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From Pharmaceuticals To Energy Medicine Guru - Exclusive Interview With Dipal Shah

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Dipal Shah, Internationally Acclaimed Self-Care Expert and Medical Intuitive has one mission: to help women heal their past and strengthen the powerful intuition within themselves. She wants to see women take charge of their health and lead them to a better life.

A recognized expert in the field of Energy Medicine, Dipal created the Quantum Body Awakening Technique: leading thousands of women in over 92 countries to escape painful, chronic health conditions where western medicine failed. Dipal's unique gifts created profound shifts for her clients; from finding boundless energy to experiencing life with increased purpose and inspiration.

Through her company, Ananda 4 Life, Dipal has served celebrities, thought leaders, and health-care practitioners, leading them to find joy and decrease suffering through her blend of practices.

Featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global Magazine, The List TV Show, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, Dipal is frequently called upon to share her messages on mass media platforms along with Summits and Podcasts. Currently, she is a content creator for Best Holistic Life Magazine creating articles and education around reclaiming your health and life.

She believes that everyone has the chance to connect with their inner power, if they slow down and listen. You can learn more about Dipal and her journey at:

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With many impressive titles and a brilliant career, we wonder if you would like to start by telling us a little about yourself and what your journey has been like.

The theme of my life was proving. Proving that I could live up to the cultural and parental expectations, yet living in America and being divided by two different worlds. Proving that I was smart enough in school. Proving that I was good enough. Pushing was the constant mode in my mind, because if I stopped, I might not live up to the expectations my world placed on me. Every day was consumed with trying to establish my place in a confusing, expectation-filled world.

My journey has been the journey of healing myself: from the pain, the stress, and the struggle of my childhood. Holding onto our suffering is like wearing a backpack full of rocks. We constantly carry the weight of our struggle and wonder why our backs ache, and our minds are exhausted. I had to release the “rocks” I was carrying to find who I truly was.

I quit my job in 2008 as a pharmaceutical rep and decided to stay home with my girls and low and behold the universe opened a huge door for me as I discovered energy healing through my own healing journey. I soon created Ananda 4 Life, LLC to help other women who feel stuck in a negative mindset and wanting to find happiness but mostly a reason for living. I learned multiple modalities and now have one of my own that I teach and help women over 40 who are ready to heal their body, mind and spirit and step into their purpose.

You work a lot with something called Energy Medicine, can you elaborate on what it means and how you started with it?

Energy Medicine is the idea of restoring the body and mind to its natural, neutral state. Although this sounds confusing, it truly means that because of our Facebook Feeds, fast-paced society, endless commutes, and to-do lists, we are frazzled and stressed.

Throughout my background in the pharmaceutical industry, I was constantly confronted with situations where medicine didn’t always work for everyone, especially in my own case. As I looked at the overflowing medicine cabinets around me in my own home, I realized with startling clarity that conventional medicine is a mask for our ailments, but never a root fix.

Energy Medicine has always been incorporated into Eastern Culture and Medicine, but Western Medicine did not pick it up until more recently. I recall my elders always suggesting I take a laxative anytime I complained of something in my body. Which made me laugh and think they were crazy. Now modern science has proven the Brain-Gut-Body Connection. Guess my elders weren’t that crazy…

What I find interesting is that 2020 sparked a resurgence of people taking health into their own hands, with energy medicine being a keyword in popular magazines such as Oprah and Health. The trend continues, and working with energy is growing at a rapid rate in response to the constant anxiety, stress, and depression many of us feel from living in our politically charged and frustration-filled society.

Energy Medicine seeks to shift our perception of ourselves and the world by identifying our patterns and replacing those with energy-healthy habits.

How do you use Energy medicine in connection with your clients?

Everything we experience, whether getting a poor grade on a test or watching a movie, is an interaction we attach an emotion to. Although we rarely stop to think about it, we are constantly feeling emotions throughout our lives. In the same way, you’d bake a layered cake, over time our emotions build up in layers. These subconscious emotional imprints affect and dictate the lens through which we experience the world.

And as we grow and go through more things, these ruts and layers grow even stronger.

Through energy medicine, we take a deep dive into your body and the invisible energy channels (ex. Chakras, aura, haraline) to uncover and heal the subconscious emotional imprints impacting your life presently, regardless of how long they’ve been buried. We can go far back as other lifetimes, in the womb and even childhood.

Once we can identify these patterns we can now work on shifting the body’s frequency to create space for the body to start healing itself.

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You are certified in different energy modalities and even created your own Energy Modality that you currently use. How does someone know if they need this type of healing assistance?

I was in pain. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

My neck hurt all the time, my stomach woke me up in the middle of the night, and I was struggling with every digestive ailment you could imagine. I knew I needed help because I couldn’t continue to function that way. They became so intensely unbearable that I couldn’t afford to not listen to my body anymore since I tried everything in the book with western medicine. My body was begging to be heard!

But it doesn’t have to get to that point. Because of the taxing world we live in, we all need healing assistance in the same way a car needs an oil change. To be honest, anyone can benefit from utilizing these types of services especially since it can be performed remotely in the comfort of your own space.

Some of my clients who come to me have been diagnosed with a physical disease most commonly thyroid, digestive, cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, back pain, and even cancer. Trying to find answers rather than medication takes a toll on their mental well-being. They are looking to bring the mind, body, and spirit into alignment so that they can function better, have more energy, and find more time to enjoy life instead of focusing on their health problems.

Energy Healing opens you up to a deeper sense of ease, well-being, and purpose, and brings you back to your true self. It is effective as an independent therapy and also extremely successful as an adjunct to traditional healthcare.

Our subconscious mind deeply affects us: from our energy to our ability to create relationships, health, or wealth, how do you believe we can harness the power of the subconscious mind?

The first step to harnessing the power of the subconscious mind is realizing that all of our experiences in life have shaped and molded our mindset to become the complex circuitry it is. To change our experience, we often have to time travel back to childhood and realize where we began picking up these harmful beliefs. It’s all about the root cause. Once we understand the root cause, we are able to slowly dismantle and reprogram that belief, instilling positive new beliefs in our brains.

It’s a slow and tedious process, but one that is so fun and so worthwhile if you take the time to slow down and enjoy it. When I delved into my own mindset journey, not only did I learn so much about myself, but more so I learned greatly about others and how similar all human beings actually are. Defining your patterns is back-breaking, but rewarding because once we hold the power of our subconscious mind, we are able to accomplish nearly anything.

Being a self-employed entrepreneur can be exhausting and at certain times very stressful. How do you practice self-care to avoid overworking yourself as well as not getting burnt out?

Even though I know the steps, I sometimes suffer from burn out too. This comes from my nature of overworking and pushing myself constantly. Because I grew up with a deep pattern of trying to prove myself, I sometimes fall back into those patterns in my business as well.

Entrepreneurs are naturally passionate and curious people, which is beautiful, but can be challenging because we get our hands in so many projects! It’s been a learning journey for me to come to the understanding that I need to take care of myself first. Stress is something I still experience, but it doesn’t wreak the same havoc and destruction on my body that it used to. How I manage my stress has dramatically changed so that it stays on the surface level rather than permeating my energy and causing issues in every area of my life!

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Self- Care Expert I encourage people to find a self-care routine that they can do each day because self-care goes so much deeper than taking a bubble bath or eating some chocolate.

Self-care is reflecting on how you feel by checking in on your emotions throughout the day and making changes to help yourself adjust to your environment. I also enjoy mind dumping to manage my anxiety, worry, and fear. My husband always says “talk it out.” I talk to my dog, talk to myself and talk to GOD.

Choose practices that are aligned and authentic to you: whether that is meditation, journaling, taking a long walk, or being alone and silent. The little things you do in the morning or throughout your day all add up. It’s important that your self-care pours back into your depleted soul and helps you forget about the outside world so that you can be fully present.

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Do you have any current goals for your business?

Finding myself was the journey of a lifetime. I want women to experience the peace, joy, and purpose of life that I have felt after stepping into my power.

Working with women globally, over the last 10 years and guiding them on their spiritual and physical journey free of diseases, pain, and victim mindsets is a blessing and honor. At Ananda 4 Life, we are always exploring new and easy ways of offering courses, memberships, and sessions. We are expanding our company by educating and providing more women the opportunity to learn the tools and techniques to heal themselves and create a thriving healing practice. In the long run, this will help fulfill the demands of the clientele who are ready to explore new opportunities and find better health and well-being using Energy Medicine.

To round off, how can someone get in touch with you if they are interested in your services?

To connect with me you can visit my website or email me at regarding the Medical Intuitive Course, Sessions, or Speaking Engagements. You’re also welcome to grab my free gift where I share my monthly intuitive lessons

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