2021 — The Year of Spiritual Growth and Expansion

Written by: Mona AlHebsi, Executive Contributor

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I am certain that many of you would agree that year 2020 has shaken us deep to the core, changed our perspectives towards life, and compelled us to reexamine the true purpose of our existence. We heard about the mass awakening happening to many people across the globe. This will continue in 2021 and beyond to result in more liberation, enlightenment, and expansion for the human species.

We could be living in the most exciting time ever in the age of humanity because we will witness ourselves being more aligned with our true essence invariably and better connected to our universe with all that it encompasses.

Many of us suffered in some way or another in 2020, either physically, emotionally, or even spiritually, and experienced pain in various forms such as job misplacement, financial instability, or perhaps an unfortunate loss of a loved one. These scenarios were very tough to go through at that point. However, what they really came to do is to reveal ourselves and allow us to pause and contemplate who we are and what matters the most.

When we experience pain and have had enough of it, we reach a point when this state becomes extremely uncomfortable. We then force ourselves to push our boundaries to think, feel, and behave differently to create a shift in our current circumstances and thus change our reality. Ekhart Tolle once said: “Suffering is a wonderful teacher, suffering is most people’s only spiritual teacher, and suffering deepens you, it gradually erodes the mind-made sense of self ~ the ego.”

As we prepare to wrap up the first week of 2021, how much would each of us say that we have been transformed from what we were this time last year? What have we endured since then, and what we have gained as a result? What are our priorities in 2021, and how different they are from what we planned a year ago?

One thing is certain, many of us have more clarity compared to last year and came out stronger, more intended, and way balanced mind, body, and spirit wise. We have evolved in such a way that many of us no longer think that a “traditional job” is the only way to make a living or that adopting mainstream philosophies concerning work, life, or having fun will make us happier, richer, or more accepted.

Any wise person who went through all this and undoubtedly understood the message of 2020 would never dare to await things to go back to the “old normal.” Go ahead and create your “new normal” based on your new, elevated version calling. There are many more choices, opportunities, growth, and fulfillment out there when you dare to listen to your soul, calling away from all the worldly and mental noises.

My loving advice is to trust your intuition and take the first step towards your liberation in 2021. Your intuition knows it all because it is your inner wisdom derived from your higher self. Never bargain this for the temporary rewards that the materialistic world will lure you into. Your soul is immortal and timeless, and you have all the answers you are looking for within you, so learn to listen to your soul.

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Mona AlHebsi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mona AlHebsi, is an Award Winning Hotelier, HR Practitioner, Success Coach, Renowned Author and Speaker. She has recently been named as “Most Influential Woman in Hospitality Human Capital” and "Inspirational Female Leader" due to her eminent contributions in the hospitality industry and Human Resources profession.

Through her book “Beat The Odds”, Mona is aiming to provide a roadmap to all hoteliers and working professionals on how to make their work a vehicle to delivering excellence and achieving astounding success. She instinctively knows how to ignite the courage in others to stay true to their values and capitalize on their strengths, which will ultimately steer them towards success and fulfilment. Mona'a life mantra is "The more odds you beat, the greater will be your feat"!



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