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The Power Of Our Choices Shape Our Lives

Written by: Enolia Foti, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Every day we make decisions. Many times, we make choices, superficially and without giving a second thought. As we rush through the throws of our day, fulfilling errands, establishing the direction for financial goals and the requirements for our life; we instantaneously shape our future with every choice. Each decision that fulfills what you need is no small undertaking because of the series of choices you make, whether consciously or unconsciously choose your journey in life.

So where does your decision-making come from? Does it come from a place of confidence or a place of fear? A place of insecurity or suffering? Do you trust yourself when making challenging decisions or do you look for someone else to choose for you? Many of us do not realize the powerful impact decisions have and that what has been decided lays a foundation for your life’s path. What type of foundation have you established when making choices for the course of your life?

It is not easy to know what you need in your life. How many times do we have to reach a crisis, a breaking point in our life before we understand that we have made reckless decisions for ourselves? Every decision we make is powerful.

What qualifies as poor decision-making? If you are creating dramatic, painful, or high-risk situations; an environment resulting in an unnecessary emotional roller-coaster that could have been avoided from your choice, you have just made a foolish decision for yourself. If you are suffering in life, how many of your decisions have generated self-inflicted pain? Many people experience a great deal of suffering in life as a result of self–inflicted choices.

How do you make better choices? It starts with your self-reflection. Be still, sit and reflect. What is it that my heart desires? What is it that I want? What is it I am looking to do? What result am I looking to achieve? What are the potential implications of my gratification? Is there a potential positive ripple effect from the decision I have made? As I ask those questions of myself, am I open enough and ready to face the truth before I begin and make decisions to face the journey I am about to embark on. To move you out of situations, make a choice that does not fall into habitual patterns of behavior that you know bring negative outcomes.

Do not make a choice that knowingly has a negative impact. Do not disempower yourself by making a decision you know has a negative outcome in hopes that someone will come and rescue you or feel bad enough to help you. This is akin to choosing to suffer. It does not work and the outcome of self-inflicted pain remains.

Let go of pleasing other people. Is what is being asked of you by others, right for you or only them? Be honest with yourself and other people. If it only serves the benefit of the requester, then have the courage to say no. Understand that what is right for you is right for them. They do not have to like the answer. The decision needs to be true to you. When making a decision its impact should always be a positive result for your situation. If it does not have a positive conclusion, make a different choice.

Be true to yourself. Feel into the decision. Life is nothing but a series of decisions we have made. Step back and look at where you are in life based on your decision-making. If you have gone through trauma, are you making decisions based on the pain you encountered? If you find that you are making poor decisions, take the time to heal and address the trauma in your life. Your soul will always let you know if you are in alignment with your decision-making. Your soul will long for a different decision and a different life if you are out of alignment. Your heart will yearn for a change. If you choose to ignore these callings, you are choosing to be in conflict with your truth and authenticity. There will always be the feeling that “something” is missing in your life.

Every choice you make is powerful no matter how challenging or insignificant it is. Listen, feel, allow, pause, be honest, be authentic, and be true to yourself by trusting your intuition to make a choice. Bring into your life the beautiful things that a thoughtful decision can bring. This is how we lay a strong foundation for ourselves in this journey called life. Make every choice count.

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Enolia Foti, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Enolia shares ancient wisdom to enrich our modern lives. Enolia traveled the world to study with indigenous elders of the Ojibwa, Lakota, and Yaqui of north America to the Mapuche of Chile to the Luhya of Kenya, just to name a few. This foundation guided ENOLIA to teach, counsel, heal and empower others to reach their goals. Her 20+ years navigating the dynamics of the corporate world fortified her with leadership development, performance excellence and empowerment coaching. A natural orator, ENOLIA harmonizes corporate experience with a broad knowledge base including many facets of energetic medicine, and all of which are focused on healing and the empowerment of the soul.



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