Do You Know Who You Are? - What Moana Has Taught me About my Life Purpose

Written by: Vicki Ravangard, Executive Contributor

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It’s no secret that I am a Disney addict, but as I have begun experiencing life more deeply, I started to see things in these movies from a different perspective. They were no longer just feel good films (let’s face it, most of them have us reaching for the tissues anyway!), but I began to internalize the message and see it so much more clearly.

My latest obsession is with Moana.

The film was released in 2016, yet it never spoke to me the way it does now and it’s no coincidence that in the last 6 months, as I have been on my own journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, this film now speaks very directly to my soul.

It tells the story that in the beginning, there is only an ocean and when earth (Te Fiti) was formed, the power of her heart became the creator of beauty. As I watched on, I quickly determined that the ocean represents the Spirit world (the I Am) and Te Fiti represents Mother Earth as we know it today.

Humans saw the creations of Earth and thought that if they could have the heart, they too would be able to create all that they desired. This leads to Maui stealing the heart and returning it to the humans to please them. This makes sense as we later understand in his story. The reason he did this was to fulfill his desire to be loved and admired by the humans who once abandoned him.

Maui didn’t realise that in taking the heart, he ripped the heartbeat from the Creator and so everything started dying. Without the love & light came the darkness, in the form of fire, natural disasters and separation from source.

This is such a powerful message which really sets the scene for the whole movie, but more than that, it is hauntingly reflective of our materialistic human needs and the impact it has had on Mother Earth.

The duality of light & dark was born, but we separated from love along the way. We forgot who we truly are and that we were always meant to return to our oneness.

The shadow self is sent to us so that we can learn to love every perspective of our self unconditionally. It has been sent here to serve you, not to destroy you. It’s the reason why your biggest obstacles often lead to your greatest success, because we are being shown the things that our soul needs to learn, but we don’t all recognize it.

When you know who you truly are, you can create what you truly love.

A key message that we can all take from this is that real beauty lies within. We all have our own unique gifts to share with the world. You do not need to replicate what others are doing. You need to go inwards and discover what gifts you have to offer the world.

This darkness created fear. Fears that spread far and wide throughout the community and Moana’s father projected his fears onto her, which held her back from doing what felt so natural. He created rules that kept them safe and showed her why she needed to stay to fit his narrative of the world. He created a small life for her and stopped her from pursuing her dreams, but deep down, she knew there was more and her Grandma encouraged this.

It’s important to recognize her father acted from a place of love. He was trying to protect her and give her the best life possible. After all, it was enough for everybody else, so why wouldn’t it be enough for her? Why would she question it?

This represents thousands and thousands of years of our ancestors’ pain and fears holding us back. Somewhere along the way, we got so used to following the rules that we forgot who we are and if, like Grandma, you do follow your heart, it’s entirely possible you will be seen as the crazy village lady!

As Mother Earth is ascending into a higher consciousness at this time, we are remembering. We are waking up to the fact there is more and questioning the status quo. We are being guided back to the voice inside; that is who we are.

What is calling you? What doors have you closed off in fear?

You will always be guided and supported when you are on the right path

Moana listened to her Grandma and she voyaged once again to find Maui and restore the heart of Te Fiti. The ocean chose her and it supported her, but that didn’t mean that she got a free pass. Moana learns that in pursuing her soul purpose, it was part of her mission led by Spirit to restore the heart, but she also faced difficulties along the way.

It may feel like everything on your journey is going wrong, even when you are on the right path and this is when we bring everything into question. We constantly doubt ourselves and often perceive these challenges as reasons to quit and run away from our dreams, not realizing that if it was easy, we wouldn’t be learning the lessons that we need in order to expand and grow into who we want to become.

As Moana starts to feel hopeless on her mission, her Grandma connects with her. I believe this represents the connection between Earth and the Spirit realm. The unconditional love and support that Spirit and our ancestors have for us, no matter where we are or what we decide.

As she tries to return home, she stops herself. She knew there was something inside that was stopping her from leaving. She listened to her voice inside, and even through all of the turmoil and heartache, she found the courage to journey on.

By allowing ourselves to trust in the divine timing of the Universe, we can have faith that there is a plan far greater than our own.

You can only move from where you are at any given moment and as you cultivate a deep acceptance of who you are, you will start to discover that it is your journey that shapes you, not your destination. There will be times when you feel like all of the odds are against you, but know that your darkest moment can reveal who you truly are.

We have become so attached to the outcome that we lose sight of the power of where we are and that our journey is part of the destination. There is no endpoint; there is only infinite growth and opportunity to experience all that we desire.

What will you do when your vision is compromised or when you face obstacles?

  • Will you do what it takes to cross the ocean?

  • Will you allow your voice to be heard?

  • Will you step up and lead your people?

“They have stolen the heart from inside you – but this does not define you. This is not who you are, You know who you are.”

We come full circle as Moana faces Te Ka and for me, this is the greatest twist in this story and the perfect demonstration of who we are. We learn that Te Ka is Te fiti and this whole time, she was separated from herself because she was fighting for what she lost.

Your shadow does not define who you are. You are not your anger, your hurt, your pain or your suffering. You have the capacity to return to love, and at any given moment, you can choose compassion over resentment and faith over fear.

By taking the first step on your journey, you have the power to break the chains of your past and lead the way for others, showing them what is possible and allowing them the freedom to become who they are by discovering yourself.

How are you leading first?

Speak your Truth

Break the Chains

Lead the way.

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Vicki Ravangard, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

After 10 years of working my way up in my corporate career, I am a Part Qualified accountant who works as a Finance Analyst for a UK Airline. I am also a Spiritual Mindset Coach. So how did I go from corporate to coaching? My coaching business 'Take Her To The Moon' was born after embarking on my own spiritual mindset journey where I discovered the art of creating a life with intention and the power of conscious thinking, which positively influenced all areas of my life, including my corporate career. My Business focus is helping women who have lost their direction in life, to master their mindset & discover their soul purpose. I put my own unique spin on some of the greatest spiritual teachings and use these to help my clients experience greater success. I have a huge passion for Music & Travel, which is where I draw a lot of my inspiration from - and I am also a Disney lover!



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