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Crowns, Queens & Superpowers - How An Art Movement Is Empowering The World

Written by: Ramona Pintea, Guest Writer Brainz Magazine


Like a lotus flower waiting to blossom, women have so many delicate layers and a strong, beautiful center. But our true self can sometimes remain hidden, even from ourselves. My passion in life is to reveal those hidden depths in women and celebrate all the power that we hold within us. That is the essence of the Urban Queen movement. It is a global movement to connect, support and empower men and women to recognize their unique strengths, overcome adversity and become their brightest, boldest selves.

Women empowerment has been a recurring theme in my art for years but has become especially relevant as Covid-19 ravages our society. Women have been disproportionately affected by the global pandemic. We often bear the brunt of the risks and stresses, including job losses, increased childcare or family demands and social isolation.

But, women have also shown enormous strength and resilience. As caregivers, leaders, frontline workers, I have seen women face the world with courage every day, overcoming challenges and working hard for themselves and those around them. I paint women who are fierce, determined, caring, vulnerable, intelligent, powerful. My bold artworks illustrate all the inner strength a woman has, clad in her gentle and compassionate emotions.

I don't just paint strong female Queens - I want to empower everyone who sees my paintings to find that strength within themselves. For this, the crown is the perfect accessory. It has long been a symbol of power, but it also signifies someone who serves their community with dedication, diplomacy and grace. The crown reminds us that we all have something to give to the world around us - that our voice and talents are worthy. We can all be Queens and deserve to wear our crowns with pride!

The Urban Queen's message of self-love has resonated around the world. From the beginning, I shared my paintings, thoughts and ideas on social media and connected directly with my audience. I love interacting with my community - they have inspired my work just as much as I have inspired them. Transcending art and stretching across borders, the Urban Queen has grown this community into a global movement for empowerment and feminime strength. The best part is hearing everyone’s stories and seeing the deep well of support and love that each person offers.

Every person has a unique story to tell. I want to celebrate this diversity and individuality by painting real women and sharing their journeys of self-discovery, healing or growth. My latest series, Urban Queen wearyourcrown, is going to do exactly that!

The wearyourcrown campaign invites women to submit their photo and story to me. I read every submission and will select several Urban Queen muses. These women will be the face and soul of my future paintings, and I'm so excited to share their empowering stories with the world.

The response so far has already been amazing, with more submissions flowing in every day. Here is just a small sample:

A mother who had a difficult childhood but has made “a conscious decision to build what is broken inside”. She is determined to be there for her children, to give them the love and support they deserve.

An abuse survivor who learned how to love herself and build intimacy again. She says “when we have the opportunity to work on our fears and pain, we can create an even bigger opening for transformation”. Having liberated herself from past trauma, this brave survivor found her purpose in helping other women to do the same.

A woman who grew up thinking she wasn’t pretty enough but is now learning to be gentle with herself and open up more. Recognizing that she doesn’t have to be gorgeous to everyone. She is loved by those that matter and that makes her feel like “the queen of her world”.

A daughter who is staying positive despite watching her beloved mum slip away. The mother’s fiery personality is gradually disappearing beneath the dark haze of dementia. But this daughter is staying strong, declaring “I am fearless because of her.” She is determined to raise awareness of the disease and to show others to never give up.

It takes incredible courage to open up and share your most personal experiences. To put onto paper your deepest fears and traumas, as well as your greatest dreams or aspirations. So seeing these and many other women bare their souls to me has been a truly humbling experience. I feel their sorrows and strength in every word, and see a courageous light in their smiles.

Despite everything, these women keep showing up for the world. Digging deep to find their superpowers and overcome challenges. Sharing love and compassion with the people around them. Taking care of themselves and constantly growing. These women have their weaknesses too, of course, we all do. But a Queen who has found her crown can tap into that inner power to find new strength to carry on, no matter the circumstances.

Do you recognize yourself as a Queen? To submit yourself or an inspiring woman you know for the wearyourcrown campaign, visit my website. Each muse who gets selected will be sent a print of their painting, as my special thank you for being part of this Urban Queen campaign.

A painting is not just a portrait but a narrative full of emotions and personality. To infuse my art with your unique charm, I want to hear your story. Tell me a bit about who you are; what are your passions, hopes and dreams? What drives you? When have you had to face challenges in your life? How did you overcome these? Where do you find your strength? What makes you feel like a queen?

I am so glad that the Urban Queen movement has created a safe place for women to tell their stories. Through sharing art and experiences, we have been able to touch so many souls already. Now, more than ever, I feel a deep responsibility to give women a voice and empower others with stories full of hope and courage.

Each story could inspire even more people to realize that they are also Queens. The more submissions I receive, the more beautiful, authentic, empowering stories I might get to put on canvas. So, get thinking and sharing, and tell me - how do you wear your crown? I would love to hear your story!

For more info, follow Ramona on Facebook, Instagram and visit her website!


Ramona Pintea, Guest Writer Brainz Magazine

Ramona Pintea is a woman on a mission - to empower women through art. As an established artist, Ramona has exhibited widely and her paintings adorn the houses of collectors around the world. Her most recent paint series, the Urban Queen, is a global art movement that celebrates and inspires women in all our messy, powerful, beautiful glory.



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