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Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Business?

Written by: Emma Tessler, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


You may be a Social Media maestro, just getting started in your social media journey, or somewhere in between. No matter where you are on the learning spectrum, knowing which platforms are the right fit for your business is an integral part of your digital marketing success. You do not have to be on every platform to see long-term success. So, how do you know which ones are right for your business? More importantly, how do you keep up with content creation across platforms?

Creating omnipresence is all about repurposing content from one platform to another in new + fresh ways that connect with your audience. Consumers are looking for different types of content depending on the platform, though so be sure to keep this in mind when repurposing individual posts! Understanding where your target market is most active based on their online activity and overall demographics will also aid you in choosing the right platform and type of content to post each day. Finally, clarity around your bandwidth for content creation is absolutely crucial when planning your content cadence and tracking KPIs.

So, which platform is right for your business? Let’s take a look:


Consider Instagram your baseline; you will most likely start here. In 2022, nearly every consumer has an account and will look up your brand (and competition) before purchasing a product or opting in. Having an Instagram account, especially a verified account is a sign of being reputable, real, and transparent in today’s world. Instagram offers a wide variety of content types: single photos, carousel, short-form reels, 24-hour expiration content via Stories, etc. There’s a lot to explore and try out here. If you only have the bandwidth for one platform this is where you should begin. Get comfortable here and expand from there.


Facebook pages are essentially dead in 2022, but there are still reasons you should not abandon Facebook altogether! The biggest benefit of maintaining a Facebook page is that consumers can write a review of your business (similar to Yelp). This platform is especially beneficial if your target audience is 35+ years old. It’s important to note, though, that it really is a pay-to-play platform. Your best bet when using Facebook will be running ads to your free/low ticket offers in order to build brand awareness and grow your audience here.


LinkedIn has a more serious, business-oriented vibe than other platforms. Content from Instagram may not transfer well to this platform, but there are lots of reasons to invest your time in LinkedIn. In my opinion, every brand should have a presence here, but few do (which is good for you!). It really is a necessary platform for brands that are B2B, but even B2C brands will gain traction and sales here. Fewer than 1% of account holders actually create content on this platform which means there is a LOT of white space for you to be seen!

LinkedIn will also benefit you through the wide reach your content will have via the networks of your connections. This is an opportunity to write more long-form content and get your content seen by that outside of your personal network. When someone in your network likes your post, their entire network gets shown your content. You can also double-dip your content by posting to both personal and business pages. Grow your business page through invites to your personal network each month. Engagement on this platform will also help you grow faster here, so be sure to engage from both your personal and business pages!


You’re going to want to carve out a home on Pinterest if you have a mainly female audience over 77% of Pinterest users are female and age isn’t a factor. If your brand is at all visual, and 90% of brands are, you should be using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website! This is easily done by driving traffic to blog posts. Don’t have a blog? You can repurpose social media content into blogs, which then can get pushed onto Pinterest. Pinterest is most successful with a high volume of daily content vs. high quality. Even video content performs well on this platform, so don’t forget to repurpose your Reels here! Pinterest ads are performing really well right now, too, because there are still not a lot of brands utilizing them - this is your time to shine.


This platform can be intimidating, but I promise that this is the most important platform to explore right now. TikTok is the best platform for your brand if your target audience is 35 years old or younger. I would even say it is a complete necessity if your target audience is under 25 years old. This platform is only video content and trends dictate what’s popular/not with extreme speed. Trends are always beginning on this platform, then trickle down to other platforms several weeks later we typically see a TikTok trend hit Instagram 2-3 weeks afterward. If you want to be in tune with what’s happening online, hop on TikTok and jump on the trends to increase your reach. You’ll also be able to predict where content will go on Instagram and Pinterest within the following weeks.

What’s unique about TikTok is that you don’t have to build an audience before getting started. Create content and that will build your audience organically. There’s a lot of space for virality here, but that will change over the next year, so don’t wait to get on this platform!

It’s easy to feel like you have to be everywhere which in and of itself can feel overwhelming. Remember, you don’t have to do it all! Instead, determine where your audience is, where they are consuming content, understand what they enjoy consuming and create that! Get really good at 2-3 platforms BEFORE expanding to more. It’s better to see incredible results in one place than good results on multiple platforms. If you’re struggling to get started, book a Strategy Intensive Call with us. We’re happy to help kick things off and create a game plan for you to put into action!

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Emma Tessler, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Emma Tessler is the founder and CEO of Ninety Five Media, a new-age Digital Marketing Agency. After discovering digital marketing at a college internship and falling in love with it, Emma put this on the back burner to pursue her major of Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, just a few years later, she left this career to form her own Digital Marketing business, Ninety-Five Media. Today, Ninety Five Media works with scaling brands to monetize their online presence on social media platforms using strategic, current marketing strategies ‒ this is their signature Ninety Five Media Method. This Method helps their clients connect with ideal customers, build community, and convert audience members into paying clients. As a former Designer, Emma brings both creativity and strategy to her client's accounts to exponentially scale their online brand awareness.



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