Are You Wearing Comfortable Clothing During These Times?

Written by: J. Francàis Foster, Executive Contributor

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Comfortable it is! From sweats to joggers, hoodies to jackets, t-shirts to long sleeve shirts, people working from home choose a more comfortable approach to fashion.

I believe a lot of people are shopping online. Are consumers purchasing comfy clothing or dress attire? I would think both, but people are wearing casual but yet comfortable clothing more.

Recently, I read an article on the internet stating gym clothing sales have increased significantly. I believe this is true! Gym clothing can be extremely comfortable to lounge in or wearing while working out at home.

Women love comfort, but we can still be casual & stylish at the same time. I love the fact that you can dress up joggers; yes, actual jogging pants! Just add a camisole, necklace, and a bootie to complete the look. You can even pair sport leggings, a hoodie, and a trench coat to make an ensemble chic.

I am a fashion designer, I love wearing my brand, but a lot of days I will throw on some joggers and a t-shirt to be comfortable in.

Did you know that zip-up hoodies, sweat pants, joggers, and sweatshirts are being designed in the fabric cashmere? What a very beautiful fabric, and you can just imagine how it feels in casual clothing.

So, while you’re preparing for the zoom meeting from home, working on your laptop from the sofa, you can still dress comfortably and look super stylish in comfy clothing!

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J. Francàis Foster, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

J. Francàis Foster, the collegiate jacket guru, fashion designer, and handbag designer. J. Francàis flagship store opened in December 2018 in San Pedro, California. She specializes in designing custom collegiate jackets for historically black colleges & universities (HBCU’s,) Ivy League schools, and other sports affiliated teams.



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