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Turn your expertise into Media Coverage

Can you provide valuable insight within the areas of business, personal development, leadership, health or lifestyle? Then you might qualify for the opportunity to get exclusive media coverage with Brainz Magazine.

“I get people reaching out to me saying they found me on Brainz Magazine. Being an Executive Contributor is great value, and I would highly recommend becoming one.” - Maxwell Nee

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Exclusive Interview

11 x Expert Articles

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Business Award

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Did you know that...


of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase decision.

*Source Oberlo 

People will carefully examine your online presence, looking for elements that instill trust in your services. These elements, such as media coverage, play a pivotal role in building trust and influencing decision-making, with media coverage being one of the most effective tools in this decision-making stage.

Have the opportunity to gain:

Brand Credibility

Increase your brand credibility in a global digital magazine 


Get publicity in the digital pages of Brainz Magazine

New Audience

Reach a new audience through search engine optimized articles


Get access to our community and network with like minded individuals


Cause a stir on your social media channels by sharing your feature

SEO Boost

Enhance your online presence with backlinks to give your SEO a boost


“I could see an immediate ROI from being a part of the Brainz community. We saw new clients coming in the door, and my network continues to grow.”

Hanna Hermansson, Business Coach


“One of the most powerful things is the amazing relationships and network opportunities. The amount of support is absolutely epic.”

Daniel Mangena, Entrepreneur


“An Exclusive Interview with Brainz Magazine resulted in great positivity, and the exposure landed new clients and speaking opportunities.”

Farrah Smith, Life Coach

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Executive Contributor

Exclusive Interview

11 x Expert Articles

Profile Page


Business Award

Social Media Coverage

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Get access to all these exclusive benefits

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are hand-picked and invited to contribute because of their valuable knowledge and insight within their area of expertise.​

Share your message with an...

Exclusive Interview

As part of your Executive Membership package, you'll feature in a personal Exclusive Interview, published in the same style as our editorial High-Profile Interviews so Brainz Magazine readers can get to know you and your personal story. Share your knowledge and expertise and gain new contacts and clients.

Reach new leads with...

11 x Expert Articles

Expert Articles embody the very meaning of value-focused content. Typically focusing on "How To…" or "Top Tip…" topics, they are highly effective at gaining credibility from your potential leads. Sharing your knowledge to help others solve their problems will turn readers into trusting and engaged leads. Due to their keyword-heavy titles, Expert Articles are typically super-charged for ranking high on Google and will help you reach the right audience by targeting those who actively search for answers to specific questions.

Share your biography and get...

Do-follow backlinks

We will always include a biography with do-follow backlinks to your website, providing your website with an extra SEO boost and assisting you in climbing the ranks of Google. Why are Backlinks important? Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent a ‘vote of confidence’ from one site to another. In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. -

Increase your visibility with a...

Profile page

Every member gets their own Executive Contributor Profile Page. These powerful web pages are optimized for Google and other search engines, increasing your visibility online. Your Contributor Profile Page will also include all your written articles so that readers can enjoy your content in one place.

Get more visibility with Brainz...

Social media coverage

Get more visibility with social media exposure! All your articles will be shared across Brainz Magazine’s social media channels. Sharing your content on social media gives readers easy access to share, engage and read your articles and makes it easy for you to repost all your content.

Network with like-minded in our...


Our community is a must-join online space where members share valuable insights and resources. The Brainz Community stands as a large, growing platform where you can network, ask questions, and even find new clients. Our Executive Contributors recognize this community as an exciting opportunity to inspire others, seek feedback, and establish new contacts. The Brainz team organizes weekly planned posts that specifically invite group members to engage in networking with one another. These posts offer amazing opportunities to expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals.

Validate your expertise with a...

Business award

If you are accepted as an Executive Contributor, you'll automatically meet one of our annual award lists' entrance criteria. You will be included in the Brainz 500 Global Awards or the CREA Global Awards, where you will feature alongside other world-class entrepreneurs, celebrities, and top influencers recognized for their entrepreneurial success, personal achievements, and inspiring work.

Receive a personalized...

Award page

All successful awardees receive a permanent award page dedicated to their business, with a unique and personalized URL visible across all search engines to attract web traffic and build brand awareness.


“Brainz has helped me build more trust and credibility and also accelerate more deals. Working with Brainz Magazine has been the best strategy.”

Oscar Chavez, Revenue Expert


"My followers has gone up. I have been contacted for opportunities to be on podcasts. It is priceless, to be honest, I can not have done it alone."

Paula Orezi, Author, Speaker & Coach


“I get people reaching out to me saying they found me on Brainz Magazine all the time. Being an Executive Contributor is great value and I would highly recommend becoming one”

Maxwell Nee, Business Coach


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Social Media Reach


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5,0 based on 160+ Google Reviews

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What's it like to be an Executive Contributor? 

Executive Contributor Partnership

Align your brand with some of the world’s most enterprising business influencers

Brainz Magazine operates at the very forefront of international publishing, reaching readers from over 65 countries, across 6 continents worldwide - and we´re giving you the opportunity to be a part of our team.

“One of the best decisions I made in turns of partnership and collaboration. You will definitely see an ROI” Heather Alice Shea

Frequently Asked Questions

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"I liked that Brainz Magazine was no cookie cutters. Working with the team was easy, simple, and enjoyable, and I can’t recommend Brainz Magazine enough." Pictionary Founder Rob Angel

Apply to become an Executive Contributor

Exclusive Interview

11 x Expert Articles

Profile Page


Business Award

Social Media Coverage

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