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The Risk Of Outsourcing Your Healing In A World Of Instant Gratification

Written by: Candace Tozer, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Candace Tozer

In a world where instant gratification has become a default setting to our experience, we often risk outsourcing our healing, and this often leads to a lack of embodiment of the healing tools needed to maintain healing and ultimately keeps us in a loop of stagnation.

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This loop of stagnation can often cause frustration as we continually spend excessive time and finances chasing the next healing trend that promises us instant healing in a moment.

Instant gratification healing often looks like weekly appointments that turn into years of therapy with little to no long-term results.

It is also a profitable business model to many practitioners as it keeps them financially dependent on your return, and out of your desperation to heal, you unconsciously feed into this cycle of codependency. 


Why taking personal responsibility is so important

The level to which you can heal is directly proportional to the level to which you are willing to embody healing practices that are personal to you.

Healing is a personal journey. When you outsource your healing to someone else, it is a temporary solution.

At the time of the session, you may feel better; however, you will ultimately return to the place you started because your body recognizes that it was their healing energy, not your own.

Learning tools that equip you to embody healing for yourself allows you freedom from codependent healing relationships and allows you to take personal responsibility for your healing journey.


What is embodied healing?

Embodied healing simply means learning tools that bring you into the body to heal.

Embodied healing is internal, not external, and removes the need to outsource healing to anyone outside of yourself.

Energy Healers and life coaches who practice embodied healing can impart the tools they have learned for themselves to enable you to do the same, extending their wisdom to you.

Embodied healing practitioners will have seen tangible results from their practiced embodiment and know that what they are teaching works. They are the proof that what you are being taught is real and they will also understand that they cannot do it for you.

Codependent practitioner relationship red flags

  • You are attending healing sessions, and you feel great during the session, yet later feel little to no difference.

  • You find yourself in continual standing arrangement bookings that see you with the same practitioners for years.

  • You are not making significant progress.

  • The session requires you to do little to nothing, excluding your involvement.


Embodied healing session green flags

  • Tools are taught, to ensure you can continue healing on your own time outside of session space.

  • The practitioner actively engages with you, making it personal to your journey and meeting you where you are, holding space for you to engage with yourself.

  • Sessions will be limited to ensure that codependent relationships do not form.

  • Practitioners are confident in their ability to assist you in a short amount of time with results.

  • You are accountable to the tools given and challenged where spiritual bypassing occurs.


For non-codependent relationships to work, you must be willing to take personal responsibility for your healing and understand that it will require daily commitment, Implementation of the tools given, and a deep desire to see change in your life.

If you do not implement the tools given to you, it will be no different from seeing a physio for an injury and not continuing the exercises at home. You will stand in your way of healing yet have all the tools to heal at your fingertips; this is known as spiritual bypassing.

Spiritual bypassing is where all the tools are available to you for healing, yet you still find a million reasons not to, and this is often due to other areas of trauma, programs, or limiting beliefs.

Not all embodiment coaches will be the right fit for you, so recognizing that we are all different and have different ways of working will enable you to choose the right fit, so take the time to find the right coach. The right relationship will see you move from surviving to thriving with joy, not frustration, and will always see you returning to the truth of who you are, a fractal of source.

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Candace Tozer Brainz Magazine

Candace Tozer, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Candace Tozer is a uniquely gifted soul aligned quantum life coach, her passion lies in seeing her clients thrive not just survive, moving them out of the mindset and embodiment of limitation into the realm of possibility. Candace’s coaching focuses on teaching her clients to embody spirituality at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level, ensuring an all-encompassing experience and a holistically sustainable way of being in everyday life. Candace shares the tools needed to reconnect and establish a deeper connection to one’s true self. Session areas of focus on cultivating a connection to presence, meditation, breathwork, nervous system regulation, detox and the art of alchemy.



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