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Confidence Building & Space Clearing – Clear Your Physical And Energetic Space To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Written by: Lauren West, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Lauren West

You’re clogging up the works by holding on to your old stuff and old emotional baggage. You may or may not even realize the duffel bags of emotional crap that you’re lugging around with you on a daily basis. By shifting from passivity and taking action even in small ways you’ll feel more confident on a daily basis making decisions.

Happy female successful lawyer walking in the street with a smile.

The word “decisions” comes from the Latin root word “cis” meaning to kill or to cut off. When you decide, you cut off all of the other options. When you firmly and wholeheartedly decide, you kill the other avenues. This can trigger a fear of loss, but what you’re actually doing is gaining everything you want by fully channeling your energy in one focused path.

So how can you hone your decision making skills and feel confident when you make the big life-changing decisions breaking up with someone, moving to a new city, getting a new job?

You do it by trusting your gut or intuition, by not over-analyzing, and by feeling confident.

How do you get to this place? What do you do to bust through the fears, silence the inner buzzkill and worrywart?

You learn how to let go and how to love loss. You trust yourself. You know yourself. You use your brain but not too much.

A great place to start practice building these muscles is to go through your closet and your home and get rid of stuff that isn’t serving you. You know those old, ratty pairs of underwear and that ex’s t-shirt that’s buried under that pair of flare jeans you’ve been meaning to wear for the last two years, let that stuff go. Maybe you’re like me and you have a ton of kitchen gadgets that have built up over the years mini muffin tins, a tortilla shell baking mold, a strawberry cutter I’m letting that stuff go. Either give it away, donate it, or pitch it.

By clearing your physical space, you’ll also increase the overall energetic frequency of your home. You won’t feel a drop in energy when you go in your closet and you see havoc. You won’t feel like you’re wasting things that you don’t use, and you’ll also become a smart, discerning shopper. After going through all of your crap, you’ll probably realize that you don’t really need that much stuff and will be more likely to invest in quality over quantity. I learned this lesson when I was living in Switzerland.

Europeans or the Swiss at least live by a quality over quantity mentality, and I’m all for it. Investing in something that is well-made is way smarter for your bank account, quality of life, and the environment. Ugh, every time I walk into a discount store and see all of the clothes and stuff, it makes my heart sink a little. Most of it won’t sell, and then what? Most of what’s being bought won’t last beyond a season. Then what?

Another way to clear your space is to burn sage, place crystals throughout, burn incense, use mudras, essential oils, or through prayer.

Example prayer:

Cleanse this space, remove the past

I’ve found my happiness at last.

Fill this space with Joy and love

Send Your Blessings from Above. Source

Quick Cleaning Tips You Can Do Right Now:

  • Recycle your magazines and old mail

  • Get rid of dead or dying plants

  • Sweep, dust, clean windows, general clean up

  • Open up your windows and get some fresh air circulating (I even do this in the winter for a few minutes. I feel uncomfortable when the air and energy feel stale)

When you’re aware of the power of clearing your physical space and how that relates with your energetic state, cleaning becomes more of a necessity than a chore. It’s not always fun. I get it. I’m more of a messy creative than an organized Type A kinda lady.

Try this out and see how your life shifts. Your home will feel more like a sanctuary than a dumping ground or a place for all of your stuff. Warning: You might become a homebody.

A great way to get clear on what is holding you back is by examining your triggers. What triggers you? What grinds your gears? What little thing that someone does or says is one second away from making you snap.

  • Some of my triggers are when people say “likewise”, when someone doesn’t reply to an email, when someone lingersssss and takes forever to get out the door, when I notice myself feeling like I’m not good enough.

The little things reveal to us the big problems.

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Lauren West Brainz Magazine

Lauren West, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lauren West is a Branding & Website designer, Reiki Healer, and Spiritual Life and Business Coach. She is multi-skilled, certified, and has worked in the field with women and men at all stages of business. Her intention is to bring harmony to all levels of life and business to create brands and businesses that change lives and bring good vibes. Lauren believes that balance is key to success and long-term growth.



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