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Boost Organic Traffic With Voice Search

As an SEO expert, consultant, and trainer, Stephanie Long works with business owners to address their SEO needs whether that be auditing and implementation, team training, or consultation on how SEO can help grow their organic traffic.

Executive Contributor Stephanie Long

Voice search is changing how we think about SEO strategies because more people use voice assistants for online searches. Learn how voice search impacts SEO, and tips on how to optimize your website as machine learning algorithms are getting more efficient and accurate with the websites they show consumers.

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Understanding voice search

The first step in optimizing for voice search is understanding how it differs from entering keywords into a search engine. Voice queries are often longer and more conversational. People tend to ask complete questions, such as "What are the best SEO practices for voice search?" rather than typing fragmented keywords like "best SEO practices voice search." These nuances require a different approach to keyword research and content creation. You need to focus on natural language and long-tail keywords so you can capture voice queries.

How to optimize content for voice search

When optimizing content for voice search, make sure that you’re answering questions that people are asking and using these keywords in the copy to answer the questions. For example, enter a keyword into Google and use their People Also Ask feature because this can provide valuable insights into the types of questions people are asking. Then, I look at this same keyword using an SEO tool to see what are the top questions being asked. Semrush is my preference for keyword research. Using both of these techniques helps me when optimizing my content to answer questions people are asking voice assistants.

Optimizing for local SEO

Voice search is inherently local. Many users ask location-based questions like "Where is the nearest coffee shop?" or "What are the best restaurants in Seattle?" Ensure your business is optimized for local SEO by claiming your Google My Business listing and including local keywords in your content. Provide clear, accurate information about your location, opening hours, and contact details. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews, as these can boost your visibility in local searches.

Importance of featured snippets

Featured snippets are also known as "position zero," which are crucial for voice search optimization. When a user asks a question, voice assistants often read out the content from featured snippets. To capture this prime real estate listing, use bullet points, numbered lists, and concise paragraphs to make your content snippet-friendly. The more straightforward and informative your answers, the higher the chances of being featured.

Optimize your site for mobile

Most voice searches happen on mobile devices, therefore, it's important to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Use responsive design, fast loading times, and easy navigation to enhance the user experience. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to help you identify areas for improvement. A seamless mobile experience not only boosts your SEO, but also keeps visitors engaged and reduces bounce rates.

Voice search campaign tips

The tips I have learned from my voice search campaigns are to make sure to use long-tail keywords more often than not. Since we speak in full sentences, it's important to use related long-tail keywords throughout your website copy. When people ask a question to their voice assistant, you want your website to be the one that ranks for the answer, so be mindful about what you're writing in your copy when trying to rank for Google's featured snippet, Google My Business, or in Google search.

Voice search emerging trends

With the rise of AI and machine learning, voice assistants are becoming advanced enough to understand complex tasks and questions. Because AI helps users get more accurate and relevant search results, you need to be really strategic about how you optimize for voice search.

Optimizing content for voice search is no longer something you should maybe do⎯it's something you should do. By understanding the nuances of voice queries, creating conversational content, and leveraging tools and Google’s People Also Ask feature, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Remember, the key to success lies in continuous improvement and adaptation. Keep experimenting and always prioritize the user experience.

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Stephanie Long, SEO Consultant

As an SEO expert, consultant, and trainer, Stephanie Long works with business owners to address their SEO needs whether that be auditing and implementation, team training, or consultation on how SEO can help grow their organic traffic. After spending over a decade working in marketing, Stephanie saw a need for a company that only specializes in SEO, so she founded Mrs. SEO. Stephanie loves helping businesses optimize their websites for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and organic traffic.



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