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3 Mindset Shifts To Refine And Scale Your Business

Written by: Mallory Meyer, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What work are you resisting that you know you need to do?

i.e: IF not creating clients, it's natural to be in a very reactive state.

Doing MORE and responding to your environment and the "should's" playing out in your mind vs. creating the space to "diagnose" the root cause, manage your mind in what's TRUE, and explore what you've ultimately been resisting.

Leaning into that which is uncomfortable to create GROWTH.

We "diagnose" the root cause, together. Shifting you out of the state of response.

Take a moment to explore these 3 mindset shifts to refine and scale your business:

1. What more should I do? Where am I becoming the bottleneck?

A practice of unlearning. What got you to where you are is not going to take you to the next level. Taking and honing your mindset even further with new beliefs, thoughts, and decisions.

2. Is this possible for me? Where can I exhibit a new level of trust and make decisions?

Your vision and desire are within you for a reason. Own and step into your infinite power, as you learn to release self-doubt.

3. How do I do it? How do I document this process to train and outsource?

Now of course, when you're building your business outsourcing is not a priority nor an investment you may have available to you. Yet, it's setting you up for success to be in the mindset of how your business will evolve and documenting your process, which works.

When you are ready to scale and grow you will just impede your own success trying to do it ALL on your own.

Clients of mine desire MORE of their life and as such give themselves the permission to lean into the discomfort to take them to the next level, honoring all that's to come forward, on their timeline.

So, when was the last time you gave yourself permission?

If you've been feeling the ping to take responsibility and make a radical change in your life, to wake up feeling fulfilled and energized to step into your day, to have the confidence not just to be seen but to be confident in communicating with clarity the value of your services while enhancing the regulation of your nervous system through a resilient mindset and emotions.

I invite you to complete the application form on my website and Instagram to explore how you may build a thriving profitable and aligned service-based business to 6 figures and beyond.

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Mallory Meyer, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mallory Meyer, is a Reiki Master, Medium, Cosmic Channel and certified Life and Success Coach, NLP, TIME, EFT, and Hypnotherapy Practitioner incorporating Trauma-Sensitive practices into her business. Weaving the metaphysical with the physical, the soul and strategy, with intuitive transformational coaching and manifestation, to bring forward your reality at a quantum level. Mallory helps spiritual entrepreneurs build a profitable and aligned business, that's sustainable in success in her 8-week online course and mastermind.



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