Attracting More Sales With The Power of Your Mindset

Written by: Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor

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When we chase potential customers for business, they respond with the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism we each were born with. Try changing how you think about customers, in other words, your mindset towards them, if you’re not attracting as many customers as you’d like to your small business. Many small business owners rely on an old sales formula of selling rather than helping customers solve a problem – the difference between these two positions is vast.

Don’t Chase Business, Attract It

The problem is that many small business owners are set up to fail from the start because they spend their time chasing business that wants to avoid being ‘sold’ to.

It’s understandable, it’s what we all initially think selling is about – sprucing self-worth, promoting products and services and finding ways to talk about what ‘we do’. But this usually achieves zero results as clients feel hunted. It’s Jungle Survival 101: If Being Chased – Run!

While it may sound obvious, we all fall into the trap in the beginning and push ourselves on unwary customers who retreat – the result? Frustration, disappointment and stress as our business doesn’t do as well as we hope for.

The good news is that we can change this as our business is under our control – no-one else’s. It’s a matter of changing what we do and how we approach people.

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Be a Professional and Share Your Value

Everything is about choice – the choice to offer value, the choice to attract customers, the choice to act as a professional. But things usually don’t change as we’re often too close to see what the problem is; or, we just choose not to take responsibility for finding better ways of doing business.

This is about choosing how we manage business and life. It’s about making a deliberate choice that brings a strong focus and attention to how we see ourselves and, ultimately, how our clients see us.

This is the time to stop seeing clients as creatures to hunt down and drag home for shelving as trophies. It’s about attracting clients because of our expert status, our professionalism and the value we offer. Once we accept this – and truly own this space – we display a confidence where genuine trust and value are what clients experience – and they stop feeling ‘hunted’.

The focus changes from ‘where will I find my next client’ to radiating success because the space we work in is ours – we’re experts in what we do, we have the experience to prove it, and we offer so much more value than competitors that clients can’t help be attracted.

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Mindset is the foundation – it’s the key to business growth. Here are some steps that you can take to change your own mindset and your client’s when it comes to your business:

  1. Connect your divine purpose with the clients problem. Is your business solving someone’s problem, and you feel that you are following your divine path? Research shows that we ‘buy with our hearts and justify (later) with our brain’ so understand the emotional pain or need behind your client’s biggest problem and connect to the emotional benefit they’ll receive from solving the problem. People want to find reasons to buy – help them by framing your product or service’s feature in emotional terms.

  2. Share your story with your clients. Tell customers how you solved similar problems and came to where you are now with your particular way of doing things or your system that turned your life around. People resonate with success stories and relate more. People want to be around people they like; by sharing your back story, people warm to you and this is a major obstacle in sales – if they can’t relate to you, they won’t buy.

  3. Use the principles of reciprocity. This principle helps show people that you are genuine, trustworthy and can offer value. Whether it’s a try before you buy, free resources or additional bonuses, the concept of giving in business should be a cornerstone of your work. By applying these principles, you also gain and build trust with your potential customers, which is gonna make them more likely to return to your business.

  4. Offer value to the people you are selling to and express this through your marketing strategies. When you market your services or products, do not just focus on their visible attributes. Instead, relate the benefits of your business to the value that it brings to the customers. Are you a health coach or a yoga teacher? Do you just showcase the sessions you can offer? Show your potential clients that your services or products bring balance, harmony, and equilibrium in their lives and that you help them become a better version of themselves. The chances are that you have a lot of value to offer! Make this value acknowledged to your clients and let them know that you are there to serve a bigger purpose in their lives.

Your business is not only about attracting customers and creating more sales. It is about finding the avenue through which you can change your clients' lives and create better relationships with them. When your business has a higher purpose and aligns with your divine mission, the money will flow effortlessly and abundantly. Remember, when you act from alignment with your values, truth, and purpose, life is much more fulfilling and your actions a lot more meaningful. A business is never only about customers and money. It is also about personal value, truth, and changing lives for the better.

Therefore, do not shy away from taking one step further in your marketing strategies and showing your potential clients the value that you can bring into their lives. Most importantly, always make sure that you sell your services from a place of authenticity, integrity and abundance. When you lead your business from these values, your customers will build your brand's trust and confidence that will make them return later on.

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Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tom & Ania Yatar are world travelers who have helped thousands of people attract financial wealth, mental & emotional health, perfect physical health, relational and spiritual wealth. We both started out working jobs that left us living paycheck to paycheck, exhausted and worn out. We were only able to dream that we’d ever get to live the lives we truly wanted, longing for the freedom to live life on our own terms, and time to enjoy life to the fullest. Individually we each set out creating our own businesses and learning new skills, where eventually, we both came to understand the importance of mindset and its effect on our businesses. The way we created consistency in our marketing and the abundance mindset for ourselves is the exact same methods we teach to our students now.

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