3 Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset Amid This Covid-19 Pandemic – Into The New Normal and New Year

Written by: Michelle Greene Rhodes, Executive Contributor

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Adjusting to change can be challenging. Be it planned or unplanned, gradual or sudden, change is inevitable and very much part of being human. Over the past few months, we’ve experienced an extraordinary shift in our way of life due to COVID-19 pandemic. Even though lockdown is easing for many countries around the world, the pandemic has forever changed our lives. The use of masks and gloves is a part of our routine now; social distancing and queuing is now the norm. Public transport looks very different and our eyebrows are raised when we hear someone cough, sneeze, or sniffle. Schools and universities have moved online and workplaces have also changed due to social distancing. Such a gloomy situation is bound to have a deeply negative psychological impact on people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll not only on the global economy but also on the mental health of many. With travel deferred, schools shut, loss of jobs and the mounting number of cases, the pessimism one may feel is normal. Such unprecedented circumstances can bring your morale down and emotionally drain you. The ambiguous and challenging times that loom ahead of us can leave our emotions going on a rollercoaster almost every day. So, how do we tackle this? Let us take a look at some tips that may come in handy while trying to navigate through uncertain times.

1. Acceptability is the key

It is often said that ‘what we do not understand, we fear.’ As humans, it is only natural to respond to uncertain situations with fear. The first thing to do in these uncertain times is to accept the new normal. It is natural to feel vulnerable in such circumstances. You don’t need to feel stranded or alone. The pandemic is a problem that the entire world is facing. Acceptance can help you process your emotions and move away from any sort of negativity faster. Accept the reality and look for prospects that will assist you in moving forward.

2. Feeding positive thoughts to your brain

Yes, it is possible to maintain a positive mindset during this pandemic. Don’t give in to feelings of gloom and doom. Such uncertain times call for a change in mind-set. It is absolutely imperative to keep a positive mindset and keep feeding our brain with positive thoughts and ideas. While it is easier said than done, training your mind is key and it does well to bear in mind that it is not an overnight process.

3. Distractions are not always bad

Sometimes distractions can have a fruitful outcome. When you find yourself having low morale or feeling demotivated, avoid over-analyzing. Distract your train of thought by taking a break with some entertainment or a hobby that you might be pursuing. This will break the negative line of thought, enabling you to focus on what you are doing with a more optimistic attitude. If you feel that negative thoughts are taking over your mind, or you begin to experience fear, stress, anxiety or depression, seek help. Don’t stifle your thoughts and worries inside you. You can talk to a friend or a mental health professional. Talking about your fears and feelings can help alleviate them and lift your spirits.

In summary, taking learning out of these tragic pandemic times will help you to stabilize even after this situation subsides. By utilizing positive thinking, which is an abstract concept- so of course there is more work to be done after doing so. To progress, you will need to take action yet also allow yourself rest. Taking action in any given situation can help you rise up, increase your confidence, and set you apart. Remember that although the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world and disrupted our lifestyles, how we respond to it matters the most. Choose to think positively, take action in ways that make you feel better, and get the adequate rest that you need to reset your thinking so that your thoughts and actions line up accordingly.

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