’ve been a corporate trainer for a Fortune 500 company. I’ve been a yoga teacher with consistently sold-out classes and a professional hypnotherapist, successfully curing some of the biggest fears and phobias people have.

All of this, plus studying with some of the highest level teachers on the planet, has led me to understand human nature that I use to help strengthen professional women, shed their old beliefs and become the potent, prosperous leaders they’re here to be.



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