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What Can Humanity Learn From The YONI

Written by: Shreesha Khare, Executive Contributor

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A Creation Center The Lifeforce Energy

A sacred vortex energy is a universal portal to deeply connect with ourselves that resembles the hollow, pear-shaped organ in a woman's pelvic called yoni. Our mothers conceive us via vulva and carry us for 9 months in the womb, through all the pain, emotional upheaval, and mood swings. And if you insist on having a brother or sister, she will give birth through vulva once more with complete trust, love, and surrender to the unknown.

When I say Yoni, it includes all the female sexual organs: vulva, vagina, uterus, and ovaries. However, it appears small, and our patriarchal society labels it as weakness, oblivious to the difficulty of giving birth to an entire new human being. The Yoni is all about cherishing, supporting, and nurturing.

The Yoni is connected to a transition point in our beingness as humans, and these transitions are forceful and dynamic. It means that we will grow in a hard way and evolve in a rough way. With every change, we will endure pain. Transformation and transmutation will be found in your rock bottom hit.

When you are transitioning from one stage to another, you exit from one place and enter the other, and between this exit and entrance, there will always be upheaval, some alterations, and changes, as it’s natural for Yoni to feel that way. There will be challenges in understanding the eruption of Yoni in your life, but if you stay enthusiastic and listen to what it is trying to teach, you will be fine. Right now, humanity is currently in the Yoni of Mother Earth, where death and rebirth are occurring simultaneously.

The volatility of everything around you can be uncomfortable and scary, yet the way it washes out our spirits in the washing machine is similar. Our lives are changing. Moving to the next level of humanity requires a 360-degree growth of maturity to handle things in a much wiser manner.

The three biggest lessons from the Yoni

  1. Be on the fence of darkness to enter the portal of light, as that is the way to shine in light and love your hidden shadows.

  2. You are an infinite human being and hold infinite intelligence. How you use it will make or break a difference in your life and the lives of people around you.

  3. It is a place of balance in life-connected to root. Keeping our roots strong with determination, self-control, and patience. Any imbalance will create a disease.

A Divine Feminine energy is present in you irrespective of your gender. Connect with it from the space of your heart and throat. Express yourself in whichever manner you feel like it. I write everything in my journal and voice notes. I have no one to express it to, so I write. If you have someone, let them know how you feel.

You have been through some deep scars, transgenerational trauma, and sexual abuse (be it men or women). It left us with deep wounds and haunted us all our lives, affecting our relationships and other areas.

Hold the hand of faith and love, not hate and fear, as they will not take you to the road of peace.

What can you do?

  • Perform Body Movement. Listen to your body and allow it to guide you to its own rhythm.

  • Stand wide open with your legs and hands up in the air and shake your body. It will help you release any pain in your body that you feel.

  • Do Meditation: Find a quiet place for yourself, put on binaural beat music, and imagine you are immersing yourself in mother earth and letting go of every old part of you.

  • And don't forget to write! write! and write! This one piece helped me so much to connect with myself.

  • Write your feelings on a piece of paper and burn it. Believe me, you will feel better.

It is all about expressing your feelings, and when we don’t do that, we face all kinds of adversity, externally or internally manifested in the form of diseases.

Lots of Light and Love,


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Shreesha Khare, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Shreesha Khare is an author and an inspirational thought leader, aka a leading luminary. She is walking on the path of "Self-Illumination" to be more of her true self, share more of her personal experiences, and change the lives of others through her own journey of personal transformation. There is a deep internal desire in her to take all of what she has learned and help others along their path. She believes that suffering is the key to unlocking our greatest gifts. She is the Founder and Chief humanitarian Being at S&S Co-Space for Humanity, a boutique where you will be served with coaching and guidance of self-love and self-actualization, is like taking a journey into the inner cosmic world.



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