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The Lymphatic System Exercise Nutrition And Wellness

Written by: Gilbert Ansah, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Gilbert Ansah

When discussing the positive effects of exercise, and nutrition and the numerous benefits to human health and wellness, it is not very often that the lymphatic system enters the discussion. However, a healthy lymphatic system is critical to our health.

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The Lymphatic system is a system of networks consisting of tissue, vessels, organs and nodes. The lymphatic system has numerous functions such as balancing fluid levels in the body, supporting the absorption of nutrients from the digestive system and is a vital part of the immune system helping to ward off disease and fight infection and releasing white blood cells. The Lymph system is abundant throughout the body much like the circulatory system. Contrary to the circulatory system the Lymph system does not have a "pump" to push lymph around the body. It is reliant on our movement of muscle to keep it flowing.This is one of the main reasons exercise is paramount to health and well-being. Athletes must have a proper lymphatic function, especially if it is the goal to optimize training recovery. Congestion can lead to delayed muscle recovery, prolonged muscle pain(DOMS) and poor athletic performance. It is important to grasp that during training, games, matches the lymph system assists in the regulation of tissue volume and pressure by carryingfluid and plasma protein that has leaked into tissue gaps back to the cardiovascular system. Note a key role of the lymphatic system is to remove waste from cells and flush damaged cells and bacteria. When our Lymph system is not functioning properly or clogged it can have a dramatic adverse effect on our body, such as immune function, digestion, metabolism, fluid retention, fat accumulation in tissue, and fat absorption being compromised.

How can we support our lymphatic system

  1. Drink plenty of water so lymph can circulate easily throughout the body

  2. Regular exercise and balanced healthy nutrition

  3. Cardio training

  4. Deep breathing techniques

  5. Yoga

  6. Stress reduction

  7. Vagus nerve stimulation

  8. Dry skin brushing

  9. Elevation

  10. Reduction of chemical exposure

The Lymphatic system is a marvel of the human body, and our body is always taking care of us in a miraculous fashion. If we root some of the principles of a healthy lymphatic system, we will be positioned to live our best life full of vigor and salubrity.

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Gilbert Ansah Brainz Magazine

Gilbert Ansah, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Gilbert Ansah is a CEO of J11_PERFORMANCE. He has been a staple in the fitness industry for over 25 years. His unique strategies have led hundreds of clients to new heights using a wholistic health approach encompassing body, mind, and spirit leading to personal mastery.



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