Activating Your “I Am” Will Change Your Perception and Your Outcomes!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Written by: Madelaine Gomes, Executive Contributor

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Is your perception showing you a world full of trouble at the moment or a world full of opportunities? Is your perception focusing on your emotional trauma and pain or on the Wisdom gained? Is your perception keeping you focused on your limitations and the feeling of not being good enough or allowing you to grow and to be unstoppable? Do you see situations for what they are or what you think they are?

Our perception of a situation, experience, or belief determines our actions and outcomes. Without knowing, we are programmed through our childhood experiences and beliefs to see ourselves, others, experiences, and life through a certain lens. This lens has been inherited over generations and influences all our outcomes in life, until we decide to change our perception, which will change our beliefs and then our outcomes.

Our humanness was tested to the maximum this year. Our existence was shaken and stirred, and only the brave, connected, and focused will be able to tap into the vortex of abundance and hidden blessings, while the others will still be trapped by their perception of their perceived bondage.

There has not been a better time in history for the discovery of the “I am” within you. Now is not the time to fit in, compare yourself to others, or be a people pleaser as these build false foundations and expectations for your outcomes and relationships.

How do we change our perception of ourselves?

The time has come to heal your past emotional trauma and wounds that replays in your life every day and robs you of a new future! Alchemising your past and your pain into your gain will change your perception about your experiences and allow you to see the Blessings in every painful experience.

This will set you free from past bondage, holding your mind hostage and preventing you from activating your “I am.”

The “I am” within you is waiting to be discovered, and once you give birth to your true authentic “I am,” you will be able to align your self-esteem, self-love, self-respect, and self-acceptance with your “I am” and start living from your true essence.

Finding forgiveness in your heart will heal the block in your heart, allowing the expansion of your heart to give and receive unconditionally. You will realize that your broken heart does not need to be protected and blocked from others, but the absence of self-love and setting healthy boundaries, caused you to go astray into unhealthy situations.

Once you change the perception of your “I am,” you will speak with your authentic voice, calmly and without any drama. Your healthy self-esteem will develop a higher emotional IQ, which changes the perception of perceived drama.

Most importantly, learn to listen to your intuition as this is your born GPS gift in life. It has been designed to protect and guide you and is wired with Infinite Intelligence!

Now more than ever, the time is right to change your perception about your inner world. Realize that the power is within you to change your thoughts, actions, and outcomes, which will cause a ripple effect on the people you interact with, so the change of the world around us starts!

Healing the perception of what was and creating a new perception of what it will give you momentum to move forward and activate your “I am” possible.

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Madelaine Gomes, Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine Doctor in Metaphysical Science, Pranic Healer, and Executive Business Coach and Mentor, merging business with spirituality. I help leaders to reconnect with their higher selves and become conscious, visionary leaders for the future. I am the Founder of the “I am” Foundation for Leadership, Self Mastery, and Self Empowerment development.



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