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Written by: Murray Ansell, Guest Writer

When we think of ourselves from the perspective of energy, everything we can imagine becomes possible. This is because what we experience in life is attracted by the frequency of our life energy, a little-understood product of the thought processes of the subconscious mind. When we understand the inputs into our subconscious mind and how to manage them, we can use energy transformation to stop attracting unhelpful experiences or blocking what we desire, allowing us to intentionally attract our desires quickly, with ease and grace.

This article is intended as an introduction to the fascinating world of life energy at a level not usually explored. There are many offering energy treatments of various kinds using modalities like EFT, TFT, Access Bars, chakra balancing, and others, which are effective treatments for various issues affecting people emotionally, physically and even financially.

However, this is similar to treating an infection with topical ointment; they treat an effect without necessarily revealing the true cause. And until that cause is revealed, it will keep finding ways to draw attention to itself, physically, emotionally, and/or financially. Because life’s ultimate purpose is to facilitate our re-alignment with Love, the root cause of “illness”

of any kind is the unawareness of how we have been out of alignment with the Love that we are, the frequency of our Soul.

Until we align fully with our Soul’s energy, which some call Ascension, our life energy will reflect the various deficits in our Self-awareness through a combination of 5 kinds of energy, which are: mental energy, emotional energy, ancestral energy, etheric energy and spiritual energy. All are just tools used by the Soul in our journey back to wholeness as Love.

Mental energy is a combination of what we have believed to be true during the course of our lifetime and the mental associations we have created represented by the neural networks in our brain. The extent to which any of these memories and associations influence our life is related to how much emotion is associated with them.

This emotional component is our emotional energy. Emotional energy represents the intensity of the energy charge associated with a memory, which is why strong negative emotions from trauma can dominate people’s life experiences. Likewise, those who master applying positive emotion to visions of their desired futures can attract those experiences into their life.

Ancestral energy is the mental, emotional and behavioral patterns of our ancestors, accessible through our DNA. Our brain is programmed to seek out resources to help us deal with our current experience. When our brain can’t find something relevant in our memories, it goes to plan B and looks into the memories of our ancestors, activating the most recent relevant patterns. This sets up energy patterns that often create some level of resistance to attracting the experiences we desire.

Etheric energy relates to relationships. When we are in a relationship with others, and there are non-loving thoughts, words, or actions in that relationship, this creates etheric cording between the relationship partners, setting up what some call karma. These etheric cords produce the effect of both relationship parties experiencing each other’s energies and will remain in place until the relationship is restored to a state of love with respect to all moments of disharmony.

Spiritual energy represents our loving Soul, as well as a variety of lower frequency spiritual energies. These lower frequency energies can affect people whether or not they consciously hold religious beliefs about demons or magical thinking about witches, curses or hexes. They can be activated from our ancestral energies by our being in the presence of those who do hold such consciousness.

Misalignments due to some or all of the above kinds of energies result in a life experience characterized by delay and resistance to experiencing what we desire, periodic negative experiences, and the feeling of being dictated to by circumstances apparently beyond our control. However, when we realize that we attract from the frequency of our life energy, we can start the inner work needed to align our energy with that of our Soul.

So, what options do we have for re-alignment? Well, it turns out there are quite a few ranging from spiritual practices such as Buddhism and Taoism, to yoga, meditation and energy alignment practices such as life energy coaching.

Of these, the least known but also fastest approach is life energy coaching. Because the founders have studied and transformed the foundational consciousness and energies of the world’s major religions, as well as the consciousness of our non-human ancestors, the energy received from their products and services, and from those they’ve certified as Life Energy Coaches, provides automatic re-alignment of these fundamental, and deeply influential energies. This has the effect of accelerating alignment by decades relative to using other alignment methods.

They have also transformed the vast majority of the consciousness and energies that typically prevent self-love, harmony with money, self-awareness, awareness of one’s life purpose, love for business, harmony with wealth, conscious relationship and more. Those who use certified life energy coaches’ products and services receive the benefits of all transformation already done by their coach or which the coach received through their initiation into the energy profile of a life energy coach.

Those interested in learning more about life energy and/or experiencing the accelerative benefits of life energy coaching can do so by using the Human Energetics transformational e-book. Human Energetics goes into more depth about the various elements of human energy and, like all of Life Energy Coaching’s digital programs, transforms the reader’s energy for 7 days after each reading.

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Murray Ansell, Guest Writer Brainz Magazine

Murray Ansell is co-founder of Life Energy Coaching (LEC), an energy coaching firm where he develops advanced energy alignment programs that help LEC’s clients rapidly align their energy with their Soul, and its purpose and plan for this lifetime. This includes aligning with Self love, harmony in relation to money, the support of the Archangels and Masters, discovery of one’s unique and magnificent purpose, love for business, enlightened wealth, conscious relationship and more. Murray’s work at LEC also includes initiating and certifying Life Energy Coaches to bring these programs to a wider audience, which requires transformation of their energy system to allow them to receive guidance and energy from relevant Archangels and Masters during coaching sessions, along with many other personal benefits.

Murray also runs Business Energy Coaching (BEC), which helps business owners and leaders transform their businesses by transforming themselves into heart-guided, Soul-inspired, collaborative leaders. BEC is developing a new paradigm for business based on energy alignment, that transforms business from its traditional roots in fear-based competition and survivalism, to abundance consciousness and alignment with love for employees, customers, community and nature.

Prior to co-founding LEC in July 2005, Murray was founder and CEO of a Los Angeles based new product and technology licensing agency, where he developed a proprietary system for maximizing returns and speed to market for the innovative products of emerging, technology-based businesses. Murray grew up in New Zealand, earning a BCA (Accounting) from Victoria University of Wellington and becoming a Chartered Accountant. He has also worked for a “Big 4” accounting firm and an international bank in their Investment Banking and Commercial Banking Divisions.



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