4 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life and Business

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Written by: Susan Francis, Executive Contributor

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One of my clients told me she called me her “woo-woo” coach the other day, and it made me laugh. If you knew me from my old life, this wouldn't make sense at all. I was logical, systematic, and not “woo woo” at all.

When I started my coaching business, it was all about effort, learning strategies, convincing others, and putting in the hard yards to make it work. Only it didn't. It didn’t work at all. I struggled, I pushed, and I remained broke. I was stuck in my masculine energy.

I kept looking for the answers outside of me, signing up for every program and hoping that some guru’s method would work for me, but it didn’t. Meanwhile, I’d been learning about the Law of Attraction and loved the idea of “manifesting” but couldn’t actually work out how to make it work for me.

If you feel like manifestation doesn’t work for you either, I get it. But here’s what you need to know. Our natural state is manifestation. We are manifesting all day, every day, whether you do it consciously or by default, you are attracting to you that which you focus on and give energy to. It is a universal law, the Law of Attraction.

You’ve probably noticed when you get out of bed and stub your toe, spill your coffee, and get stuck in traffic, everything seems to go wrong that day. You probably have had other times in your life where everything falls into place and seems to work out perfectly. The better it gets, the better it gets.

This is the Law of Attraction. Very simply, like attracts like. What you focus on and give energy and emotion to is drawn to you.

If you want business to be easier, If you want to scale rapidly, if you want to make more income, more impact, it's all available to you now—all of it. You simply need to shift your focus and energy. This might seem simplistic, but it is honestly all it takes.

When you think about your business goals, how do you feel? Excited, eager, expectant? Or frustrated, stressed, and worried? How you feel is an indication of what you are attracting to you. If you’re stressed and worried, you are operating from lack, and your thoughts are not aligned with your goal. If you’re feeling good about your business and excited for it to unfold, you’re on the right path.

Business is a spiritual game. It's 80% energy and only 20% strategy and mechanics. I know some of you won't believe that, but for those who want business and life to be easy, listen up because this is for you.

Your success is not about your actions; it's about your energy. There is simply no amount of action that can make up for your misaligned energy.

Here’s what you need to do to manifest your absolute dream life and business:

1. Vision - Be crystal clear on what you want.

Write it out, know the details, be specific. For example…. I want to have a $20K month; I want to sign 10 new clients this month. Make it specific and measurable.

2. Decide that it's done.

Feel it in your soul that you have already achieved it. See it as done. Write about it, visualize it, feel the energy of having already achieved it. We receive who we are being, not what we want. You need to believe it before you see it.

3. Clear Resistance

Ignore your current reality, ignore what is, and shift all of the reasons you can't have it. Journal out all of the negative stories that come up about why you can't have what you desire and reframe them. Shift them, release them. This is the real work of manifesting everything you want. Letting go of ALL of the stories about why you can't have it. I promise you they are all stories; there is not a single limitation that is true. Tell a better-feeling story; find another truth that feels better. This is the real work, the inner work.

4. Follow your intuition

When you’re feeling excited about your desires coming, trust all of the pulls, even when they don't make sense, even when they feel scary, even when they have nothing to do with your business. This is key. This is your inner guidance leading the way. Stop planning as much and trust. You will be guided.

Expect your desires to come! They will be drawn to you. New opportunities will come your way. Things will work out for you. When you ask it is given, your work is to simply allow it to flow and follow your guidance.

All of your desires, all of them are available to you right now. Shift your energy, and you will shift your reality.

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Susan Francis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Susan Francis is a leading Mindset, Manifestation and Business Mentor and Coach empowering female entrepreneurs to create more income and impact their soul-aligned businesses. She helps women unlock the truth of who they are, helps them to fully step into their power, and teaches them the secrets to taking quantum leaps in their success. She believes life was meant to be easy, to feel good, to flow, and you can create anything you damn well want! With a background in senior management in the fashion industry, she escaped the 9 to 5 hustle after her daughter's birth to follow her passion for helping other women create epic time and financial freedom. Trained in NLP and Time Line Therapy, and obsessed with the Law of Attraction, she knows at a very deep level that everything is an inside job, and as she helps clients make shifts in their mindset, and energy they become magnetic to their dream lives and business success.



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