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Unlocking True Choices – Overcome Life's Challenges And Embrace Your Dreams

Used to be an unfulfilled overworked professional, suffering the rights and wrongs of reality that led her to look into different possibilities and perspectives in terms of health, well-being and personal fulfillment.

Executive Contributor Reena Terreping

Are you suffering from not making the choice? Ask about different areas of your life. What’s that I’m not choosing here to make it happen? I had a pick-me-up greatness reading the other day, and it’s hard not to go to the judgement of me. I mean, it’s really hard!

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I needed picking up because of the life trauma that I had recently. Firstly, I didn’t think I had to call it that, but that’s what it was. After that, I decided that if the situation comes up again, I’ll leave it. I leave what I’ve worked for years because it felt like it took a piece of me this time, and I do not know if I'll get it back or perhaps it’s something I had to lose. 

Not making a true choice in that area has repressed everything else—my business, my creation, and therefore, life and living. Wow, what life could be if I could be living as me, living as by my choice?

However, apparently talking to my coach, it turned out I had never made a true choice in that particular area of my life.

What are the places that you’re suffering from not making the true choice?

The next day, I realised that I had put that dream outside of me, like I wasn't worth it. Like it was somewhere far away, as I could only treat it as a guest when I actually could call it mine and step into it. Do you put your dream outside of you, like it's far in the distance?

Apparently, I have done it with mine for 10 years. Now, I have to be ready to lose, or do I? What else is possible here that I haven't considered? 

Just think of the area of your life in which you are suffering or feeling uncomfortable, where you haven’t actually made a choice. Perhaps you’re used to that lingering energy, have adjusted by now, and think it's normal. 

There might be many... areas. Are you drifting through life, or have you thought about why you’re suffering? Why aren’t you as happy as You actually are? Are you avoiding choosing?

What is a true choice? It’s clarity and knowing, focus, and it's not static; it's actually for now because that’s all you ever have. What if you ask, what can I choose now?

We are afraid of making choices because they have to be definite. Remember when your parents asked in a stern voice, 'strawberry or chocolate?', and you’ve got frozen (like the ice cream you were asking for), you didn’t know what you had to say now? That’s where it's already started.

There are people and some wonderful things that are definite, but not because they have to be, because we definitely choose them to be. Most things really aren't. It's a learned constraint to repress human nature and creativity. 

What is in your life that you keep choosing that doesn’t really serve you? Can you make a different choice now? What can you choose?

What could choosing you create for you and for the world?

Also, putting the power outside of you in terms of your choice (dream) is: You think you have to wait til someone is coming along a person, or government, or your boss, or your life partner, til the world comes to its senses, til you are ready? What if you only have to anchor your choice within you to make it happen? Without going to how, who, and when.

What can I choose that is true for me right now? What could be possible, then?

Did you feel your body eased up a bit?

Thank you for being in this world and looking into different possibilities!



Reena Terreping, Walkwithme Wellness

Reena Terreping used to be an unfulfilled overworked professional, suffering the rights and wrongs of reality that led her to look into different possibilities and perspectives in terms of health, well-being and personal fulfillment. She took on the role of an illuminator, shining light on the underlying emotional reasons within the body and mind. For her, understanding the root cause is the pivotal step towards initiating the healing journey. Within the multifaceted tapestry of Walkwithme Wellness, Reena skillfully articulates insights into a spectrum of health conditions, enlightening readers with her knowledge.



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