3 Negative Beliefs that are Impacting Your Business

Written by: Laura Mullis, Executive Contributor

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As a hypnotherapist, I consider myself an expert in human beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts that were repeated so frequently and had such a high degree of emotion attached to them that they start to feel like truth. Once these beliefs feel like the truth, they become guides that subconsciously influence our lives and decision making. When our beliefs are positive and helpful, we tend to live with more ease and make healthier decisions. When our beliefs are negative and faulty, we tend to fall into self-sabotaging behaviors and encounter a lot of resistance to change. Most of the people I work with suffer from negative beliefs, keeping them from their personal goals.

For instance, a person who wants a healthy relationship may have the belief “Iove is not available to me.” Suffering from this belief could cause them to become overly invested in a new relationship in hopes the other person will not leave. As a result, they push the other person away with their neediness. Or this belief could cause the person to pull away when the relationship becomes serious in an effort to reject the other person before that person has a chance to reject them.

When it comes to beliefs, people are often open to the idea that negative beliefs will impact personal choices. However, I have also come to understand through my own experience and work with others that negative beliefs can also influence or limit business success.

Below are 3 common negative beliefs that could impact or limit business success:

1. I am not good enough- People who have this belief often struggle with what is called “Imposter Syndrome” which is pervasively feeling like you are an imposter. The belief “I am not good enough” underlies imposter syndrome and is responsible for a lot of the blocks people encounter when they are starting a new business or trying to take their business to the next level of growth. This belief can be sneaky because it doesn’t always show up as “I am not good enough” but will instead disguise itself as: “Who am I to do this?”, “Why would anyone want to buy from me?” or “They are going to find out I don’t know what I am doing.” Each of these nagging beliefs will keep you from taking bold action in your business.

2. It is not safe to be seen- People who have with this belief often struggle with being the face of their business. They have what is known as a Visibility Fear or a fear of being seen. A person who suffers from this fear will often struggle with launching a website, marketing, giving presentations, or other tasks that draw attention solely to them. Left unexamined or unhealed this belief will limit a person’s ability to reach their ideal market and will keep them dependent on word of mouth referrals.

3. I am a burden- In my experience, this belief is one of the sources of workaholism. People who struggle with this belief often struggle with underlying feelings of guilt and shame. They struggle to set boundaries with themselves and with others. Most often these people do not know how to set boundaries around their time either. They will have overly full schedules and will still feel obligated to say “yes” to others’ requests. In essence, they feel they have to work and produce to prove their worth to the World.

If, after reading the above beliefs, you find you resonate with one or more; good for you. Understanding is half the battle when it comes to healing negative beliefs. Now that you have some understanding of what is wrong, let’s spend a moment looking at how to start healing these negative beliefs. Each negative belief listed above is different in how it will present and how it was formed, but all 3 have one thing in common- the place they originated from is past experience.

Each of us is born into this World believing we are enough, we are safe to be seen, and we deserve to be celebrated. However, somewhere along our lives path, we are taught through interactions with others; the opposite is true. Once we are taught the opposite is true enough times, we start to believe it as our new truth and this new truth becomes ingrained in us as a negative belief that now shows up in our personal and professional lives.

How do you heal these negative beliefs? Here are 5 Steps for healing negative beliefs that are driving your business:

  • Write down any action you are hesitating to take in your business.

  • For each action, write down all the negative beliefs that come up as you think about taking this action.

  • For each negative belief, identify where you learned this (could be a situation, relationship, past failure).

  • After you have identified the belief and where you learned it practice choosing to forgive the person who taught you this belief (even if that person is you). Simply say “I forgive you for….”

  • Choose to let the old belief go and choose a replacement belief. After forgiving the person who taught you the belief set the intention to let the belief go by saying “Now I am choosing to let go of the belief… (I am not good enough). I am instead believing… (I am worthy of success).

I practice the above routine at least once a week in my business. In addition, I schedule regular hypnotherapy sessions to help uncover well-hidden beliefs that are blocking my business success. As a result, I have been able to overcome my fears and my business has skyrocketed in success.

It is my hope that by using this process, your business will do the same.

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Laura Mullis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Laura Mullis is a rapid transformational hypnotherapist and life coach. Her focus is on helping people identify and overcome the negative beliefs and patterns that lead to self-sabotage. Her approach is a unique blend of conscious mindset work, subconscious reprogramming and inspired action coaching. Every intervention she offers is focused on understanding and uprooting the reason for patterns of self-sabotage in your life. Laura’s ultimate goal is to help people learn to love themselves and become so confident in life and business they will, in turn, empower others.



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