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Are You Ready For Paradigm Shift In Your Understanding Of Health?

Written by: Karuna Jain, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


This article is based on a talk I did at an International Webinar for Diseases. In this article, I shall cover a new perspective on health connecting findings from science and spirituality.

Current Scenario in Health

Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two, Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center researchers say. Antibiotics, antidepressants and painkilling opioids are most commonly prescribed drugs. Twenty percent of patients are on five or more prescription medications, according to the findings, published online in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. These numbers are staggering. Our current perspective on health is very limited. We need a paradigm shift in understanding and taking charge of our health and empowering ourselves.

The worldwide wellness industry is a $4.2 trillion market and rapidly growing. The future of health lies in becoming aware that health takes into account body, mind and soul. We are not just flesh, bones, blood that make up a body. We have emotions, thoughts, values, memories and more. These affect our health.

We have more than one body

In a simple model, we can say we have four bodies, one body you can see and three unseen. Holistic health can be achieved by taking care of all these bodies. These are:

  1. Physical body – what you see with your five senses

  2. Emotional body -consisting of all of your emotions; unseen

  3. Mental body – consisting of all of your thoughts; unseen

  4. Spiritual body – all the values you live life with; unseen

All of these bodies have to be healthy for a person to enjoy good health. Stress, pain, depression are some of the leading health issues and are related to our thoughts, emotions and values. To get to the root cause you have to go beyond the physical body and look at the unseen bodies. Most diseases first show up in the unseen bodies and when we ignore them, they manifest in the physical body. Learning to take care of all of your bodies will result in preventative care, focusing on health and wellness versus disease and sickness. One cannot rationalize emotions, thoughts. Hence different approaches are required to take care of these bodies. Great strides have been made in complementary therapies such as energy healing, hypnotherapy, vibrational medicines, sound therapy, spiritual life coaching and many more.

Holistic Health Explained

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” ― Nikola Tesla

We are all made of atoms. Science has conclusively proven that an atom is not just a particle but also a wave. Wave implies energy. We are all energy beings. We can apply physics and the science of energy to understand our bodies. If you look at a traditional picture of an atom, you see that only 1% of an atom is matter (electrons, protons, neutrons). The rest of the atom is space which is non-matter and non-physical. By inference, you are 1% matter and 99% space. The mind does not understand that!. This space is not empty space. It contains intelligence. This is what we call in the spiritual world as Prana, Chi, Qi or consciousness. This is also where your unseen bodies reside. All of your emotions, thoughts, values are present in this space. You cannot dissect a human body to find where the person’s beliefs, experiences, emotions, thoughts lie. This is because it is outside the five senses through which we perceive the world. The vibration/ frequency of the atom depends on all that is stored in the unseen bodies.

Your emotions affect the frequency of the atom. Positive emotions increase the frequency of the atom while negative emotions decrease the frequency. Your consciousness level is determined by the frequency you vibrate at. Your health depends on the frequency at which your energy vibrates. Dr David R Hawkins did more than three decades of scientific research and published his findings in the book ‘Power vs Force’. He calibrated emotions to levels of consciousness which he labeled as logs. You can see that the more you hold on to negative emotions such as fear, anger, grief or shame, the lower your consciousness levels are and the more prone you are to diseases. Disease virus/bacteria are also made of atoms. These are vibrating at lower levels of consciousness. In the world of energy, like energy attracts like energy. Hence if you are vibrating at lower consciousness levels, you are more prone to attracting the disease pathogens. You can now understand how important it is to learn how to keep your emotions and thoughts positive and balanced. In subsequent articles, I shall discuss more about the unseen bodies – the emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. You cannot rationalize with your emotions or thoughts. You cannot let go of fear by rationalizing with data. Hence rationalizing therapies are not that effective to change or release emotions and thoughts. Energy healing is highly effective in balancing and increasing frequency of all of your bodies. Energy healing releases negativity from an atom and increase the frequency of atom’s vibration.

Table Analogy:

Think of yourself as a table with four legs. Each leg represents one of your four bodies. We spend trillions of dollars to understand the physical body. We have done a pretty good job there. But the same amount of focus has not been on taking care of our emotions and thoughts. We know that a positive patient recovers faster than a negative patient. At some level of our consciousness, we do understand that our emotions and thoughts affect our health. We keep burying our emotions thinking that time will heal. That is a totally wrong belief. Time heals nothing. It just buries the emotions deeper into your subconscious mind so your conscious mind does not recollect them. However deep you bury the emotions, they are affecting the vibrations of your atoms therefore your energy body every second. They are affecting your health.

In short, even if you have mastered taking care of your physical body (one leg of the table), you are still prone to illness and diseases. You can eat healthy, exercise a lot and yet not enjoy great health. If the only leg of a table is strong but others weak, then if you place any item on the table, the table can crumble. The item represents an emotional experience. If you are not emotionally balanced, then a negative experience in your life can crumble you, create a lot of stress, anxiety. Over time this unbalance will result in a physical issue.


The only way to ensure great health till the last moment of your life is to take care of all of your bodies. Holistic ways of healing are non-invasive, require no medications, expand consciousness and create a high-frequency body that results in bliss, peace, joy, happiness and great health. We can create a paradigm shift by focusing on wellness versus disease. Just as you take your car for regular maintenance, why not take your bodies for regular holistic treatments, take care of your emotions/thoughts vs burying them. Many of my clients take regular chakra and aura cleansing (energy body) sessions. Negative emotions weigh us down and decrease our ability to truly enjoy life, to feel joyful, to be more creative and productive. I recommend that you work smart versus working hard. Include holistic health rituals in your self-care routines.

Some things you can start doing:

  1. Be positive by inviting more positive emotions and thoughts in your day. Find time in the day to enjoy a positive moment or few moments.

  2. Have strong ethics/ values. Know what your core values are and align your thoughts and actions to these values.

  3. Continue taking care of your physical body with healthy food, drinks, exercise.

  4. Get your energy body cleansed periodically by a professional. It is similar to getting our houses professionally cleaned. Even your space is filled with emotions, thoughts of all people who came in the space. Emotions get attached to furniture, floor, walls. Have you experienced walking into someone’s home and sensing something is not right?. That is your energy field sensing the energies in the room. Get your space cleansed of the energetic debris. I do energetic house cleansing, land cleansing.

  5. Make your own self-care routines to take care of all of your bodies. Connect with me if you want to learn some simple techniques.

Extra Information:

I have created a video called Journey of Life, which explains how you can enjoy perpetual happiness by delving deeper into understanding this new paradigm on health.

Feedback and comments are welcome. Best wishes for your life journey.

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Karuna Jain, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Karuna Jain is a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Past Life Regression therapist, Corporate speaker. She combines science and spirituality in her work. She conducts classes in various topics including teaching Reiki healing. Her clients are global. She is into metaphysics, multi-dimensional realities, consciousness expansion, reincarnation, soul integration, meditation. She is very passionate about empowering people to take care of their own health. Teaching and sharing knowledge is her major life mission. Her emphasis is on healing the mind and body through Universal Compassion. Her Mission: To assist her clients to reach their goals in a loving, compassionate, non-judgmental environment using the best of eastern and western methods of natural mind-body healing modalities.



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