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What Goes On In A Hypnosis Session? Part 2 (And Does It Really Work)

Written by: McKing Lee, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I think a lot of people have seen some videos of a hypnosis session and just wonder whether it is really like that. like does the person just go to sleep so easily, and won’t be waking up until the end of the session. So today, I’m going to explore that!

A hypnotherapist working with a young female patient.

In a previous article, What Is Hypnosis? Part 1, we looked at how hypnosis works and how it is evident in daily living

Yes you might want to read that article before continuing this one!

So I’m going to assume you have a fair grasp of the concept of hypnosis and how it works before reading this article

Although I suppose I might share today’s information in a way that even if you didn’t read it, hopefully you might understand?

If you don’t, please read the other articles in my contributor page here.

Traditional Versus Modern Hypnosis

First up I probably should define and share about this so as to remove any misunderstandings

You see, most people know or heard of the traditional style of hypnosis

This is what we see often in movies and shows

Where the client or subject is being hypnotized and going into a deep state of trance that seems similar to sleep

This modality of hypnosis believes that hypnosis can only occur in a deep state of relaxation

I’m just sharing a general view because otherwise, it might become more of a paper than an article XD

Most people know of it, which is why I need to share that I don’t do the traditional style

I mainly use a modern conversational style of hypnosis to help my clients with their issues

In this style, the client or subject is still fairly conscious, whether eyes are open or close, both are acceptable

And we can still resolve the issue effectively

As mentioned in the previous article, where hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomena

This also means that you can be in a state of hypnosis already when you come and see me

The only difference is, whether you have an intent to resolve an issue or not

If you do have such intent to resolve an issue, the hypnosis will be highly effective

But if you don’t have such intent, then it will not be effective

Simple right?

I might share other reasons for what might make a hypnosis session ineffective subsequently, so look out for it!

The Process Is Simple

Now I mentioned earlier that you can do the hypnosis eyes open or close

Which also means that hypnosis is relatively safe

Of course you might not believe me hahaha

I do have some videos somewhere but you need to search them up

Here’s one on Facebook.

So anyway, what is happening??

One of the techniques that I do to help people resolve their issues is symbolism

Essentially, we tap into the unconscious mind to find a symbolic representation of the issue

This is great for small or mild issues

It may be good for bigger issues, but sometimes if it's really chunky like a trauma, we do another technique instead

For example, I had a guy came to me for fear of speaking out, fear of sharing his opinion to people

And this fear, he can feel it in his throat

When we did the symbolism technique, a needle came out

It’s not a real needle!

It’s from his unconscious mind

This needle was a symbolic representation of his fear

After communicating with it for a bit, we resolved it and his fear was gone!

Sometimes We Explore Entire Worlds

If we do a deeper process, we go deep into the unconscious mind and let the unconscious mind create a world for us to navigate

I once had a lawyer ask me if her unconscious mind was like a game, and the hypnotist (me) was a player entering that game to play

Which is a great metaphor, but a bit incorrect

I shared with her that yes, her unconscious mind was like a game, but her conscious mind is the player

She is essentially entering her own mind, and completing the quests in the game, is like resolving the issues within

What about me?

I’m like the little fairy guide dropping hints along the way

You still have full conscious control to do what you want to do

To resolve what you want to resolve

And because each person is unique, it also means the world they enter can be vastly different from each other

Some enter a magical world like sci-fi fantasy, others enter an alien world or venture into space

Some do very normal things like having a farm, or trekking through the forest

Others climb mountains and become a king

If you are curious what other things they might experience in such hypnosis

Please do read them on my blog where I can share in more details here.

This is because I share exactly what goes on in their mind throughout the entire hypnosis experience

What About Childhood Trauma?

Yes, when it comes to childhood trauma, a regression is usually one of the better techniques to resolve such things

This is because the trauma occurred during childhood, it is deep in the past

The above mentioned processes are great to resolve things happening in the current present moment

But a regression is usually best for resolving issues that stem from the past

The tricky thing is whether you are ready to face whatever happened in the past?

Well, of course, there are other hypnosis techniques that I didn’t share in this article

And I think I will share more on regression in the next article

Because, did you know there are different types of regression?

Most people will know of the current life and past life regression but there is one more!

So if you read the next article, you will know a bit more than the average person

Until then, stay tuned and check out my blog.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time! :D

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McKing Lee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

McKing Lee is a conversational hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, and a student of life. After nearly dying in his sleep when his lung burst for no reason, McKing develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and fell into depression. He subsequently sought his own recovery through learning NLP and hypnosis. Having a unique understanding of how the mind works, he has helped many people with mental and psychological issues, relationship and emotional issues, and interestingly enough, sometimes physical ailments too. McKing was recognized and won APAC SEA Business Awards Hypnotist of the Year 2020, and has been featured in local and overseas media over the years. He aims to help people as effectively as possible, through sharing of knowledge and with the right application of skills.



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