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Because it Just Feels Good to be the Boss! — 3 Ways to Maintain the Mindset of Being Your Own Boss!

Written by: Paula Orezi, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Being the boss is obviously the dream of many who wander in the world of being free from the clock! It may take time to achieve the goals of being your boss, but who says it has to be boring on the way there!

Here are 3 ways to maintain the mindset of being your own boss:

Be intentional with your time.

People, places, or things can take up your time, but which one is worth it? While you are on your journey to success, the landfill of distractions awaits you. Your time is valuable, and I bet you would not trade that asset in the world if time were a currency. Treat time with respect and give it to people who will add value and shave off the people who subtract time from you. You invest in yourself, and time is part of that investment.

See yourself as an asset.

Do not make light of this idea of being valuable. You are unique. The thought of you should make you feel pretty good, knowing that you came into this world to serve an ultimate purpose. Discovering who you are is an adventure worth taking but do not ever downplay your skills and talents. You were made to impact, change, move the status quo. You are part of the world’s puzzle.

Toss the give-up mindset.

Yes, life is hard, I get it! Simple life paths do not really exist. We have patches of waves, calmness, and rollercoasters, sometimes happening in seasons or at once. To be a boss, you need to get rid of that giving-up-easy mindset. That word, “I quit,” should not even be part of your vocabulary. Your inner circle includes you! Be done with the whoa-unto-me syndrome and kick that to the curb today. You have something to offer to the world and you are meant to help others with your line of business or services. No one is problem-free, so we are all in this together!

Life is more enjoyable when taking leaps of faith to get on that path of success. Whatever you do today, just do something to get closer each day towards that special dream of success. The most important thing of all is knowing who you are and what you were meant to do! Then the rest will come naturally! Be the boss— nothing less!

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Paula Orezi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Paula Orezi is the author of a motivational poetry book, From Me to You, and co-author of the 1 International Best Selling book, Experts & Influencers: Women's Empowerment Edition. She has a passion for helping people be inspired to change, creating a positive and win-win outcome. Her experience includes mentoring others and leadership development.

Paula's life motto is to be a Change Agent in everything she does. Her messages are for business-minded professionals or anyone wishing to start their own business and need help to overcome mindset beliefs, organize, and conduct sales through relationship-building. These are the ingredients that she believes others can benefit from to see results.

Her why is to help people overcome destructive patterns regarding thinking habits and daily investment habits. Paula has been featured in podcasts that encourage others to live with purpose and dream big! The creation of the Paula O! Store was founded on the concept of Be You! She has impacted many with her branded products that stand for the mission of empowering others to be themselves and find their life’s calling in an adventurous way.



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