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3 Costly Lessons I Learnt As A New Entrepreneur

Written by: Lena Thompson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Contracting as a Business Consultant in London has enabled me to have a great lifestyle which I did not fully appreciate, until after I gave it up.

I was making 6 figures, worked flexible hours, holidayed abroad, kids in private schools there wasn’t much to complain about. Yet, I felt deeply unfulfilled and trapped in my circumstances.

November 2019 was a pivotal moment in my life, as after more than 15 years I left my corporate career and embarked on the entrepreneurial journey.

I thought that by leaving my job and starting my own business I will find a sense of freedom and fulfillment.

I thought that by using my brain, experience, and willpower, success will find me.

I thought that by investing in 7 figure coaches and learning all about marketing, sales, and business, I could not fail. After all, that’s what many of my coaches promised, and I wanted so much to prove to myself and others that leaving my job was not a mistake.

Looking at it now, I realize that I had it all backward.

Lesson 1. Investing in marketing, instead of investing in my soul

Instead of working on my self-worth, getting clear on my vision, connecting to my purpose, and cultivating faith in my dreams, I built funnels and burnt money on Facebook ads.

I invested thousands in marketing programs, where I worked tirelessly creating sales pages, funnels, and ads believing that if I persevered and copied the strategies and tactics I was taught, I could make it work.

I couldn’t.

I felt frustrated.

I felt cheated and defeated.

Lesson 2. What works for others, will not necessarily work for me + Effort doesn’t mean success

After a while, I started seeing common patterns.

I was always looking for others to save me.

I was constantly investing in coaching and programs, often quitting weeks later, but still hoping to find the answers I was looking for.

Instead of pausing and reflecting on what was going wrong, I kept going forward.

Eventually, a little bit I had tricking in, started drying up, and the harder I pushed, the fewer results I got.

I finally burnt out.

I knew that something had to change.

I knew that I had to switch my mindset and find my own way to make things work.

Lesson 3. Listening to my head causes confusion. When I trust my gut, doors open up

Turned out that my burnout was the best thing that could have happened.

It was during that time, feeling out of whack, that I stumbled upon Human Design. It was love at first sight, and wanted to know everything about it!

Once again, I hired a coach, and a mentor and joined master-minds.

But as I began to unravel the mystery of my own life, more fears and doubts surfaced.

What do I do now with my business?

How can I get this information out?

Will anyone care?

Is it too woo-woo?

What will others think of me?

I struggled to find clarity in what I was doing, and with nothing else left to do, decided to follow my intuitive nudges and take a few weeks to be with myself.

Following my intuition, and allowing myself to process everything I learned has set me off on the path that was meant for me. I gained radical clarity and things have finally started to shift in my business and in my life.

It has been a whirlwind journey (and it's not over yet!), but I know that everything I experienced made me not only stronger but also softer. And most importantly, it opened up my eyes to who I truly am and my purpose in life.

For me, this is priceless.

I want to end this story with these 3 tips which I feel could help you navigate through any major decisions with more ease:

  1. Take time daily to connect to yourself through meditation, walking in nature, and journaling. Or find something that feels really good and do more of it.

  2. If something is not working, stop putting more effort into it. Instead, do something you feel lit up by to get your energy level up.

  3. Human Design has been a total life changer for me and I believe it can be a life-changer for you too. Get to know your energy profile and apply this knowledge to your daily life.

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Lena Thompson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lena Thompson is an award-winning Social Media marketer, NLP coach, Reiki Master, and Human Design & Leadership Coach with a degree in BSC Computer Science.

In 2018 Lena left her corporate career after 15 years to find purpose, fulfillment, and greater alignment with her destiny.

She is now coaching corporate employees, entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams, helping them to discover their highest potentials and make powerful decisions in business and in life.

Lena has co-authored Amazing Women of Influence book, published in Thriving Women magazine, spoke at live events in London, and appeared in many podcasts.



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