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Developing Diverse Spiritual Intellects As A Part Of Business Strategy

Written by: Mira Taylor, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Mira Taylor

Many people forget that a spiritual intellect and mindset is something that not only belongs in the workplace but should also be provided with appropriate focus, space, and resources to grow and develop as an intellect for the individual employee. This also always develops and improves the overall intellect and wellness of the larger business or organization. What’s important to understand about the spiritual intellect in work settings is that it has a lot to do with things like “flow state”, how well developed the intuition is and how much instinct is allowed to have a voice in the work setting.

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Spiritual intellect provides a mindset that also helps employees and leadership navigate more difficult situations better and also allows for the business or organization to become more skilled at seeing the “larger picture” or predicting the “weather” of the industry that they are in. When the spiritual intellect is remembered as a focus in the work environment ( and just in life generally) it also helps to build a mindset that sees and experiences a more dynamic and healthy relationship with time. The healthier relationship that each employee has with time the healthier the business or organizations relationship will be with time also | How To Have A Healthier Relationship With Time (

One of the ways that businesses and organizations can promote a sense of spiritual intellect is by being mindful of the communication styles that help to create that sort of attitude in the work enviroment. This includes also having leadership who are mindful of how they can act as a pillar of awareness when it comes to how the spiritual intellect is present and beneficial during things like staff meetings, and as the intellect that builds the rapport that behaves as the moral compass for the company at a cultural level.

One of the most important ways that the spiritual mindset helps to maintain a healthy culture at work is that it helps to develop a better sense of connection between staff members who usually feel more deeply connected because of their awareness of where they align spiritually (morally) with each other.

When we feel connected at a moral level, we become more trusting and open with each other in a way that allows the heart mind to be more engaged (HeartMath).

Organizations and businesses that think with spiritual intellects also tend to stay more “heart-centered” and create a more sustainable sense of purpose. The spiritual perspective also gives purpose a deeper meaning that becomes applicable within employees lives. This is because this intellect and perspective exist in the work environment in a way that provides the workspace as a resource for the fulfillment of each individuals own more personal sense of purpose. Its also important to focus on how employees can express diversity across their spiritual intellects. Businesses and organizations can provide for this type of diversity by creating spaces that are intentionally geared toward being a space for genuine quiet time and spiritual engagement. This can be something like a meditation or contemplation room or a space that is setup for employees to express artistically during the day or before/ after work hours.

These kinds of spaces in the work environment promote the freedom of expression that allows for more freedom of mind. The more freedom of mind that a business or organization can create for its employees the more it can expect to provide for a state of mental and spiritual wellness that provides for the overall health, wellness and success of the larger business or organization. Another way that businesses or organizations can provide for spiritual well-being and intellect in the work setting is by the addition of things such as biophilic design and the use of more natural, playful and imaginative elements in the design aesthetic of workspaces– something that provides for mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Finally, It’s also important for companies to hire and maintain HR professionals who are trained in Spiritually Integrative concepts for the work enviroment and who spend time in continuing education that teaches about how to be spiritually aware and mindful as a human resource professional.

Businesses and organizations can also make a point to include concepts of spiritual wellness in their monthly newsletters or as a part of the already existing health and wellness resources and themes for the business or organization. To see a more full presentation on the kinds of ways that your business or organization can help to provide for the spiritual intellects and well-being of your employees visit here.

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Mira Taylor Brainz Magazine

Mira Taylor, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mira Taylor is an Integrative Therapist, Subconscious Medium & Organizational Wellness Consultant who focuses on guiding clientele toward total wellness by combining concepts of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and sustainable life practices. Mira is a member of the International Association of Therapists and master certified in Modern Applied Psychology, Cognitive Remodeling Therapy, Subconscious Integration Therapy, Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness, Wellness Linguistics, and Archetypal Psychology.



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