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Three Benefits Of Traveling Solo

Written by: Cynthia Appiah, Executive Contributor

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Have you ever wanted to travel to a destination, and at first you start making plans with your friends to travel, but when the trip gets close, your friends start to drop out like flies, and the last friend standing tells you, hey, I am not really interested in that destination. Your friend definitely has the right to change their mind, but you realize that is where you really wanted to travel to. So, out of disappointment, you decide to plan a solo trip, and you soon realize, traveling solo is beyond amazing. That is what happened to me and that is how I started my solo travel escapade. I am definitely a woman who is very secure and confident in herself, and when I make a decision to do something, I stick with it. So, I started taking solo trips and it has been the best experience.

Last year, my solo travel destination was Montenegro, Europe, and it was one of the best trips ever. I learned so much and loved the culture and people.

My personality is so infectious that I meet people all the time so while in Montenegro, it was very easy to talk to people and it taught me a lot about myself. From my experience, here are three benefits to traveling solo.

1. Meeting new people

I love meeting new people, it might be the social worker in me, but I love learning about different cultures, I love learning how other people view other cultures, and most importantly, I make long-lasting friends.

2. Getting out of your comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone is safe, but it will never push you to grow and experience all that life has to offer. One of the quotes I use all the time is

“The definition of insanity is said to be doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome. So if you want to change, you’ve got to get out of that comfortable, plushy place that keeps you doing the same thing over and over again” ‒ Author unknown

3. You gain total independence

Having independence is one of the most important traits. It teaches you to be self-sufficient and helps you develop self-awareness.

If you are planning to venture on your first solo trip or you are a solo trip veteran, please take note of my safety tips and tricks below.

  1. When planning a solo trip, pick a travel destination with intent, and have a “why.” If your why is strong in the destination you have chosen, you will have more passion for your solo trip and most likely see it through.

  2. Plan and book your travel destination in advance: Research the area, nearby locations, and hotel.

  3. Plan your whole week, or if staying longer, fill each day with activities so that you are always near help and around tourists. Always make sure you are with a traveling crowd.

  4. Create a list of important telephone numbers to have on hand in the event of an emergency. It is good to make sure to call your mobile phone company to turn on your international plan. Having an international phone plan will help you save on your phone usage bill.

  5. Develop a travel budget. Having a budget helps you plan and strategize. To stay within budget, I find that these apps, such as Priceline, Cheapoair, Hopper, and Expedia often times have amazing travel deals. Some of these sites even have the option to pay later and you can even earn rewards!

To conclude, traveling solo is empowering, peaceful, and a great learning experience. You learn so much about yourself, make lifelong friendships, and develop self-awareness.

Thank you for reading my article!

Submit questions you have on how to begin your solo travel experience here.


Cynthia Appiah, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cynthia is the host of Cynthia TV, a Pageant Competition Expert, social media content creator, motivational speaker, mentor, and life coach. As multi-talented diva, Cynthia has helped her clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back, while empowering each person to GET THE CROWN in life. She has spent 10 + years helping individuals to create a lifestyle of success and balance. Her goal is to use her entertainment platform to inspire ambitious women and pageant beauties to embrace their beauty from within. She feels fortunate to have found her calling and is passionate about making a difference in other peoples' lives. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled.



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