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Transforming Challenges Into Teachers – New Paradigm Living

The Soul Compass guides you to Live & Thrive in alignment with your true nature, to uncover your authenticity, and start taking steps towards your Dream Life by following your inner wisdom.

Executive Contributor Kinga de Wit

I'm a strong believer that things happen for a reason. The reason being: everything is energy. And everything is vibrationally aligned (action-reaction). On a more spiritual level I believe we are guided by our inner wisdom, our Higher Self or Soul (however you want to call it) and that everything we encounter on our journey is a reflection of our own energy. As within, so without. By seeing ourselves as part of something bigger, without the idea of separation, we get to experience life in a whole (new) way. I call this: new paradigm living. A way of living where we take responsibility for what we send out. And where we utilize the opportunities for growth and healing that life is showing us through what is reflected back to us in our lives.  

Young woman looking over the city at sun set

We are, essentially, Spiritual Beings having an human experience. We have a calling, a mission, lessons to learn, scenario's to play out. We are characters in each other's stories. But, ultimately, we are all one. Meaning: there is nothing outside of ourselves. Everything is connected. Or, better yet: there is no other.

So no, I don't believe in coincidences. I have seen too many incredible synchronicities in my life to think that things happen “by chance”. That's simply statistically impossible.

We are powerful co-creators of our reality. Collectively and in our own personal lives. And that's not an easy framework to live by. I still struggle with it myself, every now and then! It can be hard not to succumb to blame and victim mindset when horrible things are happening. Or when your business isn't as successful as you'd like it to be. Or when you keep repeating the same patterns in relationships. Or when... fill in the blank.

It's during these hard times, challenges, and frustrating disappointments, I have to remind myself that things aren't happening to me. They are happening for me and through me.

My life is about taking responsibility for what I'm experiencing, and standing at the root cause of it. At least... most of the time. This is a delicate dance between accountability and self-blame. But man does this perspective make life feel exhilarating and adventurous! It's this point of view that makes me excited about what's to come. To have an open attitude and know that life has a deeper meaning. When you see your hardships for the teachers they are, even they become welcome!

Today I want to invite you to shift your perspective, try it on for size, and start looking at your life as one big feedback machine:

The behavior of your children can be a direct reflection of what's going on inside of you.

Your body is constantly communicating with you through pains, fatigue, and dis-ease. 

Your relationships are a mirror of the relationship you have with yourself. Your relationships with others, your body, your career, money... they all reflect your self-worth and how you've been treating yourself.

Here are some examples:

I remember when my son was about 1,5 years old and started kicking and hitting me and my husband. This was pretty violent and out of character. It seemed to come out of nowhere so we weren't sure what was wrong. Until I asked myself the question “where/how am I being violent towards myself?” And then it hit me (no pun intended). Tears started streaming down my face. Suddenly it was clear as day what my child was trying to tell me: I was exhausted, I hadn't taken time for myself in a really long time and I was constantly pushing myself well over my limits. As soon as I became aware of the message and committed to taking better care of myself, my son's behavior changed almost instantly!

Some years ago when sitting in the car with a colleague of mine she started telling me about her awful hay-fever. Her nose was all red and felt very irritated. She hadn't experienced anything quite like that before. After some talking I asked her: who in your life right now is irritating you? 

She looked at me in disbelief. Suddenly she had full clarity on what was going on that her nose was warning her about and she new exactly what she needed to do. A few days later the hay-fever was back to normal proportions (and I helped her clear that through awareness of the underlying cause as well).

When I was younger I had a deep rooted fear of making mistakes. I always did my best to avoid criticism. Even the possibility of someone calling me out on something I had done “wrong” would send hot flushes throughout my body. These situations were activating something in me. It wasn't about the mistakes. I could handle critique quite well and was open to learn from it. Bu these situations brought something to the surface that needed healing. So I started asking myself: what is this triggering in me? By addressing unresolved emotions, negative beliefs, and adverse experiences from the past, I was able to neutralize those former triggers. Now, when somebody asks me why I did what I did or when there is a miscommunication or anything like that, I just smile to myself and am able to respond in a calm and collected way (both in and out!).

That is the power of seeing your life as feedback. Of recognizing the messages, instead of shooting the messenger. Life is talking, but are you listening?

Maybe this article is triggering you. If it is, and you're still reading it, I want to congratulate you! Because you're able to cope with inner resistance and follow your curiosity. Just know, that on the other side of resistance lies your biggest breakthrough, your most valuable a-ha moment, and your greatest blessing.

Ultimately, it's all about you! There is no-thing and no-body else! You're the Universe experiencing itself through different lenses. 

And if you ever need help with translating your life's messages, making adjustments to your energy and mindset, or learning and implementing strategies and tools to get to your next level, I'm here for you. You can reach out to me through my website, social media, or email.


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Kinga de Wit, Transformational Guide, Soul Embodiment Coach, Catalyst for Change

The Soul Compass guides you to Live & Thrive in alignment with your true nature, to uncover your authenticity, and start taking steps towards your Dream Life by following your inner wisdom.

Services: Human Design, Akashic Records, Soul Realignment, Soul Body Fusion, Polyvagal theory, Nervous System Regulation, Trauma-informed Practice, NLP, OldPain2Go, Inner Child Work, Breathwork, EFT/Tapping, Spiritual Mentorship, Embodied Manifesting, Somatic Work, Conscious Parenting, New Paradigm Business Coaching (Energy + Strategy), Feng Shui, and many, many more.

Me? I'm Kinga de Wit: Aries, 6/2 Human Design Splenic Projector, and my name means "leader of the people." I'm a wife and a mother to a 4yo son (almost 5!) and 2 dogs. I'm originally from Warsaw, Poland. I've lived most of my life in the Netherlands and relocated to Spain in august 2023. I grew up with East-European, Eastern (Chinese), Dutch Caribbean, and Western cultures.

I love to sing, write, and take pictures. And I'm an incurable optimist. I believe that we are powerful beings and that we can heal ourselves and the world by standing in our true Power and by letting the love for ourselves overflow into Universal Love.

My knowledge is not "just" theoretical. Everything I teach I am practicing myself. I've experienced my share of struggles, breakdowns, and challenges (like depression, anxiety, burn-out, chronic pain, allergies, trauma, chronic fatigue, being disconnected from my emotions and intuition, etc). I overcame it all and now I love to share what I've learned with others.

My motto's:

As within, so without.

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.


Specializations: Guiding you to your true self and trusting your inner guidance system (aka intuition, authority, internal compass) so you can fall in love with life and live your best life, empowerment, chronic pain and other physical issues, awareness, translating the feedback your life is giving you.

I have 17+ years under the belt as a psychologist, holistic coach, and healer. And I'd love to be your guide.



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