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2 Different Steps To Change Your Habits – The Practical And The Spiritual Way

Written by: Ilaria Storch, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Most of us certainly have some “pet” habits – like things we like to do a certain way – and it might look like we are talking about pets and animals here – yet it´s not the case! We do want to keep it fun and cheerful though, when implementing new routines and habits for the year ahead, from expanding a positive mindset, to new places to travel around the globe. And by the way, cats and dogs are certainly creatures of habits, and very playful as well, and can inspire us humans.

Silhouette of a girl that does yoga and meditation in the mountains at dawn.

Usually, habits are hard to give up, and introducing new ones is not so smooth either.

And this applies to many things in your life, from how you organize your drawers, or how many times you brush your teeth, to the consistent hour you wake up in the morning, or go to sleep at night, to how you handle work and personal assignments.

Fist it´s important to be sincere and ask yourself – is this habit helping me, or blocking, damaging, keeping me stuck in some way?

There are usually two routes to take, in my point of view, to tackle change, start a new habit and also to pause and redirect. One is related to the more masculine way of seeing things and taking action. The other, in the more feminine sphere, is when we need to go under the radar, sort things out in our hearts and minds, before course-correcting and taking new decisions, in our professional and personal life.

Below, I quote some lines from two amazing authors and just like one book was written back in the 90s and the other only some years ago, it means that no matter where you are right now, motivation and steps can find you mostly anywhere, and at any time!

Read the quotes, see which one gets you through to yourself and your fulfillment, and mix a little bit of each idea, whatever works for your inspiration and contemplation. The tasks of exploring your options and transformation are so exciting and necessary as much as traveling to new places and releasing others that are just not making you happy anymore. Like old and new habits.

Resources and Willpower – book “The One Thing” ‒ by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan

“Everyone accepts that limited resources must be managed, yet we fail to recognize that willpower is one of them. We act as though our supply of willpower were endless. As a result, we don´t consider it a personal resource to be managed, like food or sleep. This repeatedly puts us in a tight spot, for when we need our willpower the most it may not be there.”

“If you are what you repeatedly do, then achievement isn´t an action you take but a habit you forge into your life. You don´t have to seek out success. Harness the power of selected discipline to build the right habit, and extraordinary results will find you.”

Back to Yourself – book “The Heroine’s Journey” – by Maureen Murdock.

“Women find their way back to themselves not by moving up and out into the light like men, but by moving down into the depths of their being. Her metaphor of digging the earth to find the way back to herself expresses woman´s initiation process. The spiritual experience for women is one of moving more deeply into self rather than out of self.”

“When a woman stops doing, she must learn how to simply be. Being is not a luxury, it is a discipline. The heroine must listen carefully to her true inner voice. That means silencing the other voices anxious to tell her what to do. She must be willing to hold the tension until the new form emerges. Anything less than that absorbs growth, denies change, and reverses transformation.”

Remember, travel (even to a new neighborhood, or mini trip – it does not have to be huge and far away if you´re not up to it), and transformation, can both help you with new habits and reorganize yourself towards your goals.

Helping you navigate major life transitions with confidence towards your big goals and best life, wherever you are!

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Ilaria Storch, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ilaria Storch, a Life Coach Nomad, is the creator of Life Coach Nomads, where she shares her passion for travel and for inspiring people everywhere to access their true center and find more connection and energy on the way to more joy, fun, and fulfillment. She practices that following your emotions, wrapped up in a personal structure that can connect your goals, desires, and love, is the path to all real and true growth. Wherever you are, change is nomadic by essence, and it takes time, support and starts inside you when you absolutely desire to develop yourself and move on. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising, speaks many languages, won a Fashion Illustration Award during College, and loves coaching her clients towards their expressive life journey.



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