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Can Changing Your Beliefs Change Your Life Or Even The World?

Royce Morales is a renowned trailblazer and creator of an innovative, spiritually-based approach to inner transformation. Her program, Perfect Life Awakening, emerged from a lifetime of frustration searching for inner work that worked. She discovered that by revealing specific subconscious origins of self-sabotage and removing its persistent influence, life can shift.

Executive Contributor Royce Morales

Does it sound like magical thinking that by just changing your beliefs, you can change your life? Like believing that money will be attracted to you by simply stating a few affirmations? Or creating a vision board and having your soulmate show up? Or intending to lose ten pounds and having them fall off without diet or exercise?

 Woman with a serene expression embraces the warmth of the sunlight

As one who has had a go at every New Age technique under the sun, with a smattering of success, I can attest that those methods do work occasionally. I emphasize the word occasionally.

Because of my frustration, it became my obsessive pursuit to understand why. With years of trial and error, experimenting on myself as well as my clients, eventually I uncovered the missing piece: You must locate the specific origins of sabotaging, subconscious beliefs and neutralize their clandestine power.

Doing this diffuses the pull of those devious, behind-the-curtain notions that are interfering with positive outcomes. It’s like a “ctrl-alt-delete” of those inner computer programs running quietly in the background, removing the barriers in the way of receiving what you want.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are your programming, the lens through which you see and experience yourself and your life. They come from various places. On a superficial level, parents and other authority figures instill a slew of them by what they say and do as you grow up. Those are easy to determine, like sit up straight, don’t be rude, don’t use swear words, etc.

However, there are subconscious beliefs that come from specific painful incidents as far back as your birth experience, as well as brought from previous lives. During those moments, you made numerous decisions about yourself, others and life that became your reality.

Beliefs get triggered constantly. For example, they show up as immediate judgmental thoughts when meeting someone; the illogical resistance when starting something new; the negativity you feel toward others that you don’t even know; your hopelessness to get something to change.

In other words, beliefs run your life in subtle, subconscious ways.

But keep in mind that beliefs are not reality. They are not truth. Because they cause those triggered, reactive emotions, they feel real, but they are just the insistent, whispering voice of fear.

The power of beliefs

Your beliefs attract situations and people to “prove” they are true. For example, if you have a belief that you can’t trust men, sure enough you will attract or choose men to fulfill that notion. Every man will willingly play out that belief for you, with you getting to be the victim so others can feel sorry for you.

If you’ve try to “just think positive,” it may feel better for a while. However, since that is an effort to try to control those loud negative beliefs, it actually solidifies and reinforces the negative experience.

When you take off your dark glasses by deleting those false notions, you see and experience an entirely different world. You may stop attracting or unconsciously choosing untrustworthy men. Moreso, by not projecting your beliefs onto others, the things you look at can change as well. Often miraculously.

This can happen by discovering the exact origins of your beliefs and neutralizing their impact.

How do beliefs function?

Beliefs are not logical. They may sound logical since you’ve probably had many experiences “proving” them to be true, but they are based on fears you bought into when you were far from being logical. You believed those notions because you were scared, so they have “survival value” to the part of your consciousness that’s here to make sure you survive.

You were taught that you need to negatively judge things to avoid making wrong choices and to keep situations from repeating. But, if your judgment is coming from false programmed beliefs, what you are trying to avoid will undoubtedly happen anyway.

It’s The Law: What you resist persists.

Here’s another Law: If you are judging something as being wrong, you are denying something being reflected about yourself. Mirrors never lie. 

For example, if you are subconsciously functioning from judging yourself as bad based on deciding something about your abilities, no matter how much you struggle, you will never succeed. You are fulfilling that suppressed negative belief.

To resolve situations like that, your beliefs about yourself need to be recognized, seen as untrue notions, and their origins pulled up by the roots.

Beliefs, especially subconscious ones, are like a copy-and-paste command on a computer. You keep unconsciously pressing the repeat button and they just keep reappearing in self-fulfilling ways even though your mind says I don’t want to go through this anymore. Your beliefs create external experiences that validate them, in turn making those notions feel even more real and true.

Surprise: Beliefs are always only about you

Although it sounds like the most powerful beliefs you have are about others and life, the ones setting the stage for those notions are beliefs about yourself.

Here’s how that works:

Let’s say your parents divorced when you were five years old, and you witnessed your mother storm out the door yelling “Men can’t be trusted!” Right then you decided that men can’t be trusted, and women leave me. Later in life, you generalize that belief to include all men you love can’t be trusted and all women leave. From then on, you magnetize and unconsciously choose untrustworthy men, and in some way, you get all the women you love to leave you. Why? So, you get to be right about those beliefs and feel like a victim.

Let’s go deeper.

The Real reason you experienced having parents who divorced comes from another source: A previous incident where you did something you judged as causing pain and loss. At that moment you decided you don’t deserve love. Your Higher Consciousness chose your present life-scenario for you to remember, balance out and clean up what you did previously.

The scenario continues:

You arrive here already believing that you don’t deserve love and that you can’t trust yourself due to something you did previously. As a way to help you remember what you did, you chose parents who will “act out” an event to awaken that memory. When the door slams and Mom walks out, instead of seeing this scene as a way to remember what you did previously, your fear-based consciousness kicks in, tries to protect you, and makes decisions about others.

That originating incident comes from places you would never suspect. Past lives as well as your birth experience to name two common sources. Those incidents are usually, if not always, subconscious. Most find them difficult to locate and admit to since it’s much more comfortable to be The Poor Me Blaming Victim.

How to change your beliefs

Since beliefs are the energetic forces attracting repetitious situations into your life, they need to be removed from your consciousness to eradicate their power.


  • Notice what you are attracting or not attracting in your life. Know that on some level you are choosing people and situations to fit your beliefs even if you’re not conscious of doing so.

  • Discover patterns. That will help you identify your beliefs. In other words, start seeing that every female friend has left you; every man has been untrustworthy. Recognizing and labeling your beliefs is half the battle.

  • Do some digging to discover your beliefs’ specific origins. I recommend reaching out to me for help with that since they are located deep in your subconscious.

  • Be conscious. Doing this will elevate your life and your choices will come from a more aware place. This changes the quality of your life since you will be able to recognize what’s going on, determine that you have attracted or chosen something to support a false belief. This puts you into an empowered, awakened place for real changes to happen.

  • Tune into your soul and see your spiritual lessons. What are you supposed to learn on a higher consciousness level? Is this belief showing you something about your life purpose? Are you supposed to help others in some way or clean something up from this heightened awareness?


Your Earth Job is to recognize your authentic, pure, loving self; to live from empowerment, not victimhood. Changing your belief system can do that. Deserve to download and delete those programs taking up space on your Soul Drive!


Royce Morales is the creator of the Perfect Life Awakening Program. These time-tested, spiritually based, life-transforming courses and private inner-inquiry work escorts you to discover and neutralize the origins of sabotaging false beliefs. Royce is the author of three books about her teachings, available on Amazon. If you feel ready to break through fear-based programming so you can experience true, purposeful empowerment, reach out here. Check out her website.


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Royce Morales, Transformational Facilitator, Teacher, Podcast Host, Speaker, Author, Columnist

Royce Morales is a renowned trailblazer and creator of an innovative, spiritually-based approach to inner transformation. Her program, Perfect Life Awakening, emerged from a lifetime of frustration searching for inner work that worked. She discovered that by revealing specific subconscious origins of self-sabotage and removing its persistent influence, life can shift.

She developed a clearing technique that releases programmed, false beliefs from this as well as previous lives. Negative patterns and hidden fears resolve so paralyzing issues lose their impact. This exclusive, time-tested work takes students from triggered to empowered, uncovering their authentic, purpose-driven life.

PLA also provides applicable tools to navigate daily life – ways to rapidly shift from anger to calm, fear to acceptance, judgement to connection. The work emphasizes awareness of, trusting and following one’s innate intuitive wisdom, then taking bold, inspired, real-world action.

The Perfect Life Awakening courses take place remotely and are presented in small groups to provide individual attention. Royce offers private inner discovery sessions to facilitate deeper work, utilizing her proprietary spiritual clearing technique called Spiritual Cognition Integration.

Royce is the author of three books about her teachings: Want – True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications; Know: A Spiritual Wake-up Call and Back: Rebirth After Stroke, all available on Amazon.

Go to Royce’s YouTube channel where she shares enlightening information about her teachings. She posts weekly blogs and writes articles for several other publications.



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