The Rise of the Use of Tech in Business Operations

Written by: Xiomara Overman n – Firma, Executive Contributor

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I read recently in an article online that “The Rise of Tech is the Fall in Business Operations” which I don’t think is going to be the case in especially Inventory Management and Quality Management at warehouses and manufacturing companies.

What is going to happen in 2021 with the Rise of the use of Tech in Business Operations?

In this article, I have shed some light on some of the important tech changes that benefit Business Operations. Investing is in tech the most logical decision in time.

The Rise in Tech is the future, the next phase after the Integration of Kanban and Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing Management.

The Rise of New and Tech Innovation will be the onset of new changes, including innovation in business operations in 2021 and beyond.

In 2021, we expect an onset of innovation, especially in business operations, that is beneficial in warehouse management and manufacturing.

The technology improvement in 2021 sets the stage for better development in business operations.

The operations management are going through the following changes:

1. The tech with innovation in artificial intelligence is one of the investments that, especially the wholesale agencies and procedures in inventory management, will have more benefit.

2. The use of big data in finance management and manufacturing is essential.

3. The adoption of new tech in business operations is essential to lower operational expenses and a more effective inventory management.

Those are the three areas that you are already able to see a significant increase and benefit starting in 2021.

The advance in tech will have beneficial changes in the processes and procedures, having better quality control and better waste management processes in place.

We can provide guidance in procedures and process management as an Export Business Agency.

Are you looking for advice on which area you need to invest in at this time to be ahead of your competition?

We can provide an extensive process management evaluation at your business installation to give you advice in which area to improve.

In the monthly publications, you will read more about the new systems and business operational changes necessary to enter new international markets that I will write about that will be of interest to you.

Next month, I will write an in-depth article about business operations and the benefits from the Export Canvas, one of our services especially for businesses who want to enter new international markets.

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Xiomara Overman, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Xiomara Overman is an International Business Advisor with more than 8 years of experience in Strategy and Procedures Management. For the last 3 years she has worked with International Companies in improve their Business Processes for export from their Products and Services. She is the Founder and CEO of ActiV Business Development Services.

During the Pandemia, she worked closely as a member of the Professional Team from the Ministry of Economy Development in Curaçao to help restructure Businesses in have Crisis Resistant Processes in Business.

She has the possibility as a Partner from SUM International to help Businesses scale their Business in Central America, including Dutch Caribbean, and enter the European market successfully.

She and her ActiV Team are ready to guide with Public Relations Services and Trade Documentation in 6 languages.

She organizes Innovation Tour to enter New Markets in the Central and Latin America Region.

Her mission is to develop Business Processes that are scalable and crisis resistant.



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