3 Self-Integrity Habits for Lucrative Soul-Aligned Business With Unshakable Self-Confidence

Written by: Eugenia Oganova, Executive Contributor

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  • Don’t copy other people’s stuff, modify a word or two and post it as yours;

  • Don’t sell a program that is a “cookie-cutter solution” that you “leaned from an expert”;

  • Don’t buy a “lead list” – that is just creepy!

Ok, we all know that these are no-nos because they are NOT IN INTEGRITY! But you know what else is NOT in integrity?

  • Not showing up fully because you are “trying to be included”!

  • Not owning your brilliance and self-minimizing because you “don’t want to offend”.

  • Not being honest with yourself and your clients because of “wanting to be liked”.

Just because these “look nicer” doesn’t make them any less out-of-integrity! When you do not show up fully, do not own your Light, do not express yourself – you are being out-of-integrity WITH YOURSELF! So many times, I hear these statements from clients when we just begin to work together:

“But if I show up fully they will not want to work with me because they will think I’m arrogant”;

“I’ll be too much, and they will think I’m rude”;

“If I tell them what I really see, they will be mad at me”.

The Universe around you is made of energy and you are always contained within that energy.

The ONLY way to be in integrity with the Universe is to be in integrity with yourself first!

This means that all these “projections” onto the external world are just the means to JUSTIFY your LIMITING STORIES about yourself! There is a little scared part inside each entrepreneur that is looking to stop them from fully showing up and expressing themselves (and even from making money!) because it wants to PROTECT you from the unknown.

Everything you want is ON THE OTHER SIDE of your FEAR!

It is exhilarating to see my clients go from lack of confidence, lack of expression, lack of business strategy – to incredible CONFIDENCE, FREEDOM of expression, and CLARITY on where they are going and what they need to do to get there. And the reason this happens over and over by working with me is because I show them how to be fully in integrity with themselves.

Here are 3 self-integrity habits that every entrepreneur must follow to create a lucrative soul-aligned business with unshakable self-confidence:

  1. Whatever you decide, you must follow through. The Universe responds to your energy, so if you say you are going to do something but then don’t do it, this breaks the trust between you and the Universe. This generates the feeling of “no support” that so many entrepreneurs struggle with (“I’m all alone in this!”, “I am the only one having this problem!” etc.). The key is that you must follow through on your word not only to others but to YOURSELF! It might be easy for you to follow on your promise to someone else, but when you train yourself to follow promises to yourself, this is when your confidence skyrockets! This Soul Strategy pays off and the Universe can magnetize to you everything you desire because you are in alignment.

  2. Attach your confidence to what comes from within you – NOT from something you’ve learned or did. If you think you can only be confident by having done something many times, you will never feel confident! Your confidence is meant to be based on who you ARE, not what you DO. In Conscious Wealth Energetics, this is called “Soul Expertise” – something that is innately yours that can never be taken away from, something you do naturally and might not even realize it, something other people tend to comment on and thank you for. That Soul Expertise is automatically in integrity with the Universal energies and thus the real source of your confidence, while skills you’ve learned as simply add-ons to your toolbox.

  3. Focus on SERVING people more than on yourself We all at times get fixated on “what if they won’t like it?” or “someone might judge me for being too forward” etc. And yes, someone probably will judge you – its human nature. But if the main FOCUS of your attention is NOT the people who are not liking something in your marketing or judging your presentation or pricing (who are NOT your ideal clients anyway!). It is the people who need what you are offering, who want to know more, who are aligned with your larger VISION – then you have confidence based on “I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing”. Service is an expansive energy while self-worry and doubt is constrictive. Thus focusing on service will automatically be in integrity with the Universe and supports magnetizing to you the people you are meant to help to have a lucrative business you love.

Integrity is one of my main values. I would never try to teach something I have not had full personal experience with, never will try to convince someone to buy my offers, and never shame someone into “doing better”.

This is because I am brave in exploring the unknown (being a clairvoyant from birth in a family of scientists – this was not a picnic as you can imagine!) and courageous in expressing my uniqueness in considerate ways. And I do not propel myself forward through shame, guilt, or even will power – I use my Soul Expertise and my VISION.

This is what I teach my clients as well. If you read my words and feel that I am speaking to you. Please fill out a questionnaire on my website so we can see how I can support you in your specific business situation.

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Eugenia Oganova, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Eugenia Oganova is an international Conscious Wealth Energetics Business & Marketing Coach for coaches, healers, and holistic health professionals who desire to fully step into their Soul Mission and live their Purpose through a profitable business. She creates custom high-end business, marketing & energetic strategies so that you can attract premium clients and uplevel to multiple 6-figures, without burning out or self-sacrificing. Eugenia is a Soul Strategist and a Self-Transformation expert with over two decades of expertise in spiritual entrepreneurship, transformational therapy and conscious healing, and a best-selling author of 3 books. Using an energy-based approach coupled with transformational psychology, extensive business and marketing knowledge, and her clairvoyant wisdom, Eugenia has created many programs that activate long-term core-level transformation in her clients.



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