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Cultivating Hope And Resilience In Grief

Written by: LaCara Biddles, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor LaCara Biddles

A group of extraordinary women has experienced the unimaginable pain of pregnancy and infant loss. With them, they carry a profound strength and resilience that shines brightly, even amid the darkness. They are shining stars in the maternal world, illuminating a path of hope and healing for others who may be walking a similar journey.

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The reality is that when you go down the path of motherhood, there is a possibility that you may find yourself experiencing unimaginable sorrow and heartache. Pregnancy and infant loss are a reality for many. As a result, loss moms often feel alone, isolated, broken, and in the deepest despair. As a loss mom, I know the pain, sorrow, and heartache accompanying the life-shattering experience of baby loss.

This article offers strategies that can help illuminate your path, cultivate inner strength, find solace, and embrace a future where grief and joy coexist.

A message to all loss moms

To the moms who know the pain of baby loss and are reading these words, I want you to know that your strength is immeasurable. You have endured the most painful and heart-wrenching loss that has forever changed your life. If you had the choice, you'd be walking a different path. Despite the pain and sorrow that has seeped into your existence, you push forward to survive and keep your baby's memory alive. Your extraordinary ability to navigate the depths of grief while navigating life following baby loss is inspiring.

Finding the path forward

Navigating the complex terrain of grief is a challenging task. Confronting the darkest corners of your emotions, allowing yourself to feel the depths of your sorrow, and embracing all that is your grief are extraordinary abilities, all of which reside within.

No length of time removes the pain or grief. No future replaces the one that you imagined for your living child. Yet, in walking this path, you can discover hidden reservoirs of strength and resilience that you never knew existed.

Fortunately, practical strategies can help raise resilience and support your healing journey.

Permission to grieve

Although it can feel counterintuitive to confront your pain head-on, you open the door to healing by permitting yourself to experience your emotions fully. Allow yourself to grieve and eliminate any judgment or expectations you might have for grief. Embrace the tears, the anger, and the moments of despair. Grief is not linear, and there is no right or wrong way to mourn the loss of your precious baby. By acknowledging your grief, you honour your love for your child. As Jamie Anderson said, "Grief is all the love you want to give, but cannot."

Connecting through the invisible bond

Connecting with moms who have also endured pregnancy or infant loss can provide profound understanding and validation. Joining support groups, attending coaching sessions, and participating in online communities can offer a safe space to share your story, express your emotions, and find solace in the company of those who truly comprehend your pain. These communities' collective strength and wisdom can help you navigate the unique challenges of pregnancy and infant loss, reminding you that you are not alone in your journey.

A mother's untethered connection

It is natural to question the purpose and significance of why this heartbreaking experience happened. Some things unfold without a specific reason and are part of life's intricate tapestry. By carrying your baby's memory with you and honouring their life, you may find solace and strength in them. You are their mom. You are forever bound to them and them to you. By channelling your grief into purposeful actions, you embark on a new journey of self-discovery and support your healing.

Embrace the fragments

As you navigate this journey, remember to make yourself a priority. Allow yourself to grieve and feel while engaging in activities that bring comfort and peace. You may need to explore new activities, as old ones no longer elicit joy. The key is taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental wellness as you progress with your grief. By nurturing your own needs and embracing self-care, you replenish your inner reservoir and raise resilience in facing the realities that the journey entails.

Loss does not define you. You get to determine who you are and how your experiences shape you. As a loss mom, you are a shining star. You didn't choose this path, and your journey is one of immense pain and heartache. It is also one of unconditional love. As you move forward, I wish you solace, healing, and renewed hope.

Let's embark on this journey together

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Ready to explore personalized support tailored to your unique needs and empower yourself on this healing path? I invite you to consider the transformative benefits of one-to-one coaching with me. Together, we can navigate the complexities of grief, unlock your inner reservoir, and cultivate a future that raises hope and resilience. Together, we illuminate the healing path and celebrate the unwavering spirit of loss moms like you.

For a complimentary consult, please email or submit a consultation request via my website.

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LaCara Biddles Brainz Magazine

LaCara Biddles, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

LaCara Biddles is a compassionate and driven individual who has dedicated her life to supporting mothers who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of a baby. After facing the devastating loss of her own daughter in 2020, LaCara became acutely aware of the lack of resources and support available for loss parents. She began by channeling her emotions into writing and publishing her book, Heavenly Seas. Inspired by the publication of her book, LaCara felt an overwhelming desire to expand her efforts and provide personalized support to fellow loss moms. Her compassionate approach helps loss moms carry the weight of their grief while also finding ways to honour and keep their baby's memory alive.



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