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3 Best Ways To Attract High-Value Coaching Clients (And The 1 Mistake To Avoid)

Written by: Joanna Ingram, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


You're an established coach who knows that working with high-ticket coaching clients delivers the most phenomenal transformation and impact, plus creates an overflow of income that allows you to serve your clients in a high state of appreciation. So if you desire to attract a steady stream of perfect 'soul' clients, read on for the three most successful and aligned messaging strategies that top business, life, spiritual, and wellness coaches use to elevate their marketing success and reap the rewards of a 6-figure plus coaching business.

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When I made a pandemic-prompted pivot to business coaching after 18+ years specializing in direct response media planning at leading London advertising agencies, I knew a thing or two about lead generation and customer conversion.

But unfortunately, I was also well versed in pushing, over-proving, and efforting to the point of burnout and beyond – the frustratingly typical calling cards of ex-corporate coaches everywhere. So it's not surprising that my initial marketing strategy was a push, push, push too. And, as my fellow Executive Contributor Ellyn Schinke identifies, it's easy to lack self-awareness and compassion in the relentless pursuit of achievement.

Multiple launches, dozens of email sequences and impersonal funnels, and dollars frittered away on paid ads, all topped off with lip-synch Instagram reels to evoke the algorithm and an impressive record of never missing a day of social media posts in 18 months. No wonder I was exhausted! Although many 'experts' will have you believe these strategies are the best way to build your coaching business, my experience has shown that a more aligned approach is fundamental to attracting ideal clients when selling high-ticket offers.

Why High Ticket Clients Buy From YOU

You are likely already familiar with the 'know, like, and trust' model, where you ensure that potential clients are aware of you, are interested in what you have to say, and then invest in your services to achieve their desired outcome.

'Gone are the days when simply showing up online was enough to generate interest, leads, and sales. The need for a high level of resonance is now inherent within this process, and too many outstanding coaches are missing the mark as they withhold their most enticing asset from their marketing mix...themselves!'

The definition of resonance in the coaching context is 'to affect or appeal to someone in a personal or emotional way' (Source: Britannica Dictionary). In this era of unprecedented personal branding, clients want and need to feel deeply and emotionally connected to your message so they can trust that they'll make giant leaps in their journey with you.

Next, you'll learn three proven ways to immediately elevate your emotional resonance so you can maximize client attraction within all your lead generation and content strategies. These approaches represent core pillars within The Messaging Edge™️ Framework and are crucial to attracting high-investing, inspirational 'soul-aligned' clients that energize and delight you. Lip-synching reels are strictly optional!

1. Be Authentic And Uniquely Brilliant

Sometimes ambitious coaches build a business that represents only half of what they are genuinely called to create. Unfortunately, for many ex-corporate coaches, this often looks a lot like their 'job' transferred into their coaching practice. This happened when I launched myself as an accountability and productivity expert when my heart was calling to share spirituality and energetics instead. Similarly, for Career Coach Caroline, my client who ran a successful 6-figure group program supporting professional women's promotion aspirations, when her passion lay in the more expansive remit of redefining their work-life freedom.

'It takes a leap to 'own' the next level, uniquely brilliant you. But when you do, your authenticity and alignment create an energetic frisson that 'soul' clients are magnetically drawn to.'

The leap in business results I experienced when I finally dropped my fear of judgment and integrated my Pranic Healing and Breathwork certifications into my program was immediate. And even more so, my work became so much more delightful to deliver ‒ and transformative for my clients.

Relying heavily on your corporate experience is a great way to launch fast, but evolving into your most authentic and passion-led CEO is what creates the ease and joy that you've desired all along (you can learn more about this by reading 'How To Create A Joyful & Sustainable Six-Figure Coaching Business Without Burnout').

If you want to resonate with elevated clients, the ones that get the best results, refer their friends, and don't hesitate with their 100% 'heck yes!' response to your content and offers ‒ start by injecting more authenticity into your messaging.

It can feel uncomfortable, for sure. Authenticity requires an element of vulnerability, but as Brene Brown shows us, vulnerability is the starting point of empathy, belonging, and love. Sharing vulnerably takes courage. But don't worry; there are two approaches I'm sharing here that will dramatically help to boost your 'let's do this!' confidence and allow you to maximize your visibility without fear.

2. Broadcast Your Powerful Mission

According to Accenture, 52% of global consumers prefer to buy from brands that stand for something that aligns with their values. (Source: Inc.)

If that statistic applies to trainers or soft drinks, you can only imagine how vital personal connection is when it comes to the high levels of investment required from coaching clients.

Crafting a mission statement is not an unusual suggestion. Still, too often, the mission statements shared by coaches are stuffy, irrelevant, and impersonal, inappropriately modeled on those most likely to be developed by corporates and retailers.

'When you go inwards and truly express your most authentic mission, it's a 'vision statement' and shows the world what you stand for, care about, and are striving energetically to create.'

After all, you are an unstoppable force when you are 'on a mission.' You will do the hard things, push out of your comfort zone, and go the extra mile. As a result, your clients feel the confident air of one who is in their corner and championing them. You have a common enemy ‒ the pain points and problems they are experiencing, and soul-aligned clients feel an overwhelming trust that you are the guide to help them realize their desired outcomes.

Your mission isn't one that you pull from thin air because it looks culturally popular, but a deep purpose that is yours because of your unique experiences, pain, interests, character, and skills (see more information on Brand E.P.I.C.S.™️ to develop this further).

My mission to help visionary coaches courageously express their uniqueness and authenticity in business comes from a lifelong experience of being the 'good girl' and conforming to the majority opinion so I could fit in, first at school and then within my Advertising Agency career.

More recently, overcoming my fear of judgment, trusting my inner guidance, and creating a strategic and deeply intuitive business has relied on the courageous expression of my passions and embodying my mission for myself, my clients, and women entrepreneurs everywhere.

'When you dial in your powerful mission, it shines through in your content and teachings, attracting those who resonate and repelling those who don't.'

Feeling a deep connection to your mission ignites your confidence to broadcast your message so you can be seen and heard in a big way, creating authority, evoking trust, and attracting ideal clients to your personal brand and life-changing programs.

3. Share Your Thought-Leader Stories

If you're reading this, you're likely to be a thought leader who speaks from stages or has ambitions to do so, perhaps on the TED Talk stage one day soon.

TED Talks have become so popular because we humans love to hear stories. When we are told a great story in an emotionally evoking way, we are rapt and decidedly more inclined to act on the information we have heard.

Many coaches misunderstand the storytelling aspect of their business in one of two ways. Firstly, you may not appreciate the importance of authentic and personal stories, leaving them out of your marketing strategy. I see so many 'about' pages on websites that list a barrage of certifications and a staid 'qualified therapist' style biography. This is highly unlikely to evoke resonance, as it tells us little of what drives you to help in this way and why a client would want to work with you instead of the many other coaches who claim to deliver similar results.

'Since the beginning of time, stories have been used to connect us and evoke feelings and emotions ‒ creating this resonance in your business is not only desirable, it's essential.'

Secondly, the mistake of story over-sharing comes from a desire to resonate but a lack of strategy over what to share. It's not uncommon to see ubiquitous Facebook or Instagram lives pop up as coaches share enthusiastically, but with no clear pathway from their story to their offers. Are you a dinner party raconteur or an entrepreneur in this scenario?

Strategic storytelling for coaches should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Be connected to your purpose

  2. Be distinctive in the market

  3. Become recognizable by repetition

As a classic example, Tony Robbins repeatedly tells his life stories, such as his starting point as a broke janitor in this Business Insider report, and we, the audience, understand his purpose, emotionally resonate with his struggle, and feel inspired to follow his lead and change our lives too.

Of course, this is one such example and may not resonate with you. But that's the point; you do YOU! And tell the stories that matter to your mission, message, and promise. Tell the stories that affect your soul clients and inspire them to engage with you.

'Brand stories go from good to great when you blend emotional resonance with your expertise as a thought leader in your industry who draws on the past to illuminate the future.'

Stories have the power to change people's opinions, address their fears, inspire their actions and create deep relationships. The key is to choose your stories wisely and share them with passion.

Are you ready to attract your soul-aligned clients?

I believe that client attraction starts with your message and how you articulate it. The three client attraction approaches shared here are a key pillar of The Messaging Edge™️ Framework, explicitly devised for highly-driven coaches to break through the courage barrier and express their unique brilliance in an authentic and resonant way.

In summary, people buy from people they emotionally connect with. So this is a fantastic opportunity to create true resonance and stand out in your crowded niche by expressing your unique brilliance, broadcasting your powerful mission, and sharing your thought leader stories so you can inspire your audience to say 'heck yes!' and start their transformational journey with you.

Would you like to explore YOUR authentic brand messaging and client attraction to elevate your coaching business results? Click here to apply for your FREE Messaging Assessment.

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Joanna Ingram, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joanna Ingram is a former Advertising Agency Director turned Brand Messaging Activator and Business Coach from London, host of the leading podcast, Goals With Soul, and mum to 3 spirited girls.

She helps visionary coaches find their true voice, embrace their unique brilliance and clarify their authentic messaging so they can sign soul clients, raise their prices and stand out from the crowd in their industry.

Joanna's the trusted leader in activating unique messaging and blends proven brand strategy with energetics (she's a Breathwork Facilitator & Pranic Healer).

As the creator of The Messaging Edge™️ Method, Joanna elevates messaging to magnetize your soul clients. This industry-defining program has been called "Business Therapy" and "Heart-Articulation" by clients who have overcome their fear of judgment and perfectionism to express their truth, increase their visibility and accelerate their impact and income growth.

Joanna's group program, Time To Rise®️, supports female coaches to go from unseen to fully expressed messaging (and making money doing what they love!) within 30-90 days.

Having helped over 200 coaches this year, Joanna is celebrating the joy of sharing her message, and Goals With Soul is now ranked in the top 3% of global podcasts, with listeners from over 55 countries!

Her mission is to champion bold women to break the mold with their individuality and express their uniqueness in business. Joanna's here to guide and inspire you to join the dots between your unique brilliance, content, and offers so you can be paid for being yourself.

Right now, Joanna is enjoying the freedom to choose how she spends her days (forest walks and creating TikToks with her twins), frequent travel and retreats in Portugal, supercharging her impact, speaking her truth, and coaching her high-vibe clients.

Meet Joanna on Instagram here.

Check out Joanna's Free Messaging Checklist For Coaches here.

Listen To Goals With Soul here.



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