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16 Beliefs, Behaviors, & Body Language That Express Confidence & Personal Power 💥

Written by: Janette Ghedotte, Executive Contributor

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While some may think that confidence is in a person’s DNA as an innate character trait, for the majority of people, confidence can be learned through a personal process, journey, and transformation. To gain a greater sense of confidence, you have to be brave enough to take the first step. The first step of what? The first step of action. Of anything new. It is the first step of learning. It is showing and telling others that you are going through the pain and awkwardness of the learning phase.

Being humble enough to be a newbie, a rookie …, a novice. It is not knowing the answers. And being willing to ask for help. Everyone is a beginner at some point. Nobody likes being the “new kid on the block.” In the beginning, we do not know what we do not know. We may not even know enough to ask the right questions. Get Started. Confidence involves gathering information, practice, practice, and practice. Step-by-step gradual progress, stumbling, making mistakes, and getting up again. Even when you do not want to. Even when you want to call it QUITs. 10K and Years of Practice. The difference between beginners and experts are 10,000 hours and continuous years of practice. The difference between a winner and a loser is a winner got up one more time to give it one more effort. As I was learning body language and statement analysis, I loved absorbing everything about nonverbal communication and detecting deception. These two methods empower you to get to the truth when interacting with others in both personal and professional situations. Getting to the truth for myself and empowering others to get to their truths are my purpose and driving force. Reclaim Body Language Fluency. Although we were born body language experts, our caregivers and society emphasized verbal and written communication. As a result, we turned into body language amateurs. Since it took years to lose our original fluency in nonverbal communication, it can take years to reclaim the body language fluency that we once knew when we were babies. Want to be more confident and exude personal power?

Here are 16 Beliefs, Behaviors, & Body Language to Gain Confidence and Personal Power: 1. Go all in. Thats right. No ½ ass, wimpy whining. Believe and invest in yourself 100 percent. 2. Make Big. Bold. Moves. Go Big or Go Home. Great achievement requires risks and going beyond status quo. 3. Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is loud. Quietly observe everything in the present moment. Actively listen. When you listen, you discover. When you observe, you obtain intel. Use silence strategically. Show confidence through your BODY language without saying a word. 4. See the world 🌎 from different perspectives. Different ways of thinking expand your horizons and lead to new outcomes. 5. Step out of the box and embrace imagination, creativity, and innovation. Imagination, creativity, and innovation is more valuable and more important than talent. 6. Let GO, so you can FLOW. In order to SOAR to success, you have to let go, shift gears, and accelerate forward. 7. Don’t dabble. Dominate. Don’t just participate. Play to DOMINATE. Play to WIN. 8. Unlock the self-imposed chains and barriers that bind you. Only YOU hold the keys to unlock your self-imposed barriers. 9. Be growth minded so that you can learn to earn and be better. A growth mindset is essential to being a life learner. Investing in yourself through continuous education, training, and mentorship offer the highest return on investment. 10. Take ACTION. The space between where you are now and where you want to go, whom you want to serve, and who you want to become is called ACTION. 11. Connect with your Higher Power and the Universe so that you gain clarity on your journey. Connection clears the clutter and resets your North Star. 12. Realize on your ascension UP is not easy or linear. It’s a dance. One step forward might involve two steps backwards. Get Up and keep climbing up. 13. You can slip and fall DOWN, but it is how you get UP that builds resilience. Resilience is the raw, unleaded fuel that drives you forward toward your destination. 14. Reframe mistakes and failures as learning opportunities. That way, win or lose, you still win if you can learn from the experience. 15. Live a purpose driven life. Have a purpose. Know your purpose. When you live a purpose driven life, then you are confident and covered for any curve ball that life throws your way. 16. Have high integrity. If you live your life with high integrity, then you will be be fearless enough to stand up, speak out, and shine the light on the truth. Let’s all enter the New Year with a commitment towards achieving greater confidence and personal power. Confidence guides us to make better decisions which lead to a better life.

From Head to Toes, the BODY Always Shows the TRUTH.

From Head to Toes, the BODY Always Shows the TRUTH.

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Janette Ghedotte, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Truth & Deception Detection Expert Janette Ghedotte is a MA LLP Clinical Psychologist, Founder, and CEO of Accurate Body Language.

Accurate Body Language is the KEY to crack the code, unlock the vault of nonverbal communication, and reveal the secrets of human interaction.

With over 20 years of corporate business, marketing research, advertising & strategic brand positioning, and clinical psychology experience, Janette specializes in understanding the complexities of human behavior, interpersonal relationships, verbal, and nonverbal body language communication.


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