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Devotion To Love And The Masculine

Written by: Eleni Poling, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Both men and women have masculine and feminine qualities within – it is not gender-based.

Masculine qualities include: Stability, structure, sharpness, discipline, leadership, integrity, truth, safety.

Feminine qualities include: Flow, art, gentleness, emotional maturity, surrender, openness

It is up to us as individuals to learn how to dance between these polarities moment to moment and within our relationship/s.

The level of devotion that a woman has with her inner Masculine, will reflect how deeply she will open herself and devote herself to the Masculine external to her.

Depth of feminine devotion goes beyond putting on a frilly dress and bending over to please a man.

The Devoted Feminine is in devotion to her deeper truth and feminine heart first.

She is in integrity with herself and doing the deep work to heal and clear out of toxic and wounded feminine qualities to become the healthy and embodied feminine of love and devotion.

The safer that a woman feels in her own body, the deeper that she will be able to surrender her heart to the Healthy Masculine external to her.

The more that a woman trusts herself, the more that she will be able to let go and trust another (if this person is safe)

You cannot give to another what you haven’t cultivated within yourself.

You cannot go to depths with another if you haven’t gone to the depths within yourself and surrendered your own heart to your deeper truth.

A way to know if a man is able to meet you where you desire to be met, is if you share the vulnerability of your heart, and he remains present with you and is able to take you deeper into yourself.

This work however firstly begins with you being able to do this with yourself, and you being able to sit with the full range of emotions, needs and desires of your wild feminine heart.

It begins with you knowing yourself as a sovereign being rather then waiting for another to come and give something to you to fill a void.

At a certain point, and after doing this inner work, a woman will crave the desire to know more of herself, through her relationship with the Masculine.

To have all that is not love within her be destroyed by his presence, through his leadership, his consciousness and his thrust.

With the destruction of the lies.

New love is birthed.

With each opening of the heart.

Another layer of fear arises.

And so the deepening begins ….

And this is the space where the trust between man and woman becomes stronger or dies.

The deeper that a man sees and feels his woman, the more that she will trust him.

The more present a man can be with his woman, the more that she will trust him.

The less that a man fidgets when he is with his woman, the more that she will trust him.

When a woman feels deeply seen and heard by the man that she is with, her body will open to him in trust.

The more that a man trusts himself, the more that his woman will trust him.

With each directional command that he gives, she will move for him.

Her body will empty out.

She doesn’t have to think.

She doesn’t have to do.

She is able to simply be.

Filled with masculine consciousness from above and below.

With every penetrative gaze she knows* exactly what he wants.

With every ‘I know what you want’ smile that he gives her, she tenses, breathes and then opens that little more.

With every, ‘crawl on the floor and come over to me’

the trust is deepened. The love is amplified.

And the intimacy with God and the Divine is known.

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Eleni Poling, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Eleni Poling is a teacher, mentor and healing channel who supports women to embody their most authentic spiritual and sexual expressions in the areas of intimacy and life purpose.

Through live trainings, workshops, group programs and private mentoring, Eleni provides women with wisdom and somatic-based practices to embody their deepest love and deepen in their capacity for intimacy - within themselves as well as their relationships.

Her brand of coaching is far from generic. Through her intensive studies in vibrational healing and mindset work, she created her own approach to transformational healing that allows her students and clients to crush limiting beliefs, break free from self-sabotage and step into being the woman that they know they were always born to be.



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