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Universal Energy — What is it and How Does it Affect You?

Written by: Kelly L. McCarthy, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The quote by Maya Angelou says it best. “As we know better, we do better, and as we do better, we help create space for others to do the same. That in itself is the simple definition of universal energy and how it works. Going deeper is to understand each of us is a unique energetic frequency born into a specific fate that can become conscious enough in our awareness to create our true destiny. It is learning to live as our energy and not just during a meditative practice of it with full awareness of our frequency and how it affects every single being on the planet, whether you are conscious of it or not. When we learn to identify, understand, and harness our energetic frequency, we can help create the space for others to do the same, just as Maya speaks of.


Here is an example of energetic frequencies and how they affect others. Imagine having a productive day at work. Everything is running smoothly, everyone is happy, and suddenly, the computer system crashes, leaving everyone at a complete standstill in their jobs.

Some people will immediately react in anger and frustration, while others panic about a deadline or anxious about all the unknowns related to the crash.

Then some may see it as an unexpected welcomed break in their day where they can get up, move around and stretch their bodies understanding it’s just a glitch and not the end of the world.

Those not understanding their frequency and how to harness it will not only cause more anxiety and stress for themselves, but they will unconsciously share it with others through the words they speak, their tone of voice, and even their body language, unaware of the deep imprint and impact they are leaving.

Still unconscious to their frequency, they run errands after work taking their frustrations out on someone who may have pulled out in front of them or was driving slower than they would have liked now gripping the steering wheel tightly and cursing loudly at literally no one that can hear them and the frequency is becoming frantic. They stop at the store for a few things and what they need is out of stock, and of course, they picked the wrong line because they always do so are tapping their foot visibly annoyed imprinting on every person they come in contact with. As they walk through the front door finally home after the day, they have had believing it’s safe and they can relax and unwind. They see chaos upon opening the door.

Kids' shoes and backpacks are on the floor blocking the hallway, the kitchen is a mess, and the milk was left out yet again. As the kids come running in to hug them instead of embracing the moment and them, they scream, leaving the children stunned, scared and confused, imprinting and impacting them with an energy that has nothing to do with them.

The children’s frequency has now been altered, and their behavior, words, and actions will not only stay within them but then pass on to the next, maybe at school or maybe back to the parent, a sibling, or even a pet.

And unbeknownst to the person with the frantic energy they have also imprinted on the people at work, the people in traffic they honked and cursed at, the people in the grocery store watching them impatiently standing in line rolling their eyes and the ripple goes on and on all from one person unaware of their energetic frequency.

Now take a moment to think of the office where it all began and how many people left with that same frequency imprinting and impacting others.

Now think of the thousands of businesses this is happening in every single day.

Lastly, take a moment to think of the world and all the situations that are happening daily where the energy of others is affecting others.

The ripple effect is daunting, without adding the animal kingdom and the planet to the conversation yet. Then we have the person who has connected to and understands their frequency. They are more aware of how they are at any given moment, able to see, accept, be in and shift the thought, feeling, or situation, remembering the key to creating and staying in balance is in the awareness.

When we are in balance, everything around us is easier to balance, bringing us back to the statement, “as we know better, we do better.”

The energetic frequency this person harnesses spreads more awareness, understanding, compassion, and happiness much more frequently. However, they can still get caught up in their negative energy, their ability to recognize it and move through it easier and faster than those with no understanding at all.

Many live as though life is happening to them, continuously caught up in the linear details of life as they perceive it through the filter of their own beliefs without the understanding they are creating these experiences through their frequency.

Life is actually happening as us, through us and every single experience is one we have asked for whether we are conscious of it or not. To live intentionally through your energy, you need to hold space for yourself and others with compassion, love, empathy, and understanding for both your paths as you find your way, even if it’s different from each other with no judgment.

Everyone learns differently, at their own pace, and it is not up to us to choose another path at any time. It is our responsibility to show up as the best version of ourselves every day.

Through awareness, we can learn to harness our energy releasing the ego, and live through our conscious self as a mirror for others to see themselves within. We all leave an energetic footprint and how we choose to walk makes a difference.

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Kelly L. McCarthy, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kelly McCarthy is an expert in understanding energetic frequencies and how they impact the world, whether consciously or unconsciously. As a former restaurant owner and mother of two, she was caught in the frantic energy of always trying to stay one step ahead, struggling to juggle a personal and professional life with the need to slow down. After a hospital stay the clinical world would call a full body breakdown, Kelly saw it as a breakthrough where she learned from a variety of modalities the power of harnessing Universal Energy. As a spiritual leader in the holistic community, she was called to create her business, Beyond Words N Wisdom, sharing her knowledge through speaking, teaching, classes, and energy sessions. With clarity and compassion, her clients learn to identify and use their intentional energetic footprint to leave legacies that matter.



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