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Are You Shifting To The New Earth?

Written by: Aingeal Rose & Ahonu, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


In this article, Aingeal Rose explores the effects of recent solar flares and lunar eclipse on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. In doing so, she finds we have an opportunity to shift to the new Earth.

hands with hologram of earth

It began in 2019 on a road trip from California to Oregon. After stopping at a rest area, I looked out the car window and suddenly everything, including the people in passing cars, were black and white. It was like I was watching a movie, knowing it was a big illusion. Nothing seemed real. I didn't understand what was going on, but it continued. Even at home, I watched a tree in my backyard blink on and off in pixels, this time with some color. It dissolved and remade itself, over and over.

The Old Paradigm Is Dying

After a few weeks of this, I asked Source what was going on. It said, “Decide which paradigm you want to live in because the Earth is splitting. The old paradigm is dying.” The old paradigm is the way we've all been living for millions of years. The source called it ‘the death paradigm’. Source continued, “The Earth is moving into an EternalLife Paradigm, and you must make a choice. The choice you make will be the reality you find yourself in.”

I became aware the death paradigm had to do with our old belief systems. We’re realizing we've been programmed to believe stuff that was not true. Our beliefs in guilt, punishment and division are not based on love. I realized our ego world, our sense of separate identity, is part of the death paradigm. On the other hand, the eternal love paradigm, or eternal life paradigm is based on the love of God that is never ending. It is where all are welcomed and loved, innocent of any blame, where cooperation with others is the norm, and the understanding is that we are all connected.

The Eternal Love Paradigm

Source said the Earth was moving into this eternal love paradigm and we had to make a choice where we want to be. Of course, I made the choice to move into the love paradigm.

Shortly after that, I started having vivid memories of my past. I remembered things I didn't even know I remembered. Sometimes they were simple things like playing with Dad in the backyard. Others were complex emotional and psychological tragedies I went through. Everything played out in the minutest detail.

I didn't understand why I revisited these memories. They seemed to be spontaneous, flowing like ribbons in my mind. Once again, I asked Source what was going on. It told me that once you choose the eternal love paradigm, anything that is unlike it will come up out of your cells. “We are in the Great Cleanse and it's happening now. This is it. This is the time we've all been waiting for”.

The Big Cleanse

The Big Cleanse involves purifying ourselves of anything that is unlike love. All our grievances, complaints, unforgiven issues, our sicknesses, our blame, our divisive thoughts, our judgments of others;all of it must go.

These are not compatible with the eternal love paradigm.

In trying to understand it, I decided to let the process unfold. Since then, I've gone through four years of dizziness, which progressively got worse. At first, it was just light-headedness, but then it moved to severe dizziness where if I was cooking or shopping, I'd get so dizzy that if I didn't sit down, I’d collapse. Consequently, I had many medical tests done. A neurologist did balance tests to see if there was something going on in my brain or ears, but they found nothing. In fact, the neurologist who looked at my CAT scan said I had a brain that was healthier than his! The only thing he could find was a tiny bit of weakening of one of the arteries that led up to my brain. He didn't feel it was enough to cause the dizziness so, I just carried on and lived my life as best I could.

It's The Chinese

Fast forward to now, I woke at 4 am from a dream where I was in a super modern, luxurious, high-rise office building with big windows and nice plants all around. I was part of a team of three men and two women. It looked like the Chinese had created some specialized clothing and our job was to find out what their ‘secret’ was in controlling the temperature in their factory. I awoke very cold with such severe dizziness that I couldn't hold my head up. My left ear hurt, and I found I was deaf in that ear. My husband took me to the ER, where I had another CAT scan which again showed nothing, but my blood pressure was something crazy like 250 over 120! For the next five days they worked to reduce my blood pressure. While there, the staff managed to get my blood pressure down, but neither brain MRI nor kidney MRI showed anything. Heart sonograms were negative. I was very well taken care of, attended by loving nurses and doctors who extended their hand to me first, wanting to connect by touch. I got a lot of rest, but during this time, I had more strange dreams.

The Recurring Dreams

While in the hospital, I had the same dream where I was in the modern office building which I now consider to be a premonition of the modern hospital I was in. I was in a huge room by myself with big windows. In the corner of the room there were three men dressed in suits talking. I found myself wondering if I should contact a Chinese doctor because I was shivering for no reason. It would come on suddenly and it would last for a long time, despite extra blankets. Before being discharged, I had another dream. In this dream, I was gifted a Cobra snake molded out of yellow crushed Citrine and clear quartz. Yet it was alive because the top half of the snake rose and showed its teeth. It felt like it was a gift of protection. At home, I had another snake dream. This time, two black snakes were entwining their necks around each other in a love ritual, like the Caduceus.

Navigating The Dimensional Split

Coming full circle now with the Dimensional Split, many of us have been experiencing eclipses and the effects of solar bursts from the Sun. We’re aware of dozens of people who, just like me, ended up in hospital, many experiencing dizziness or who suddenly had their blood pressure rise or their blood sugar shoot up. Furthermore, they all believe they had some kind of activation. Clearly, there’s something going on and it's affecting all of us in different ways, and on many levels. On the negative side, we're watching madness happen around the world with mass shootings and wars and people behaving crazily.

Looked at from a positive perspective, we feel a purification process going on where the negative stuff that's in us that we haven't healed, or haven't been able to integrate, is coming up and playing havoc with our psychology, our emotions, and our physical bodies. This purification externalizes in a lot of different experiences that we are witnessing across the world.

We're Not Going Crazy!

This is a process where we must integrate the incoming frequencies so we can move through this shift. We have work to do, and we must wake up to what's going on in the world. We must realize the truth of what's going on. We must understand that we have our own inner purification process to go through. People have called me wanting to know why they've moved house suddenly. They wonder why they have an urgency to clean out their homes, to get rid of things that no longer serve them. They want to know why their relationships dissolved, or why their jobs have changed. There was a question asked of me in an Akashic Record session about where was the safest place to live on Earth? Source said, “The safest place to live on Earth is near your family,” and that is what people are doing.

Families are moving closer together. Our own daughter and grandchildren used to be 12 hours away, and now they're two. We've heard stories of people who moved to different countries, even continents, to be closer to their parents or their family. This is a cosmic cycle that will last several years. To get the best from this process, be aware that as we travel through it, some days feel holy, and some feel ominous. Other days feel like powerful manifesting days, and others feel like ‘letting go’ days. It’s all part of this process of coming together again, internally, and externally. If there's something unhealed with our folks, we are driven to reconcile it.

  • Be watchful of your emotions.

  • Be aware of your thoughts.

  • Forgive anything left unforgiven.

  • Journal every day.

  • Ask for inner, and outer guidance.

  • Is it best for me and my family to move house (or do x, y, or z)?

  • Where would it like me to move to?

  • Why am I cleaning out my house?

  • Why is my relationship shifting?

  • What can I do to make my relationship more loving?

  • Have I been putting off doing my spiritual work?

  • What can I do to get closer to inner self?

  • What advanced state of being does it want me to actualize?

Sit with your own being with a notebook and pen and ask it what it would like you to do, and where it would like you to go next.

We're being prepared to become greater and move to the next state of consciousness. Remember, your journal is your friend. If you have impulses you don’t understand, ask yourself these questions:

Flow with this process and understand we're in a huge cycle of purification. Remember, this is the Great Cleanse, and we are moving to a transformed Earth. Help is everywhere, and if you can't find it, connect with me. I bless you on your journey.

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

AHONU (Ireland) & Aingeal Rose (USA) are a Twin Flame couple who, following numerous personal tragedies, have devoted their 50-years combined experience to providing self-help solutions and practical spirituality in this fast-changing world. In 2016, they founded Twin Flame Productions which has published over 1,000 children’s and consciousness expanding books which have empowered people worldwide to positive growth and loving change.



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