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The Real Meaning of Easter, And How to Live That Way Year Round

Updated: Apr 27

Written by: Carmen Benton, Executive Contributor

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Easter is about a living hope, a hope that is contemporary and real for the present moment, whatever the circumstances you are encountering today.

Perhaps you are feeling uncertain and anxious about what is happening in the world and what that means in your life. Uncertainty isn’t just present in events, in things that happen around you. Uncertainty also can exist personally in your relationships, in your career, and in any number of circumstances.

But when you experience uncertainty and out of balance experience you always have two choices: you can choose to feel fear, or you can choose to feel hope. You can find hope at the core of your being, and this hope will give you the strength, clarity and purpose to navigate these turbulent times.

What you must remember always is that uncertainty is not your enemy, because when you live within hope and embrace uncertain times thanks to the inner security that hopes give you and when you are able to harness its creative potential, your journey will be nothing for and adventure, filled with valuable lessons and growing opportunities.

Hope, just at the brink of positive expectation is a wonderful place to be right now.

How to exercise hope when there is so much going on? Living with hope is being able to see that there is a rainbow waiting to come out after the storm, and yearning for the rainbow, that you know it’s coming for sure. After all, as Bernard Williams said: “There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope”.

Low self-esteem, doubt and fear will paralyze you under uncertain circumstances, but hope will give you the drive to move forward.

There is a story I’ve installed in my core, at the deepest level, and one of the self-belief stories that has served me the best in my life, and it’s to really believe that at the end, whatever happens, was the best thing for me. Even if now doesn’t seem like it, there hasn’t been a single incident in my life that when I look back I couldn’t connect the dots to the improved version of myself that turned out because of that dark moment: Divorces, accidents, deaths, financial hardships, heartbreaking experiences, you name them.

The question I have for you is: Are you willing to embrace the magic of Easter by living with Hope despite what appears to be happening around you?

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Carmen Benton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Carmen Benton is an International Life Strategist, dedicated to help women over 40 to find happiness and live with purpose. Why? Because everything you desire in life you want because you believe that by having it, you will be happier… and so how wonderful life would be if you can be happy right now, right here, with the life you already got. Carmen is a Mechanical Industrial Engineer with an MBA from a branch for Harvard Business School, and although she’s been very successful in her professional life after going through a divorced twice, she’s learned a thing or two about not looking for others to fulfill your desire of happiness, but instead to look within and to Live with Purpose and Passion.

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