Turning Your Dreams and True Passion for Food into Cash Money in the Bank

Written by: LaToya Larkin, Executive Contributor

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There are so many ways to get started with a food business of your own. Food businesses are hot commodities at the moment and you don’t have to be a culinary grad or five star Michelin chef to get into the foodservice industry.

If you make a unique food product, sell it. Attractively package up that special seasoning or secret sauce, offer your specialty craft desserts of cakes and pies or even if you are a certified YouTube chef with love for food art and presentation. Then create extraordinary meals at home for clients being a personal chef. However, it’s great to have the passion and know how to cook, but even better when you can make money doing something that you love.

You can sell food from an established business that already holds a Food Handler’s License. You can sell at a community park by the field where soccer moms gather or industrial parks, where hard-working men have worked up a hearty appetite. You can bake cookies, bread, and cakes to sell to restaurants or catering companies. Or you can sell your products at local crafts, fairs, food markets, and of course, from home.

Make sure you do your due diligence to research the regulations and guidelines of the local county and state health authorities when making food from home. Most states require a food handler’s license or cottage food laws, such as in Texas. Check to see if you need permits selling in a public space and print labels with ingredients for your product to remain in compliance with the state requirements.

Here are a few tips to ensure you are well on the way to turning your passion into cash money in the bank.

Have unwavering passion for whatever it is you’re pursuing. Being an entrepreneur isn’t as easy or as glamorous as it appears. The journey you embark on the path of entrepreneurship is a journey like no other. There are as many disappointments as victories, so you must love what you do to stay motivated and focused.

Know your limitations and don’t let your ego keep you from asking for help from people who are smarter and more experienced than you. Set your pride aside and don’t be afraid to ask someone who has trademarked success. It would surprise you how many people will help elevate you and take you to the next level if you just ask.

Make sure what you’re planning on offering - whether a product or service is needed, and there’s a space for your unique approach. Everybody is doing the same thing, but what makes you stand alone in your own lane.

Be willing to reinvest back into your business. The money you make doesn’t just spend it all without having some set aside to reinvest because once the money runs out, it’s over. So you have to keep putting back into your business.

Find a successful company you admire in or out of your space and use it to motivate you to be great and professional. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. By doing this, you’ll be able to learn the pros and cons of the business to inspire your vision of success for yourself.

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LaToya Larkin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Chef LaToya Larkin, CCE, is the Program Coordinator of the Culinary Arts Program at Spring High School while being the first African American Female Chef in the district (Spring ISD), in Spring, TX. Her 20 years of expansive knowledge and culinary passion have led to lifetime achievement opportunities. She received her MBA (Nonprofit Management) from Springfield College, BS (Culinary Management) from The Art Institute of Atlanta, and AAS (Culinary Arts) from The Art Institute of Houston. Besides the education field, Chef Larkin operates three businesses that reflect her passions in life. Tamale product line “Black Girl Tamales” of signature fusion tamales, Not Enough Thyme Personal Chef Services, a personal chef/catering business, clothing line Divah Chef Apparel of shirts & aprons, and It’s Thyme 4a Change, is a non-profit organization catering to at-risk youth to mentor and guide while planting the positive seed to exemplify the vast opportunities of culinary. She’s devoted to inspiring the youth to be all they can be so that everyone can connect to eternal love, which is the reason for our existence and reach their full potential. Through sharing her wisdom, knowledge, life experiences, and triumphs, it commits her to making a difference in the lives of others. She’s happy to embrace the opportunity to take part in the uplifting and happiness of others.



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