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7 Reasons Mercury Retrograde Is A Blessing – Not A Curse

Written by: Sandra Corzilius, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Help, mercury is retrograde again !!!! It's a bit like when the actors moved from place to place in the middle age, and people brought in their laundry. It didn't mean anything good.

And just as the reputation of actors has changed, so it is my goal to put Mercury in the right “spotlight”.

Then that's exactly what he deserves

Mercury is a boy wonder. In all its directions of movement. Today I will concentrate on the most famous, its retrograde.

What does it mean when a planet is retrograde? It is an optical illusion that results from a change in the speed of rotation. In the rhythm of Mercury every 88 days.

You can imagine it as if you were overtaking on the motorway. When you are on the same level with the car you are overtaking, it almost feels like a standstill, you have the same speed. Then you overtake him and the car suddenly seems to make a backward movement.

In the “direct” phase, Mercury races through space at a speed of 47 km per second, whereas the earth is rather leisurely at 29 km per second.

So enough of the facts. You are here because of its energy and not because you want to get an astronomical assessment of mercury.

My knowledge is only limited there, and what I know and have read and read will be prepared as easily digestible food in the next 11 articles.

The mercury energy.

Our smallest power planet is the fastest in our universe, you have already learned that above.

Now imagine that he influences us with his energy just as we know it from the moon. With the effect of the moon on our oceans, fieldwork, our hair, and, most recently, on our business (I always have to smile because I've been dealing with the moon for 30 years and it already had all these positive influences on us back then just nobody was interested), we “know” our way around. It is familiar to us.

In the case of Mercury, things “still” look different. He is a thorn in our side, a bad omen, and omnipotence that lies like a dark shadow over us for 3 weeks and destroys everything that we have so laboriously worked for.

Our electrical devices give up the ghost. When we travel there are delays or even a total breakdown of all means of transport. We fight all the time and nobody understands us.

Friendships break, contracts concluded during this time only cause problems. We shouldn't get married, at this time, because that is doomed to fail anyway, and if we plan to make a large investment, then we can throw the money out the window right away.

What if….

1. ...already two weeks before mercury goes retrograde, in its pre-shadow, announces that your electrical device may be repaired? It is exactly the right time to make all repairs in reverse. That saves time and money.

Open up your mind to the small signs. You get them all the time during this phase. It goes backward and no longer goes full speed ahead. You can learn to use this time in a positive manner.

2. ...waiting is pleasure? I love to travel. For me, the trip has always been a big part of my journey, not just arriving at my destination.

There are delays, yes. So what? You now have the opportunity to look around. Stop and smell the roses, to activate and enjoy your full perception.

3. ..our communication is being put to the test? Before I understood all of this about Mercury, I always wondered. There have been phases in my life, several times a year, when I felt like I was speaking a different language.

There were constant misunderstandings, which led to an argument and left behind two people who had nothing to say to each other because they were talking completely past each other.

Today it is different because I know about this gift that retrograde can give me, in terms of communication, I perceive my communication at this time very differently.

I am learning how to listen better, how to express myself more clearly, and how to ask better questions. Mercury helps us with this because in its retrograde Energy it is easy for us to get involved and to grow beyond ourselves.

4. is important to look into the past to create an unimaginable present? Old friends are a great reference. And in the sign of mercury retrograde, they knock in droves on our door.

Some friendships also dissolve during this time if they are not based on truth. It's easier to find out and say goodbye with love.

5. should take a deeper look into the contract, instead of signing it? The retrograde energy affects our concentration. We are nervous when we try to storm forward at high speed all the time when things are going backward.

When we sign contracts, especially when it comes to big decisions, we need all of our attention.

Allow yourself the time, make it clear to yourself that you want to take a very close look at what you are signing. And decide when you are 100% sure in your body that this is the right decision.

We don't find our answers in our heads, only our questions. I'll get back to that in another article.

6. can grow even more and we allow points 3, 4, and 5 to flow into this time? Are we communicating on a good level, or are we just having a relationship that isn’t based on truth?

Mercury Energy shows us very clearly and with full truth whether we are maintaining our integrity or lying to ourselves and our partner.

Always remind yourself that love has no conditions. Everyone has the right to be happy and we always have the opportunity to develop further.

Trying to change your appearance is like fighting windmills. The change on the outside happens when you change the perspective on the inside.

7.'s about finding out whether you need it and what you want to give in return?

Oh, I love that part. It made my life so much easier. Less weight, more comfortable traveling.

When things go backward again, and that starts for me with the pre-shadow, then I look forward to finding the things with ease that no longer positively charge me energetically.

And that does not mean that they have bad energy, but that they no longer make me happy personally or support me in my development.

Like Marie Kondō, I take on different areas and ask whether the object is still energizing me, if not, I thank the object and give it away or sell it and thus bring positive energy back into my life.

Since I handle it like this, I become more and more aware of what I need. And I do not collect things senselessly to use them as satisfaction, but create space for energy, to draw the things that are important to me in my life.

First of all, thank you for paying me your attention up to this point. I don't take that for granted. You have already got a different perspective on mercury and its energy.

Reading the information is one thing, if you want to change something in your life, then become an action taker. We like to forget this part, and then wonder why we still haven't gotten where we would like to be, and why we keep encountering the same topics with totally new people in different situations.

So if you don't want to feel repetitive anymore, want to be at peace while taking action, want to prepare yourself better for the high-speed days, then exhaustion, burnout, panic attacks, depression, and the thought of you never getting anything done could be a thing of the past. If you are interested in more information…..

PS: The next pre-shadow comes on September 13th, and this is the start of my new program Re-Empower yourself with mercury retrograde.

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Sandra Corzilius, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Truth! Perfection! Quiet! Bliss! Universal love! These are not empty phrases, Sandra Corzilius embodies that. As a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist (8 years since when she was 21), an Actress (7 Years in a Daily Show), a Naturopath since 2017, and now as a Holistic Digital CEO and Specialist in the Power of Mercury she knows about all odds. Helping her Clients to Re-Empower themselves with Mercury Retrograde and give them their Energie and Rhythm back, with so much empathy and knowledge in so many things, as also in Gene Keys and Human Design. Sandra is using these, for example, as tools in her Work. She is helping people to create their strength, the knowledge of how their best Energy feels like in their body, and creating with them their unimaginable life. The greatest happiness for her is to see the people of her heart showing their potential and letting it blossom. Sandra is a great animal lover, who has recently saved 4 animals, here in the Dominican Republic. Two are now Sandras Pet's, Grew and Canela, a Cat and a Dog who are, by the way, the greatest of Friends. And the other two Sandra found beautiful homes for. And one of them in fact just had 8 Puppies, 4 Girls, and 4 Boys, ready to start their unimaginable life's. Love needs you.



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