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"What About Me?" - What Type Are You?

Written by: Jazsper Womack, Executive Contributor

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Have you ever thought about the many insecurities we carry that affects our self- esteem? Often conceived and stemmed by the opinions of others that they too have them, yet its Human nature to value the opinions of others to a degree that if we’re not careful, we may give in to what we hear versus what we aim to be in life.

I often tell everyone I know you have two types of people in this world. You have Group A, Who are determined, knowingly that they have many imperfections. Yet, they know their destiny and are designed for greatness, and will not let anyone or circumstances detour or stop them from the end result they have set out for themselves by themselves.

Then there’s group B, those who are always self- doubting, easily to give in, those that value what others say over their own goals and aspirations in life—allowing others to dictate and paralyze their potential to achieve anything. The difference between the two is what? You are right! The mindset! The mindset is especially important. It shapes your perception and how you handle your everyday life. You must want greatness so bad, that no matter how lonely or hard it may get, that “I got to have it attitude”, will get you to a place that you will not stop until you're satisfied enough to live life comfortably, materially or emotionally.

I believe words are powerful. A single sentence can alter your emotions swiftly and so it is imperative that you filter. What is a filter? I am glad you asked. Think of your email. How it filters out Spam or Junk, that is what you must have a filter mentally. Things that do not serve your wellbeing is created to be a fuel to be and do the opposite! No one can live your life for you! Beauty starts from within. It represents us as our personality and character.

Beauty is learning to go to that place of rejection and understand what was said and why we allow it to change our perception of how we view ourselves—taking the time to heal and to forgive and move on from a place of stagnation. Now, Don’t get me wrong we all have things about us we can improve, but once you can accept that you first must view you in the most positive way, that is when energy is then transferred to the way others think of you. This is when self–esteem is used as an advantage to advance in life and should not be taken lightly.

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Jazsper Womack, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jazsper Renee Womack is a 25-year-old Alabama Native, born In Tallahassee, Florida, in 1995. She grew up in Ozark, Alabama, where she graduated High School in 2013 and attended Cosmetology School at Wallace Community College in Dothan, Alabama. In 2019, Jazsper set out to make her mark in the beauty industry and relocated to Atlanta Georgia, where she would create her beauty line, “Just Jazee Beauty” , “Color Me Pretty by Just Jazee,” and an online Beauty Studio. Her brand would powerfully relay the message to remind her clientele that beauty starts from within, beginning with positive self-image, self care, and self-esteem. Because she understands this principle, she’s able to offer High-End Bundles, Lashes, and Beauty products with confidence, giving her recognition from Voyage Atlanta and Who’s Who for her exceptional products and services.




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