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Be The Driver

Written by: Shimrit Nativ, Executive Contributor

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You really can change your life and move in any direction you choose. It takes a decision, a vision, a commitment, faith, and action.

Your compass in life is your heart, your desire, your GPS is your feeling, your emotional state, and your wheel is your thought.

Now the question is who is the driver?

Is the driver your little self? The limited and outdated one, the unaware and fearful one? Or is the driver the limitless and higher self, the knowing one?

When you have a desire for something that idea already exists. It exists as a frequency that can be measured, and it becomes your destination. Your body-mind is the vehicle that you, as the driver, is using.

To reach that destination and fulfill your desire, you, as the driver, want to steer the wheel, take the turns and avoid the crashes along the way to your desired destination. When you use your vehicle correctly you tune it to the same frequency of your desire, to the frequency of that thought and idea, that image in your mind.

Just like a radio receiver is tuned to the same frequency the radio station is broadcasting on, when you tune the receiver that you are to the frequency of your desire it manifests in physical form and conditions in your life.

As the driver, you've set the destination, and now you need to follow the navigation system, your emotional GPS, in order to make your way and reach it.

Your emotions signal to you if you're moving in the right direction. When you experience a negative emotion your GPS is telling you you've taken a wrong turn. When you feel a positive emotion, it is signaling you that you're on the right track.

The way you steer the wheel and get off or on the right track is with your thinking.

Your thinking is the wheel.

It is a thought, by a thought, by a thought, by a thought that you move in the right direction.

It takes practice to learn how to drive. It takes repetition and focus to make this into a habitual function that you can do without effort. Just as when you develop a skill, like driving, speaking a language, dancing or playing a musical instrument, you must repeat and practice over and over again until you implement the information into your subconscious, so you can do it automatically without consciously thinking about every step, and be free to move, create and express yourself fluently.

The same goes with being the driver of your vehicle in the journey of life.

It is a skill that you can practice and master.

This vehicle is always moving. It's never standing still and there's always one who is driving. Without learning and practicing how to consciously drive, the automatic driver can be compared to a little child.

Would you give a little child to drive a car that you're in?

Well that's what you're doing, if you're not developing the skill of consciously driving - of consciously choosing your thoughts.

Our subconscious habits of thought and action are created in childhood (you can read more about that in my article on Generational Wellbeing) and as long as you don't reprogram those subconscious habits, you keep operating from that same level of mind as that young child that you once were, and so that child is the driver, which explains why you find yourself crashing to the same walls over and over again, not reaching the destination you've set when you went on the ride.

If you want to take over the wheel and put that little child safely in the back seat, you want to be able to be the loving, compassionate adult to that child, containing their emotions and then making conscious choices of thought to steer the wheel, follow the GPS signal and move in the direction that feels better, and better, and better, until you find yourself fulfilling your desire.

Whatever your desire is, it is for the good feeling effect it will bring you. As you learn how to choose thoughts that feel better to you, you are getting closer and closer to that destination and the fulfilment of your desire.

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Shimrit Nativ, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Shimrit Nativ is a leader and expert in human potential and transformation. She is the CEO of Master Your Path - a leading edge academy for emotional & mental well-being.

Shimrit has helped hundreds of driven and creative individuals across the globe create and sustain a consistent baseline of calm, confidence and fulfilment.

She helps high-performers tap into their limitless powers and make the emotional and conscious shifts necessary to create a life they love.



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