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A Week in a Cabin Trolley – 5 Tips

Written by: Ana In Style, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I used to be a terrible packer. I would take half of my apartment with me because I did not know what I would need on my trip. I would take many things with me just in case. What if we went to a fancy restaurant, what if we went hiking, what if I get dirty or wet? What if it gets cold? My packing was led by “what if” and “just in case.” Until I did my research, tested my findings, refined them, and came up with an optimal solution. The result is a jampacked cabin trolley with a week’s worth of items and enough room for a 13” laptop.

How to have it all?

When I travel, I want to be prepared for anything and everything without needing to cut on space or style.

Here are my 5 proven tips that can make it possible.

1. Choose items made of lightweight, fast-drying, stretchy materials.

This will save you your strength, space in the suitcase, time wasted for drying and ironing, and effort so that you can devote your attention to more important or fun things.

Because your items will dry fast, you will need a smaller number of items even if you take longer trips.

Learn how to fold, roll, or use packing cubes to minimize the bulk.

For extra space and lightness, put your cosmetic products in a zip-bag rather than a bulky makeup pouch.

Use a microfiber towel instead of your usual terry towel.

2. Think outside the box.

Choose versatile items that can be worn in many ways. A long jersey tube dress, for example, can be worn as a long or short dress, a tunic, a top, a long or short skirt, a scarf, a wrap, or even as a belt.

Certain styles of tops and dresses can be worn backward and can create a completely new look.

3. Make every item count.

Choose basics so that you can create a mini capsule wardrobe. This means you choose 1 or 2 neutral colors. For example: black, white, beige, grey, or navy - and 1 or 2 matching accent colors. Everything needs to look good with everything so that you can mix and match according to the current occasion and weather.

Two-piece outfits are more versatile than dresses. If one item gets dirty or wet, you can still use the other one, while with the dress, you will be short on a top and a bottom piece at the same time.

Use versatile makeup. Your lipstick can function as a blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Choose ombre lipstick, and you will have two or even 3 colors in one. For variety, you can also opt for a temperature-changing color lip balm. Or you choose small makeup palettes that include an eyeshadow and a lip gloss, for example.

Take small travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap bar with you, or get some samples. Use natural Aleppo soap bars that will not dry out your skin, and you can also use them for washing your clothes. Depending on your skin type, a neutral, mild body lotion for sensitive skin and/or sunscreen can function as a face cream at the same time.

Get inspiration for hairstyles and hairdos that work for you, and leave the electric hairbrush at home. If your hair dries slowly, take the electric hairbrush, and leave your hairbrush and blow dryer at home.

4. Choose 3 pairs of shoes, max.

If you need to take heels with you and do not own shoes with interchangeable heels, wear them while traveling. Never take new shoes on a trip! Remember, every item counts, and if they are not comfortable, you will have a problem. If you are flying with a plane, make sure your heels are on the thinner side, or you might be asked to take your shoes off for inspection.

Also, add:

1 pair of lightweight sporty or casual shoes for colder or rainy weather

1 pair of versatile sandals with interchangeable features.

Versatile shoes come in different forms.

You can get:

Clogs with interchangeable shoe tops (based in the USA)

Shoes with interchangeable straps (based in the USA)

Shoes with interchangeable heels (based in France)

Sandals with interchangeable straps (based in Australia)

5. Use jewelry and accessories for dressing up or down.

With interchangeable items, you get so much leverage. A sandal with interchangeable straps or a versatile clog can be used for going to the beach with one set of funky straps or tops, sightseeing or shopping with a more neutral set, and having a fancy dinner with the third, more glamourous set.

Jewelry doesn’t take much space. Therefore you can take with you as many items as you please. But leave the best pieces at home. For safety reasons. Many countries are not safe for tourists or foreigners.

A scarf is a must-have. It can function as a wrap, a headband, a skirt, a top, a bag, a jumper, and much more. Plus, it functions as another layer if it gets chilly.

If you add a belt, you have just increased the number of options even more.

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Ana In Style, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ana Malovrh, also known as Ana in Style, is the founder of Choose Your Signature Style™. She is a Certified Virtual Personal Stylist and Visual Brand Consultant. As a talented but introverted linguist, she had discovered the power of nonverbal communication that transformed her life. She now works with high achievers and empaths who would like to level up their success by feeling confident and aligned with their inner essence through their signature style. With her keen eye for supposedly unrelatable connections, she created a fusion named The Feng Shui Apparel System™ to help her maverick clients feel confident and secure even in the most unfavorable or highly competitive environments. Outside the public eye, she is a patient and loving special needs mom.


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