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The Power Of Biohacking For Men Over 40 (The New Way To Shrink You Belly Fat)

Written by: Trevor Folgering, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


You’ve tried every diet under the sun and just can’t seem to lose the excess belly fat permanently.

Life doesn’t seem fair! You diet hard and go to the gym when you can…

Why can’t you lose this fat, you think?

Well, the problem is that dieting puts your body in a state of shock!

Dieting kicks in the body’s survival mode, slowing down the natural biological reactions in the body.

When you go on a typical “diet” your body will naturally reduce the amount of “fuel” that it needs to survive.

This is called the Basal Metabolic Rate and is tied directly to the amount of body fat you are carrying.

If your BMR is low, the amount of body fat you are carrying will be high.

Conversely, if your BMR is high, then your body fat will be low.

So, to lose weight and fat easily, you must drive up your Basal metabolic Rate.

How do you do this?

Introducing the Power Of Biohacking

At Biohacked, we focus on driving up your basal metabolic rate by giving you the correct food combinations and timing those meals every four hours throughout the day.

We call this the “Science of Weight loss” because to lose your belly fat permanently you need to follow the very precise scientific principals of weight loss.

Within our Biohacking system, we give you meals that work with your body’s natural biology, so that you will be eating the right types of foods each day.

By combining the right types of foods together you will be able to switch your body from a sluggish, stubborn fat-storing machine…

To a robust, energetic fat-burning machine!

Biohacking is changing how the body operates internally, by switching the body metabolic pathways from the Glycolytic system to the metabolic pathway of Lipolysis!

Lipolysis is the bodies natural way of breaking down your fat stores.

The problem when you “diet” is that you do not enter the metabolic pathway of lipolysis.

You remain a “sugar burner” – using glucose to fuel your cells and the only way you can lose weight as a sugar burner is to lower calories, which as you have discovered does not work as a long-term weight loss

To shrink your belly fat and achieve the health you desire, you have to become a Biohacker.

By combining the right foods together, and eating MORE calories, you will lower Insulin levels in the body.

Once you lower Insulin levels, your body will signal the pancreas to secrete Glucagon, an immensely powerful signaling hormone, that will signal the body to start to release body fat from the adipose stores.

When this happens, your body will magically switch metabolic pathways and you will start to lose body fat like crazy!

One of the main problems I see in the weight loss industry, is that no one is teaching you how to properly put the right food combinations to drive your body into this strong fat-burning metabolism.

You do not know what foods to combine to make this happen inside your body.

Sure, you can try it on your own, or look online on Instagram or Pinterest to find those illustrious fat-burning meals…

But again, these generic meals are not designed for your unique metabolism.

When you become a Biohacker and enter into our weight loss system, you will complete two biological assessments so that your biohacking coach can see what is happening at the cellular level of your body.

This way we can craft the right meal plans for your body and you will experience mind-blowing weight loss results.

Once you become a Biohacker in our system, you will lose 30 – 60 lbs. of belly fat without the need to go on a restrictive caloric diet.

The most amazing thing is you won’t be put on a typical low-calorie diet.

You will be given personalized meal plans with foods that you enjoy eating and you will feel satisfied all day long.

No more hunger pains or feeling deprived.

Gone are the days of eating bland salads or plain rice and chicken breasts.

You will be eating meals that are so tasty, you can’t believe that these foods will help you lose weight!

Now is the time to experience the “No dieting” approach to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

If you are tired of dieting, and want to experience the power of Biohacking to super enhance your weight loss results, then click the link below to get started.

It’s time to experience the power of Biohacking for yourself!

Get off the Dieting rollercoaster and achieve all your weight loss and health goals as a Biohacker

For more information, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and visit my website!


Trevor Folgering, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Trevor Folgering is a leader in the weight loss and nutrition industry. For over 22 years, Trevor has relentlessly pursued the truth regarding losing body fat correctly. By uncovering the truth about how our bodies utilize body fat, Trevor created particular nutritional protocols that allowed him to tap into his own body fat stores and lose 40 lbs. of body fat in a concise period of time. He achieved this without going on a low caloric diet or restricting the foods that he ate. He now helps men and women achieve the body and health that they truly deserve through the science of Biohacking. He is CEO of Biohacked, global online health and body transformation company. His mission: To shift the weight loss industry's paradigm and re-educate the world on the proper methodologies of losing excess body fat correctly.



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