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Unraveling The B.I.T.E. Analogy In M.L.M. – A Deeper Look Into Control Tactics

Written by: Dr. Rita Renee', Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Dr. Rita Renee'

In the complex world of Multi-Level Marketing (M.L.M.), where promises of financial success and personal growth abound, it's essential to scrutinize the tactics employed by some M.L.M.s to recruit and control their members. Steven Hassan's BITE Model, originally developed to analyze cults, provides a compelling framework to understand the methods utilized by such groups. The acronym "BITE" stands for Behavior, Information, Thought, and Emotional control – each revealing a layer of influence that is crucial to grasp.

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Breaking down the B.I.T.E. model

Behavior control

M.L.M.s often exert significant influence over their members' behavior. This can manifest through strict rules and guidelines, mandatory events, or pressure to conform to the group's norms. For instance, requiring a certain number of hours devoted to M.L.M. activities each week or attending frequent recruitment events illustrates behavior control.

Information control

Information is power, and M.L.M.s understand this all too well. These organizations control what their members know and believe through selective disclosure and manipulation of information. This might involve promoting only positive testimonials, concealing negative aspects, or discouraging members from seeking information outside the M.L.M. bubble.

Thought control

M.L.M.s employ thought control by shaping the beliefs and mindsets of their members. This can include promoting an "us versus them" mentality, discouraging critical thinking, and fostering dependency on the M.L.M. community. By restricting diverse perspectives, M.L.M.s create an environment where alternative views are dismissed, and conformity is encouraged.

Emotional control

Emotions are crucial in M.L.M.s, often exploited to maintain loyalty and commitment. Love bombing, a tactic where members receive excessive affection and validation, is common. Fear tactics may also be used, instilling phobias about failure or financial ruin if one deviates from the M.L.M. path. Emotional control keeps members emotionally invested and less likely to question the M.L.M.'s practices.

Examples to look for

Behavior Control: Regularly attending meetings, following a strict schedule, and adhering to rigid recruitment quotas.

Information Control: Restricting access to negative information, discouraging research outside the M.L.M.'s approved sources, and presenting a curated, overly optimistic image.

Thought Control: Encouraging an "us versus them" mentality, discrediting dissenting opinions, and stifling critical thinking.

Emotional Control: Love bombing through excessive praise and validation, instilling fear of financial ruin if one leaves the M.L.M. and creating a dependency on the M.L.M. community.


Understanding the BITE Model in the context of M.L.M.s unveils the mechanisms through which these organizations exert control. Recognizing behavior, information, thought, and emotional control empowers participants to make informed decisions about their connections in M.L.M.s and fosters a critical approach to the tactics used by such groups.

Call to action

As consumers, it is crucial to be vigilant and discerning when considering involvement in M.L.M.s. Educate yourself about the BITE Model and stay informed about the tactics that may be employed. Encourage open dialogue and critical thinking within M.L.M. communities, promoting an environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed. By doing so, individuals can safeguard themselves against undue influence and make informed choices about their involvement in these marketing structures.

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Dr. Rita Renee' Brainz Magazine

Dr. Rita Renee', Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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