6 Bulletproof Steps To Choose The Best Coach For Your Needs

Written by: Greta Konstantine, Executive Contributor

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Choosing a coach is a very private and important step in your professional development. I've heard of a lot of my clients and other people I have talked about coaching with, that they have experienced less than a satisfying service from coaches.

One in particular stood up.

I was expanding my network in entrepreneurial Facebook groups. I was scrolling down the page and looking for something to peak my interest. And soon, my wishes were fulfilled. Though, to be honest, my interest was caught because I was shocked at what ended up to be the reason for this post's existence.

This post was made by a woman asking ''Can anyone recommend me a coach?''

At that point, I needed more information, so I started scrolling through the comments. What was happening with this post was that almost every coach who saw that post has started commenting on how they are the right coach and what they do.

I decided to take a different approach. Instead of telling the woman I'm a mindset and a success coach for entrepreneurs and how I coach, and blah, blah, blah, I just commented... ''I'd love to see if I can help you, or if I know someone who can, but first, I'd really need more info on what it is you would like help with.''

She approached me the same day. When I started trying to get to know her and her story... She told me that her previous coach badly burned her. Briefly, here's what she shared with me. She explained that she used to have a coach. They went through interviews to get to know the situation. The coach has engaged with helping her. She said she had paid the coach. And the top of the cherry, that soon after they started the coaching process together, this coach has told her he/she can't help her and has discontinued their agreement out of the blue... Without even reimbursing her the money she paid for the whole coaching service!

So here is what I would like you to take out from this article. Getting a coach is a great choice when you need help. But before you settle on a coach, think and evaluate that person and their performance rationally, and try not to be blinded by marketing tricks. Also, ask your potential coach questions about what he/she thinks about your situation. You have the same right to ask a coach questions, as the coach has the right to gather as much useful information on your case as possible.

So here's the 6 steps on how to choose the right coach to work with:

Step 1: Think about what you need help with

Step 2: Find few coaches in that field.

Step 3: Research well

Step 4: Be rational and systematic in your choice

Step 5: Contact the people you know they have coached

Step 6: Contact the coach, if they are still eligible in your opinion by the time you get to step 6

I want to leave you with this. When you make choices to improve yourself or your business or life, NEVER decide based on emotions and hype. Give yourself a minute to calm down and re-center, and then make the decision. Nothing is now or never. You have time to choose wisely.

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Greta Konstantine, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Greta Konstantine is an internationally sought-after success mindset coach dedicated to helping entrepreneurs around the world overcome their insecurities and conquer their fears. Greta’s journey started at a young age when a moment of mindfulness helped her tap into her own strength and the power of positive thinking. Since her teen years, Greta has focused on psychology, philosophy and mindfulness, while pursuing a degree in economics. She has served high-level management positions in companies in the USA, Denmark, and Bulgaria. But Greta’s true passion was to start her own business, Intermindhub, where she now works with entrepreneurs to eliminate stagnation and burnout, create an empowering mindfulness style, and build sustainable business strategies. Greta has helped over 100 people develop a successful mindset and give them the tools to change their lives. Greta is a Certified Life Coach and holds a Master’s in Science in Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Dynamics from the University of Aalborg in Denmark. Greta truly believes that everyone is capable of tapping into their own power and changing their lives, just like she did.



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